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7 practical ways to use Chat GPT in your business

You might have heard the name "Chat GPT" appear in conversations, and you might wonder what it is and how you can use it for your business? Let's find out.
What we'll cover
Chat GPT is the new AI bot from OpenAI which can answer way more interesting questions and in more useful ways compared to its predecessor, GPT 3.

But what can you specifically use it for? Let’s look through some examples, which are much more useful than explanations. After watching the short videos, you’ll see how many hours it might save you, and how you can use its creativity.

ChatGPT and similar AI systems have the potential to change some industries by a similar level as the Industrial Revolution, but over a vastly reduced timeframe.

First off, let’s ask Chat GPT why it thinks you should use it in business:

1. Can I use it for SEO and blog posts? Possibly… but there’s risk

First off, I personally don’t recommend using it for writing SEO content, such as blog posts, particularly if you just want it to write for you, and you copy and paste it into your blog.

  • It’s unclear if now or in the future Google will know that content is written by AI, and they might take a dim view at some point.
  • Google today wants you to write helpful content that is unique, and ChatGPT is literally based on content that already exists, particularly so if you don’t give it any instruction or direction.
  • It’s usually best to write from your heart if you really want to engage your viewers, and that means you putting pen to paper, in my view. That will create content that people really want to read.

You’ll hear different opinions from SEOs on this, but no one knows for sure about the future of this, and Google could change their view at any time, even if they’re OK with it today.

What can you do with it then, within SEO?

First off, if you choose to write articles purely using AI, that’s your decision. I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t, jus that there may be a risk.

There has also been a suggestion that using QuillBot to rewrite the content will mean Google is less likely to catch the “watermarks” from Chat GPT. We don’t know if this will work. Personally, I won’t risk it, but you may choose to.

However, that doesn’t mean it can’t help you with ideas and research, at least. You could then make these more your own, but it might give you a starting point.

Let’s take one example of a blog about business coaching. I might use it like this, if I were to.

Wow! How amazing is this?!

Here are 5 powerful questions you might ask it:

  • Provide me with 4 different headings I can include in an informative article about yoga poses
  • What are 5 unusual articles about yoga poses
  • List 7 articles about yoga which aren’t popular
  • Which of these topics will be the most popular?
  • Can you give me more information about topic number 6?

2. Can I use it for organising and researching information? Yes!

2a. Can I use it for researching information? Hell yes!

Research is where Chat GPT will totally shine!

You have to be a little careful of facts as it can lie to you at times, but it can save you hours and hours in finding information that’s relevant to you.

It’s particularly useful for taking large amounts of information and summarising, and allowing you to choose what you’d like to know more about, or to make it more specific to a particular application.

Here are 5 powerful questions you might ask it:

  • What are 3 books about Yoga poses?
  • What does each book say, in summary?
  • List the top 10 most useful yoga poses for a bad back?
  • Tell me more about post 8, and where I can find more information about it?
  • Starting from beginner to expert, order the poses in terms of difficulty

2b. Can I use it for reordering, structuring and grouping information? Yes!

Crazily, it can even reorder and structure information effectively, allowing you to take a list of topics that aren’t in a useful order and turn it magically into something that would make sense!

I started with this list of topics in a blog post, which is obviously incorrectly ordered, and it fixed the order for me:

  1. Basics of using ChatGPT
  2. Using it for blog posts
  3. Using it for youtube
  4. Using it for Tiktok
  5. Summary
  6. How it’s of benefit to businesses
  7. What you need to know
  8. How do you want to use it?

You can even have it create the top level headings for you, since it understands how to structure the information!

Amazing right? Watch the video:

Here are 3 powerful questions you could ask it:

  • List 20 jobs in accounting, starting from junior to senior, and create a hierarchy with major headings
  • What are the different ways to categorise these jobs?
  • What would be most useful to a hiring manager?

3. Can I use it for social media? Yes!

Most definitely! ChatGPT will be fantastic for social media of all kinds. You can ask ChatGPT to become more and more specific about the types of posts that you might like, as I show in the example.

Are you not reaching the level of your ambition?

But most importantly, it can help you gain ideas for what you want to post. One of the most difficult elements of social media is what to post. Yes, we know we should present something of ourselves out there, but there’s only so much of your life someone might want.

So, mixing it up with information posts, or posts with a “hook” into their lives can be hugely beneficial.

Here’s how ChatGPT might help:

Here are 5 powerful questions you could ask it:

  • Give me a list of 12 social media posts suitable for a business coach which are designed to help potential clients start each month effectively
  • Include a hook at the start of each post which helps them realise that they need support
  • What’s most important to the social media audience of a business coach?
  • How could a business coach use social media creatively and uniquely to encourage their audience to book a discovery call?
  • How can I find out which social media platforms to focus on, as a business coach?

4. Can I use it for video scripts? Yes!

Absolutely! ChatGPT is fantastic for research and producing final scripts for videos. I sometimes dictate my ramblings into otter.ai (a transcription app) and then ask ChatGPT to turn that into a final script with a specific tone of voice, or even getting it to create scenes to give you ideas.

It can also help you to structure your own thoughts, by giving it a list of topics and asking it to reorder them to make more sense.

