UK-based business coach focusing on a perfect blend of practical business skills, proven growth strategies & personal development.

Hey, I'm Phil, a 7-figure online business owner turned business coach, based in the UK.

Even though I'm in the UK, I offer business coaching internationally, and support clients from Australia, to Sweden and Switzerland, and all the way over to LA and Canada.

I support many entrepreneurs who have businesses with an online component, like marketing agencies, recruitment agencies, creative businesses, SAAS, tech businesses and other coaches.

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What's the formula for success in business?

No matter the business, there is a core formula that creates success.

Business at its very core is quite simple really. However, the devil is definitely in the detail here!

1. Vision: Clearly see the business you want.

Many founders and entrepreneurs bounce around from idea to idea never quite settling, while mature business owners find a business isn’t making them happy any more.

2. Strategy. Plan the right tasks to get there.

Once you have a vision, knowing how to achieve that vision is essential, and the steps and milestones can be a challenge for some business owners who’ve not been through it before.

3. Execution. Do the tasks correctly.

There are many different versions of “correct”, but all business owners lack some skills in some core areas of running a business. For example, it’s common for people to be more effective at marketing, sales or business, but often not all of them.

4. Consistency. Take action for a long time.

Businesses grow with being consistent and repeatedly going through the same processes time and time again. Clearly, you can hire people to help with this.

5. Mindset. Believe in you, be optimistic and decisive.

But none of this will happen if your patterns of thinking hold you back. These collectively can be considered to be your “mindset”.

Which area do you struggle with most in business?

Founders who haven’t run a business before may find strategy and execution a particular challenge. ADHD entrepreneurs likely struggle most with consistency and execution. Mature business owners may struggle more within vision and strategy.

What are is more difficult for you?

How do founders hold themselves back?

They hold themselves back with their mindset.

Everything we need for success is in our minds.

We can look at your mindset, and overcome any thinking that’s causing you road-blocks.

These may be elements like a growth vs. fixed mindset, an optimistic vs. pessimistic attitude, an abundance vs. scarcity mindset, imposter syndrome vs. self-confidence, and so on.

We’ll look at your unique mind, and understand your natural strengths and weaknesses.

You also have natural leanings toward certain skill areas. 

If you’re sensitive as a person, you’ll likely have the ability to read people, but might become overwhelmed at times. If you’re bullish, you will take action, but may ignore risks and red-flags.

Let’s understand you, in detail.

I've been an online business owner for over 20 years, and my business made £15million.

My online site in the UK recruitment space has been running for over 20 years. It’s employed up to 23 individuals.

Our success has been down to resilience and consistency, but also great customer service, successful processes and delegation, and hiring an amazing team.

In my time, I’ve done a huge amount of online marketing, SEO & UX, managed many staff, programmed, run expensive projects, trained in psychology and coaching, been a professional photographer … <phew>

Let’s just say I like to keep busy.

I’m an eternal optimist who believes there’s a solution to every challenge, and I’m a huge problem solver.

There’s nothing that can’t be solved, if it’s worth solving. Keep looking, keep moving, keep evaluating, keep planning. The solution is there.

As a coach today, I’m kind and thoughtful, open and honest, experienced and knowledable.

I live for supporting people past what is blocking them. It’s amazing when they realise they can do it after all.

My experience and passions means I regularly work with entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers and Small & Medium sized Businesses (SMBs) in tech, digital, online, creative, artistic, agency, coaching, consultancy and similar industries.

I’ve worked in the online sector for over 20 years in my own business, after moving on from programming in the games industry.

I’m a creative at heart, and a massive problem solver too, and I love to support people. 

So, the move to business coach was an easy choice for me.

What's the most impactful task you could work on today?

This one simple question is the most important for many people to ask, but it requires significant knowledge, thought and decision making.

Year of experience are often required in order to find the answer.

Many business owners don’t have the clarity they need around this question.

Very commonly, founders don’t have the information they need in order to confidently answer this.

Let’s understand your business in more detail, so we can answer this question, and leave you feeling more certain and in control.

I can help to support you with the areas that may be missing for you in correctly answering this question, in order to make you productive.

Let's make your business work for you.

Too often, founders find themselves with a business that doesn’t fit them, their needs and their lives.

We all have needs in life, and some of these are met through work. If you aren’t meeting your needs in life, it can feel frustrating, saddening and even depressing.

They may find they have little to no work-life balance, causing reduced happiness and health, and relationship issues.

The impact of running a business can be significant; if left unchecked, it can be the cause of tremendous challenges throughout your life.

