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I’m Phil, and thanks for popping by to check out how I can support you.

I'm really excited to learn more about you, but I know before that happens, you'd like to hear more about me.

Let's get started then!

Your life matters, and it should.

You’re somewhere on this crazy journey that we call “life”. 

Somehow you ended up looking at a business as an option for your career, and I’m incredibly glad you have.

Running a business is an extremely rewarding process, and starting my own 20 years ago rates as one of the top decisions I’ve taken in my life.

It’s allowed me to have experiences that are only possible for those fortunate enough to build the success that allows them the freedom to have real choice.

Freedom & flexibility is one of the most amazing gifts I’ve gained from owning a successful business. Case in point … this is me working from the Spa!

Like for many people, owning a business brings freedom. The ability to have full power over yourself. No more answering to others and their needs. 

It’s about me and what I need. Do I want to work on my website? Or my emails? Or my online marketing?

As a person, I truly love being in control of my own choices.

Maybe you recognise this in you too? Maybe a business is partly about freedom to choose?

Fairly regularly, if I don’t have client calls, I’ll work from the Spa at the gym that I attend. 

It’s like co-working on steroids!

I’ll eat amazing food, relax in the wet-spa and enjoy the environment. It’s a super creative space for me, and I get to choose.

At heart, I'm an adventurer who loves a challenge

There’s something amazing about conquering something you felt was unachievable. It’s a huge buzz! 

I’ve always had personal and professional goals; something I desired. 

This photo shows me ta the top of my first 3000ft climb in Scotland. The views across the Highlands was breathtaking, and it had taken 3 hours for the slow climb.

But I knew I would achieve it, because, no matter how slow, I would carry on.

In business the same is true. You can only “fail” if you choose to stop. 

There are no other ways to fail.

My own online business made $20million.

This is a photo of my business taken around 2014. By that time we’d been operating for 14 years.

We created our own niche within the UK online recruitment marketplace and, despite several others aiming to compete with us, we remain the only company in our sector.

This business gains traffic purely from SEO, which allows us to have a lean and mean team, keeping the business profitable even during the tough times – particularly during the 2008 recession.

I'm also an eternal problem solver

If there’s one element of my personality that people notice quickly, it’s how much I problem solve.

It’s a hugely ingrained part of my mindset. If I see a problem, I want to find a solution.

Throughout my life, this has helped me to achieve what was important to me.

How I work with coaching customers.

I work one-on-one and exclusively online, since I support business owners all over the world. 

We sit together and look at the challenges they’re facing, how they’ve arrived at having those challenges, and then find a new path forward.

But while I will be a sounding board, all decisions are yours. I’m not you, and you know you best.

My overall desire for you is to ensure you gain the awareness and confidence to make effective decisions for you, and take action on them. 

Like all of us, my background made me who I am

I’ve overcome a huge amount in my life, and achieved so much. 

I’ve run my own successful online business, worked in the fast-paced environment of computer games as a programmer and project manager.

I also nearly qualified as a psychotherapist (before deciding it wasn’t for me), became a professional photographer, achieved huge growth as an online marketer … what else? 

Oh yes! I obviously decided to become a coach too! I realised it fit me better than anything else I’ve ever done. I truly love it, and it was time to focus on what really brought me alive.

I’m now Certified Coach, having qualified with The Coach House in the UK, a highly regarded course accredited by the Association for Coaching.

4 things you should know about me as a person


In one of their songs, British indie band Reef sung “I don’t think kindness is a weakness … I don’t have a problem with compassion”.

I agree. They can lead to some amazingly positive changes in the world.


I started programming when I was only eight, and once broke the cell-limit of a Google Sheet spreadsheet.

I love critical thinking, since it leads to truth. We can’t trick ourselves when we think like this


I don’t believe it’s important to be formal. To me, it’s much more important to be the person that someone needs at that time.

As such, expect me to be wearing a t-shirt for our coaching sessions.


I’ve been a photographer, games programmer, web designer and I draw or colour in sometimes. It’s important for me to be creative. I need it.

I don’t limit this to art though; I’m an exceptionally creative problem solver.

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