It gave it this rambling and it turned it into a fantastic script:

“Chat GPT can be used for a variety of tasks within business. These include social media, blog posts, video scripts, content research and even creating a business plan it’s important to make the content yours by using successive queries, which will allow you to change what chat GPT would normally produce and make it unique to you and your business.”

See how it coped with this:

Here’s 3 powerful questions you can ask it:

  • Write an excited and friendly script meant for TikTok which is based on this information “…..”
  • Make this script more understandable for a lay-person.
  • What topics would be really important to cover in a video about business coaching, and how should I order them, starting with the most beneficial to viewers

5. Can I use it improving sales content? Yes!

Another fantastic use of ChatGPT is to change your tone of voice. My content tends to come out very plain and factual, but maybe that’s not what you need? Maybe you need something more creative and flowery? Or persuasive and salesy?

Chat GPT is fantastic at doing this. I gave it this to start with, and it improved it significantly, as you’ll see the video:

“Our luxury hotel is opening in 2024. We have 204 rooms and 23 suites, all with butlers. We have a luxury indoor and outdoor connected pool, 1 michelin star restaurant and focus on the individual experience that will ensure you love your stay.”

What it turned this into was nothing short of incredible!

Here are 5 powerful questions you could ask it:

  • Improve my sales cold email, by making it appeal more to the emotions of the audience: “…”
  • Write sales copy for a hotel which is just opening, and which focuses on the luxury end of the market and particularly our incredibly thai restaurant
  • Rewrite my bill board copy to appeal to the fears of missing out on an opportunity: “…”
  • Make my sales copy simpler for people to read and understand.
  • What topics should me sales email cover, if I’m looking to gain more business coaching clients?

6. Can I use it to create a business plan? Maaaybe…

A business plan can be a complicated affair and there’s so much to take into account. You should be aware, also, that the best business plan is unique to you.

However, you can ask ChatGPT to have a go and direct it to make changes that will make the situation better for you.

<shameless plug: if you want to work on your business plan, book a free session with me>

Here’s how ChatGPT might help you with this task:

Here’s 3 powerful questions you could ask it:

  • Create a business plan, focused on achieving 50% growth in a social media agency that has been live for a year.
  • What are the top 3 ways to structure a business plan which is for a small business whose owner is not particular adept in business
  • Write me a set of steps which would allow me to transition from a social media marketing agency to an seo agency

6a. Can I use it to generate a marketing strategy? Probably, yes.

Chat GPT would also be useful for parts of tasks, not just complete tasks. So, if a full business plan might be a tough ask, how about some of the parts of the task, like a marketing strategy?

I think it’s likely to miss some of the nuances of an effective marketing strategy, but with more work it could be directed toward what you’re looking for. It’s unlikely to replace your high end marketing company, though.

Here are 3 powerful questions you could ask it:

  • What are the key elements of a marketing strategy based on cold-emailing? What software will I need?
  • What would be options for a value proposition for a business coach which could be used in a marketing strategy, and what steps would be required to achieve this
  • How could I structure a marketing strategy with these overall steps so that I start at the easiest to achieve step: “…”

6b. Can I use it to generate business ideas? Yes!

Certainly, this is something that Chat GPT would excel at. It works incredibly well at coming up with ideas based on the skills and preferences that you have as a person.

As a business coach, I would always look to ensure that you generate a business idea that you want to do. Understand what your role would entail and consider carefully how you’d feel doing that work such as excited? Bored? Fearful? Clear?

And consider if you’d still like to be doing that business in five years time, or if it’s just a stepping stone to generate some initial capital to get going, so you can follow your real passion.

If you don’t know how, I’ve got an article on how to start a small business.

Here are 3 powerful questions you could ask it:

  • What business ideas would suit a graduate in business who is interested in conservation?
  • What ways could I use to determine which is the right business idea for me?
  • What are 5 questions I should ask myself in order to determine the best business idea I should follow?

7. Can I use it to summarise information quickly? Yes!

Chat GPT really does have a good understanding of your content, so it stands to reason that it will be incredibly effective at summarising it. It will be able to take a large volume of information and turn it into something which you can easily digest, without having to read the entire article.

I’ll show you how this might look with one of my own articles about shiny object syndrome:

Here are 4 powerful questions you could ask it:

  • Can you summarise the most important points of this so that I can use it in a quick meeting with colleagues?
  • Can you cut this down to a 30 word minimal summary? <note it probably won’t get it to exactly that length>
  • Can you summarise <this book>?
  • Can you turn this product description into a summary which focuses on the benefits of the product?

Any more ideas?

Sure! You could get it to:

  • Write a persuasive sales email to go to potential customers
  • Come up with creative business names
  • Rewrite your signage in your shop to make it appeal more to your customer base
  • Create creative marketing campaign ideas
  • Inform you quickly about a topic you know nothing about (but it might not be perfectly factual! Be warned!)

The limit is only your creativity.

How to get the most from it

Chat GPT is an incredible tool which will allow you to up your game when it comes to the speed of your content production.

However, if you don’t give it any direction, it’ll produce bland and uninteresting information.

So you still need to be able to think about what a successful end result would be. Without this, it’ll still suck! We’re not quite at the point where robots are taking over yet.

When it’s finished its work, I would also suggest looking over it and seeing whether you can make it more “you”.

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