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While cycling across Asia

Who am I? What do I believe in? What’s my career history? What do I enjoy?

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How I got here
I used to be a stressed-out business owner who lived for the weekend – or the next holiday – to rest and recharge. I’ve learned a huge amount about the reasons for this, and worked to change, which has led to clarity about my mission in life; helping others in a similar situation.
The early days

I began programming at age 8, and by the time I finished a computer science degree I’d won the project prize and beaten the highest mark ever given by the university. I worked in the computer games industry for a decade, making it as far as project manager running £4m projects and teams of over 40.

But I was stressed. I started to look elsewhere and trained to be a therapist and as became a photographer. They still didn’t quite work for me though.

As a business owner

My brother and I decided to join forces to build a directory website which has generated over £15m in sales. I worked across the business, but with a particular focus on running the online marketing and technical teams.

But I was still stressed and not finding a way forward, because I wasn’t listening to my own voice. The outward successes were tainted by inner dissatisfaction.

A fresh start

With the business in a strong and stable position, I’ve been able to find a new direction. Originally, I looked at creating a marketing agency, but while working on myself, I realised that business coaching would fit me perfectly and switched to this.

What I've learned along the way

Top 5 things I enjoy


I’m an avid cook. I’m an amateur who can follow a recipe, but it’s something I use to relax at the end of the day and it’s incredibly effective for this.


I work with a personal trainer and fitness coach, and although I’m far from an athlete, I keep my fitness level reasonably high.


I’m a big traveller. I started about a decade ago and have visited nearly every continent now. I’ve seen some amazing sights!


I started hiking in my 20s and haven’t stopped yet. I’ve hiked in the Tatras in Poland to Maccu Piccu in Peru, and up Scottish and Welsh mountains & hills.


I’ve worked as a professional photographer as a side gig .. because I loved it! I’ve moved on now, but still enjoy taking photos and capturing the feeling of a place.

What are my values

You can look through this value list for your own, but here are some which are important to me as a person:

What do I believe in?
People can change

It can be easy to believe that where we are today is where we’ll always be, but change can happen surprisingly quickly as the mind receives new information. When we’re falling into the same thought patterns again and again, it can take little more than to move ourselves down a different path.

Business and life can find a balance

I’d like to say that everyones life is in balance, but that’s not true. It’s especially untrue for stressed out business owners and executives. However, there are always some flawed thought processes causing this to fail.

A happy business owner produces an effective business

Employees typically take their lead from their supervisors. In the case of an entire business, the owners can have a huge impact on the entire organisation. If they’re stressed, grumpy or procrastinating on decisions to make, it can cause shockwaves throughout the entire company which reduce efficiency.

What's a free discovery call?

Choosing the right business coach is key. You would want to know that you felt comfortable with them, that your values were aligned and they understood your goals.

A discovery call gives both the coach and the client a chance to check each other out and see whether there’s synergy.