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Life & Business Coach​; discover your unique success path

You know you're not quite on the right path. Something isn't right. Coaching is the solution.

It can be a relief to be honest and say that out loud.

We only get one go at life. While owning a business can be a huge joy, if you are swimming upstream, it can be exhausting, overwhelming and confusing.

I can help you find more self-kindness, tune into who you are and support you on your journey toward happiness in both life and business. Let’s build days, weeks and months that are full of purpose and play to your unique strengths.

If you were to design the perfect day, with no limits, what would it look like? How about the perfect week? And year? Why do you think you're not there?

My unique Needs Mapping approach

With my unique emotional approach, we will discover how you can spend more time in the Happy emotions, like pride, creativity, joy, courageousness, gratitude and contentment.

Since there are only so many hours in the day, negative emotions – such as those from unreasonably high expectations – will start to drift away.

“The difference from my first session to now is life changing for me. The growth is so wonderful”.


Let's discover Success Strategies for you.

If you’ve spent time focusing learning what a successful business and life is like for someone else, you might be confused now about what it looks like for you.

Uniquely you

Let’s tune back into your unique intuition and build the self-confidence that you can be happy as well as financially successful.


Once we have removed the limits of how you can build success, we can start to look at building your path toward that outcome using my tried and tested reverse engineering approach.

Created through experimentation

I love experimentation since there’s never any possibility of failure; you can either win and move forward, or learn from the experience and move forward. There’s never any opportunity to be unkind to yourself.

Built with self-kindness

What would you need right now to be kinder to yourself? Would you let yourself have a day off? Would you allow yourself not to take a particular customer? Let’s discover how you can reduce negativity through concern for yourself.

Receive the support you need

I’m here for you every step of the way, reminding you that you can, and that you only need to take one more tiny step.

It makes me incredibly proud when you take the steps you wanted to all along.

“I’m doing really well. Probably the best I’ve been. I have to thank you for the tools you’ve given me to deal with issues.”


Can we say "hello"?

Hi, I’m Phil. I’m a Business Owner together with a Business & Life Coach. I’ve developed a keen ear for listening to myself over the years, and I would like to help you listen too.


I’ve grown my own online business from nothing to 22 staff and £15million in sales, overcoming huge obstacles.

psychology trained

I don’t believe we can just “think challenges away” but my totally unique style of Emotional Coaching will help you.


I’m a trained and Certified Coach and have huge passion for helping you discover life happiness combined with business success.

Frequently Asked Questions

A business coach is someone who aims to help you achieve the success you desire, and to define what that success would look like. Hint; it’s not always what you thought.
A life coach is someone who helps you to become laser focused on your goal in life and helps you to discover the path there, while helping you to move past the limited beliefs that you’ve picked up.
You can expect to be happier, more content and living the life you truly wanted all along.
You talk and I ask questions, offer feedback, ideas and insight to help you clarify your thinking. I may also offer practical suggestions where I feel I am qualified to do so, although the final decision is always yours.
Yes, I’m a Certified Coach and have been trained at The Coach House in the UK on a course accredited by the Association For Coaching in the UK.

I have time for you

I’d love to listen to your journey and where you are today. I’d love to hear what’s going well, and what you’ve yet to achieve. I’d love to just have a chat today, if that’s what you need.

This doesn’t need to end in a sale. I really do have time for you.

“In just one session, Phil took me from a place of apprehension to one of clarity and confidence. We spent time working out what things I need in order to achieve job satisfaction”.


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