Impactful business coaching - UK based: Phil Drinkwater

Hey, I’m Phil Drinkwater

a business coach focused on helping each one of my amazing customers unlock their full potential.

I’ve grown my own business across two decades but now I’m the kind & supportive guy you come to when you’re stuck, uncertain and don’t believe you can do this.

On the side, I love to travel, cook and hike (although I’m a fair weather walker!)

2 decades growing online business, turned coach

A long journey to just here

I found my passion for coaching others after 2 decades as a business owner.

After years of scaling my own business from the ground up, I’ve worked out the strategies that really work. 

I get people past what’s holding them back

If you don’t know what to do next, I’ll help you to find the path that’s right for you.

And it should be the path uniquely for you. There’s tons of advice on the internet, but much of it will be using ways of working that was perfect for them, but which would cause you stress and overwhelm.

If you have Instagram, an initial marketing strategy based on it is probably a bad idea. 

Maybe YouTube or TikTok would suit you better. Maybe SEO. This is both self-kindness and common sense rolled into one.

Experience plus qualification

I’ve got a wealth of business experience, and the coaching qualification on top.

Together, these two strengths will propel you and your business forward.

My experience and passions means I regularly work with entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers and Small & Medium sized Businesses (SMBs) in tech, digital, creative, artistic, agency, coaching, consultancy and similar industries.

I have huge knowledge around online businesses, particularly in marketing, branding, design, user experience, automation and analytics.

I love to use those skills to support motivated individuals grow their businesses using the full benefits offered by online methods.

However, what truly holds people back is how they approach challenges, and I support all customers with this.

My personal experience of these 4 phases of business will advance you

By clearly understanding each phase, I can aid you in moving you to the next.


You’ve got a business idea? Amazing! Let’s work out how to move from your current role to your business with the perfect path or stepping stone uniquely for you.

Let’s develop your product or service, build a plan, identify your market, create a branding a marketing strategy and get selling!


You’ve started a business already? Great! But how do you grow it? Now let’s work out what would be most impactful to work on to build stability.

From this, we’ll look at marketing, sales, automation and hiring / outsourcing, together with effective leadership.


You’ve a functioning business? Fantastic! Well done! How can it be more effective? More strategic? More enjoyable?

I’m your sounding board, helping you to weave your way to the next stage of growth, as while we streamline your processes and build a plan your organisation can totally get behind.


You’re on the wrong path? Fantastic honesty and awareness! If you’re no longer happy and fulfilled, we’ll work to build clarity around your future.

Together, we’ll look at what drives you, what you need day to day and week to week, and what your values are, so we can plan changes that align with your future vision.

My journey through these 4 phases led me here.

Creative and tech background

Many years as a programmer, project manager, photographer, and online marketer have given me a huge volume of knowledge to share.

23 year business owner

And running an online business for over 20 years has given me the experience to grow and scale businesses.

Coaching & psychology

But when I really come alive is in helping others discover and reach their personal and professional goals. 

Nothing makes me happier!

I’m excited to use all of this to help you boost your business!

How an effective mindset delivers your dreams

Successful and unsuccessful strategies

We approach challenges in a similar way to similar previous experiences. 

If we used an effective strategy … great! But not all of our strategies are.

How you approach adversity

Let’s take an example.

If you lose a customer, is your response to blame them and their short sightedness? Or do you focus on serving your current customers better? Or do you choose to maximise your learning from the experience?

How we solve challenges create our mindset

The strategies we use time and again make up our mindset.

Let’s carve out a new mindset full of strategies that are more successful. 

These will grow your profits, happiness and fulfilment.

When and how often do you use strategies that don’t provide maximum benefit?

4 sincere beliefs I hold about you, even though we’ve never met.

My coaching is founded on these fundamental beliefs, since they are essential for support that leads to sustained growth and maximising business opportunity.

You’re worthy of success & happiness, in whatever that means for you.

You’ll rebound from the challenges & setbacks that currently trouble you.

