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Find out how your ADHD executive function challenges impact you

ADHD business coaching designed to blend practical business skills, ADHD strategies & personal growth.

Hey, I’m Phil, a 7-figure online business owner turned business coach, officially diagnosed ADHD.​

Today, with my hundreds of hours of supporting ADHD professionals, I support entrepreneurs, founders and business owners (and executiveswho are neurodiverse and help them take action by working with their ADHD, instead of against it.

We also work together directly on your business, such as becoming clearer on your vision, planning successful strategies and executing your plans.

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You're trying too hard to be neurotypical & it's unsuccessful.

Working with your ADHD rather than against it will lead to success, and allow you to manage your energy.

Holding yourself to neurotypical standards will never work for you. You won’t ever be neurotypical. Accepting that will lead you to successful paths.

Instead of swimming against the current, let’s find new ways to swim with it instead.

Let’s make this easier for you, not harder. Let’s change your approach entirely.

Let’s use your many amazing ADHD qualities & strengths that give you huge advantage in business.

40-60% of entrepreneurs are ADHD. As someone who has a very successful online small business, I’m testament to this. 

Free videos – my 5 best ADHD business tips.

Let's make your business ADHD friendly!

Aiming to be successul with neurotypical strategies and solutions leads to failure, disappointment and stress.

Too many ADHD business owners spend years and decades trying to act as if they’re neurotypical, rather than making the most of their ADHD.

You don’t need to calendar block. You don’t need to do an 8 hour day every day.

Let’s redefine productivity to be how quickly you can complete tasks rather than the number of minutes you work. Used right, your ADHD brain can do more work in less time. Let’s unlock that for you.

You don’t need to do your own bookkeeping. You don’t need to manage your own email or task list.

If you have the budget, you can start to build a team around you who can support you with their unique strengths and qualities too.

What you do need is to make decisions, reduce overthinking and confusion, and be uniquely you.

You can be successful in business with some tweaks in how you approach it, and by reducing some of the executive function challenges you face.

How can we make your business fit you, rather than the other way around?

I devised the wheel of executive functions to help you build awareness of the particular challenges that ADHD creates for you.

Could we redefine ADHD?

Maybe .. Adventurous Driven Hyper-focused Dreamers?

We can change how we see ourselves, and that will change how we approach the world, unleashing our natural and innate talents. 

With ADHD, the word “Disorder” might be unnecessary. For neurotypicals, would we suggest someone who regularly conforms and isn’t innovative has a “Disorder of Inventiveness”? No.

ADHD people are Different, not Disordered.

5 common ADHD challenges, and how they impact you in business, reducing income and profit.

Poor time management

You struggle to stick at tasks and projects, leading to poor follow through.

Starting tasks, and being consistent, can be a genuine challenge. Time management is tough for you!

High impulsivity

You have too many projects on the go, and this leads to overwhelm.

Over commitment, impulsive spending, quick decisions and switching from project to project are common for ADHD business owners and entrepreneurs. 

Indecision & prioritisation

Sitting there with a huge list, but not starting anything, causes stress.

Making decisions and prioritising are genuine issues for ADHD people. So, we’ll often have too many open and unfinished projects, while struggling to get started with anything.

Focus challenges

Holding yourself to account on what will be most useful to your business is a struggle.

Sticking to any one task until it’s finished is a challenge for many ADHD people. As a result, you can end up with a huge amount on your plate, with none of it getting done.

Working memory issues

You pick up and put down tasks, and you can’t remember where you are or what you were doing.

Working memory is poor within the ADHD brain. So, if you have too much on your plate and aren’t being organised, you might become agitated and find it takes longer than you’d like to get tasks finished.

How many lists of ideas do you have?

You might have a huge list of ideas and tasks and projects which are started but not finished.

That list might be overwhelming since it’s long as your arm, leading to poor productivity.

Maybe you switch from task to task, idea to idea, believing – in impulsive excitement – this one will work.

Each time you do this, your beat yourself up by adding it to your “wall of failure”.

My unique approach to planning that’s perfect for ADHD people

And .. you’re starting to get anxious that you don’t know how to fix all of this.

You don’t even know what’s wrong any more, never mind how to solve it.

Together, we can solve this!

Why ADHD is a business superpower

ADHD qualities lead to incredible creativity, resilience and passion.

These are skills and qualities that your business will benefit from hugely! They’re amazing strengths!

These strengths are all you need to be successful in business

Work within the strengths that ADHD brings to you and achieve amazing outcomes. 

If you're struggling with focus, play with these flip-boxes for a minute, and then carry on.

Who are 5 well known ADHD celebs?

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Justin Timberlake
Will I Am
Paris Hilton
Richard Branson
Bill Gates

Why was ADD renamed ADHD?

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Strictly speaking, it wasn't. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has three different sub types: inattentive (also known as ADD), hyperactive-impulsive, and combined.

Has rejection sensitivity been recognised?

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RSD isn't an official condition, but many ADHD people struggle with rejection - whether that's in work or in relationships. Our emotional experiences are heightened.

Will we work on business too?

Ahh yes! I am after all an ADHD business coach, not just an ADHD coach, so we will talk business too.

Your goal is to become more successful in your life and business. Maybe you’re a startup, an entrepreneur, an established business or wanting to find the next challenge.

With me, ADHD coaching meets business coaching.

An ADHD coach would focus on how to live your life, and get chores done. I’m a successful business owner of over two decades and we’ll look at your business instead.

We will discuss your marketing, sales, processes, hiring, outsourcing, automation, funnels, managing .. everything you need.

I’ve been growing and running my own business for over 20 years. I’ve seen it all!

Entrepreneurs can benefit from their ability to hyperfocus on passions, turning ADHD into a business advantage.

I've used ADHD to build a business to £15million in sales.

I’ve ADHD yet built my own online business in the recruitment market from nothing to over 23 employees.

I was originally in a job, and I didn’t enjoy it. I had to do things I quite frankly hated. Having my own business met my needs for freedom, financial security and constant stimulation.

I realised my purpose was helping other ADHD entrepreneurs, diagnosed or not.

I realised my passion in life is supporting others with their challenges. I love nothing more!

I’ve well rounded business skills, and focus on iterative business and personal development.

Your patterns in life have led you here. How can we make some changes to propel you forward?

Right now, how is ADHD really holding you back from business success?

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