They may find that they are doing the tasks they aren’t passionate about, leading to procrastination.

It’s very common to find business owners who aren’t working on what they love to do, which is incredibly demotivational.

And much more besides.. how is your business not working for you?

If you're new to business coaching, here are some common questions.

How often will we meet?

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Typically, every 2-3 weeks. If you have some urgency or particular need for support, it can be every week. If you're progressing well, we might not speak for a month or two.

What will we talk about?

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Your business, your life, challenges, wins, strengths, emotions, fears, processes, needs .. whatever is holding your back most. It's my job to work that out and guide you.

Who needs business coaching?

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Typically, business owners who aren't finding their business life easy and smooth. People who aren't happy, or achieving their desires. People who can't answer "what next".

Building a business need not be a lonely path.

Too many business owners and entrepreneurs don’t have the support they need.

Entrepreneurs often feeling like they don’t have anyone who is there with them though the good times and the bad. In the UK, our culture tends to cause us to reach out less frequently to others, causing us to have particular struggles in this area.

I can be the support your need, and inject life, passion and enthusiasm back into your journey.

I’d love to have a chance to be the partner you don’t currently have in this exciting part of your life!

4 common personal struggles that business owners experience.

Overwork & overwhelm.

The constant requirements to work, and challenges coming from every direction, can lead to stress.

Eventually, you realise you can’t keep going like this, and something has to change. 

Indecision & uncertainty.

Not having clarity about your path forward is incredibly demotivational.

With so many potential ways forward, many founders struggle to decide how to progress.

Self-doubt & imposter-syndrome.

“Can I really do this?” is a very common question that business owners ask themselves.

Today, it’s easy to find so many people succeeding, and to compare your achievements with them.

Procrastination & poor productivity.

Some personality types find it harder to do what they should be doing in order to grow their business.

You’re not lazy, and you feel motivated, but something keeps getting in the way.

Business coaching is for your life.

You matter, and so you should be creating a business that has that at its core.

What is the point in having a business if you’re miserable? You can have both success and happiness.

Don’t leave it and hope things will get better. Have clarity and optimism instead.

Business coaching is an investment for your entire life. You’ll gain more than you’ll expect.

Common challenges that small businesses and entrepreneurs regularly face.

Keeping up with an ever-changing online market.

Virtually every month there seems to be a new technology which changes the landscape. Generative AI is the latest of these, but by no means the last.

Huge competition due to the availability of information.

During the last decade, everything has been made available. Business secrets are available for £50, or even for free. This means that it’s more possible than ever to start and grow a business.

However, it’s true that competition is particularly heavy in the UK and US markets, and more broadly on the worldwide stage.

Planning the work that will be most effective.

Templated business plans are for financial investment; what you really need is to analyse where you are and decide what will be the most effective way forward.

My unique approach to planning using mindmaps

Marketing, sales and branding which aren’t working.

All businesses need the right amount of traffic to their business, but you also need the right people to contact them. Difficult customers can cause significant upset.

Let’s solve all of these for you!

My help and support will allow you to arrive at your success point quicker and with more clarity.

What do you love to do? What are you good at?

Let's understand your strengths.

When you look online, you see people with millions of followers and tens of thousands of website visits.

How is it that they’re being successful? What is it you’re doing wrong?

You might believe you’re not putting enough effort into your business, and that’s what’s causing difficulties.

Maybe you’re not working hard enough? Surely more hours will solve your challenges?

But you might not have asked the most important question: what strengths do I have to build my success?

Typically, the answer lies more in using your strengths and either avoiding or improving your weaknesses.

Maybe you have some concerns? Let's answer them.

Can anyone be successful in business?

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Absolutely. It's my belief that anyone can start, grow and succeed in business.

What if I'm feeling like everything is a mess?

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You're not the only one. I've felt the same with my business, but I also discovered new ways to succeed.

Maybe running a business isn't for me?

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That's true only if you believe it's true. There's nothing about you which means you can't be successful in business.

Let's talk marketing, and why it's the foundation.

Both my UK and international clients need traffic to their websites.

But the internet has made it both incredibly easy and incredibly difficult to access your market. With so much available, who do you target? Should you stick to the UK or US, or is there a larger market – say – in Spain?

No matter where and who you choose to target, online marketing is the number one concern for many businesses.

I rarely speak to a business which doesn’t have some kind of marketing or brand issues that are holding them back. This is particularly the case with startups.

Once you have a product, the next step usually is letting people know about you.

Whether you find traffic organically, or you choose to pay for it, there are plenty of pitfalls. I can guide you through.

Right now, what's really holding you back from success in your business?

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