You’re able to learn and grow, and it will aid you throughout your journey.

You’re closer than you believe to becoming the person who will achieve your goals.

What is the impact of not holding all of these beliefs about yourself?

Why "yet" is the tiny word that unlocks huge advantage

“Yet” is a somewhat forgotten and underused word.

It has power to completely change your approach to every day in your business. 

“I can’t… YET!!”

By adding yet on, “I can’t” becomes “I can’t yet”, which discards the idea that you’ve reached the limit of your capabilities, and that’s somehow final and forever.

“Yet” allows us to recognise that we’re on a business journey, and it’s OK that we’re not at our destination yet.

Embrace growth and gain advantage

By embracing the power of “yet” we move toward a growth mindset, and allow ourselves to recognise that our skills and knowledge are constantly expanding.

This will lead to the steady improvement that’ll give you the advantage you need against your competition.

Is your lack of faith in your ability to grow really warranted?

Goals, planning and strategy, without the fear and stress?

A business plan can seem scary and overwhelming, but they are essential for progress.

My totally unique MindMap approach will leave you awed, since it makes the process a breeze. 

We’ll create a visual roadmap with an outline that encompasses your goals, strategies and steps in a clear and concise way. 

You’ll stay focused, organised and motivated as you work toward your future vision for success.

I can’t wait to share this with you!

8 success blockers we’ll overcome to maximise your progress

You can achieve what you desire, but it’s essential to tackle what’s blocking you.


Let’s ask the right questions to gain clarity and understanding.


Let’s take a step back, re-evaluate and discover balance and gratitude.


Let’s understand your imagined fear journey, and take action to avoid it.


Let’s discover why and when you procrastinate, and how you work best.


Let’s be clear about your decision criteria and measure against your preferred outcome.


Let’s build a clear strategy that leads to your success goals and aspirations.


Let’s discover when and how you are most successful.


Let’s learn to appreciate mistakes and the learning you gain.

I've experienced each of these blockers!

Embrace the journey of business

Growing a business is a unique journey, and throughout we nearly all experience doubt, imposter syndrome, struggle with making decisions, have days when we just … can’t, don’t know which want to go now.

The outcome is worth it

But on the other side is an amazing world where you’ve become happier, more free, choosing to work on what you love and have more awareness of yourself as a person than you ever could have gained working for someone else.

Let’s achieve your vision

Right now, you have some kind of vision. It might be clear. It might not be. 

You might not think it’s achievable.

But if you’re determined and will choose to continue, nothing can stop you.

Let's dispel a myth; improving productivity isn't about pushing yourself harder

Many people misunderstand productivity; they’ve been led to believe that it means pushing yourself harder, which only leads to a poor work-life balance and unhappiness.

In reality, the solution lies within listening to ourselves and truly understanding what’s holding us back.

With awareness, we find new solutions, and clients become more effective and efficient. 

This leads to reduced stress and increased fulfilment and pride at their achivements.

In this state of mind, we make amazing decisions and tackle the challenges we experience in motivated and creative ways.

6 practical business skill areas in which I support my remarkable clients

Branding, marketing & sales

Sell more by understanding your customer, finding them and meeting their needs.

Technology, funnels & automation

Become more profitable by using technology to automate repetitive tasks.

Coordination, management & leadership

Increase business productivity with a thriving team who are clear about their goals.

Efficiency, processes & operations

Increase customer success and happiness through greater effectiveness & efficiency.

Hiring, delegation & communication

Grow your business through successful recruitment and team communication.

Business planning & strategy

Achieve your dreams by heading in the most effective direction, with a clear vision & goals.

In our coaching sessions, I help you understand your challenges, make clear decisions, expand your business knowledge, and together we update your plans.

My goal is to forge a path toward your vision of success so you can experience inevitability, gratitude, pride and self-confidence.

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Book your free 1-2-1 Success Strategy call
and uncover how to achieve amazing results for yourself.

Available online throughout the UK and internationally

What date & time suit you?