TL;DR I’m a successful business owner, creative type, coach, trained psychotherapist and I value people above everything else.


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Who am I as a person?

I think values are a good way to understand someone. My key values are kindness, loyalty, security, personal development, intelligence, excitement, entrepreneurship and openness.

“I always want to find the best in people, even if it’s a bit hidden”

3 things I really love




I love the creativity of taking a set of ingredients and turning them into something delicious … although the eating only takes a fifth of the time!



I’ve travelled to nearly 50 countries now. A few highlights were walking the Inca Trail, seeing the Big 5 in Kenya and enjoying the islands of the Philippines.





There’s nothing like walking up a hill or mountain (that’s me at the top of a mountain in Scotland), or through a forest, to clear the mind and gain some clarity.

A quick career history

I began life as a programmer working on computer games. My creative side flourished, but I hated the hours. I then moved into project management where I learned how to be a more effective critical thinker, but I disliked the admin. 

I then started my own online business, which I grew from nothing. It was tough at times, but I fell in love with running a company. It was grown to over 20 employees. Over the years I also trained as a psychotherapist, and was also a professional photographer. I have an unusual mix of technical, analytical, creative and people skills.

More recently I became a Certified Coach and have moved towards performance coaching in business, since people and their minds fascinate me.

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