About - Phil Drinkwater Coach

About Phil Drinkwater, Successful Internet Entrepreneur and Certified Coach

I’m a successful online business owner turned business coach, with a creative edge and a keen eye for recognising the real challenges others are facing.

Helping business owners find their strengths

I focus on helping people understand how they work best, and how they can capitalise on their strengths. Too many business owners work within their weaknesses.

Growing my own internet business

My online business has been running over 2 decades, and I’ve learned a huge amount from my mistakes. I’ve also worked in highly analytical and senior managerial positions too, so I’ve seen it all, done it all.

Significant online and marketing experience

I also have significant business and online marketing experience and am happy to provide you with ideas and options, if I think I have an idea you might not have considered.

How I got here...

Computer science degree

I graduated with a 2.1 in computer science and achieved the highest ever mark awarded to a final year project.

Computer games programming

I have a highly creative side and wouldn’t have been happy programming databases for a bank, so I went into computer games. It was a long time ago, so don’t judge me on the terrible graphics compared to today!

Project management in games industry

After this, I decided to become a lead programmer and then project manager. It's then I learned when I work at my worst - I hated the admin!

Grew own online business from nothing

It then was the start of the internet and I decided to build a business online, since I could see it was going to be huge. A clear gap existed in the market, and I learned web programming and design and SEO to take advantage of it. It's been very successful and fulfilling.

Photography & psychotherapy

Along the way, I also found I wanted to do some work that satisfied other sides of my personality, and spent a decade as a photographer, and completed most of the training towards becoming a psychotherapist.

Business coaching

Clearly, I've always been interested in the mind and what we can do, and so I completed coach training at the highly regarded and accredited Coach House in the UK.

What have I learned about myself?

Kindness to ourselves and others is positive

We really all deserve kindness from others, and to be kind to ourselves. With this, we can accomplish so much, but few have it, or even realise they don't.

Creativity is bordering on essential

Whether it's inventing a business idea, composing a photo, or working on special effects for games, creativity will always be important to me.

People are fascinating

The difference between success and failure can be a few tiny tweaks, although when we're working within our patterns we don't see this, and success seems so far away.

Online marketing is interesting!

I truly enjoy online marketing - SEO, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Ads, Writing copy, Visual design - and this has led to a very successful business since I can use my skills to lead my team effectively.

I have huge drive and passion

When I'm interested, I don't need motivating. It just happens because I'm so excited about what I'm doing.

I detest admin and repetitive tasks

Anything which I consider boring just isn't possible for me. So, I have effective systems and processes to automate as much as possible.

But what about you? What can we learn about you that will help?

Do you know what you struggle most with? Do you know why? How much better your life and business would be if you did know? And if you were listening to yourself? And giving yourself permission to be who you want?

Let's find out together.

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