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Find out how your ADHD executive function challenges impact you

ADHD business coaching designed around you, to support you finding happiness, success & freedom.

Hey, I'm Phil, a 7-figure online business owner turned business coach, officially diagnosed ADHD.

Since the switch to coaching, I’ve spent hundreds of hours supporting ADHDers with their own businesses and roles.

I support you with calm & friendly coaching that blends business skills, ADHD strategies and personal growth

I combine each of the elements that are important for success in business.

Available to solopreneurs & startups, entrepreneurs and established business owners

I support ADHDer and other neurodiverse business owners (plus senior executives) no matter what stage of business you’re at.

I'm serious about business and coaching, but fun and gentle in nature.

Do you feel frustrated when your ADHD brain holds you back?

Me too! ADHD has been both my superpower, and my nemesis, depending on I approached it

Many ADHD business owners feel like they’re on a roundabout that they can’t get off. They can see the end goal in the distance, but the path there seems confusing and unclear.

I’ve experienced this too. It’s frustrating!

These common ADHD challenges have tripped me up, reducing my confidence and increasing my stress levels

What did I do differently?

It can feel frustrating when you have potential, but your business is progressing slower than you'd like.

If ADHD is in the way, change can transform it into your greatest business asset instead

Working in a neurotypical way exhausted me. Working with my ADHD brain led to happiness, freedom and success.

Since learning this, I’ve stopped trying to hold myself to neurotypical standards. It’s unsustainable. It’s not who I am.

When we change mindset, we uncover new ways of solving challenges

When we switch from “Can I?” to “How can I?”, we’re no longer boxing ourselves in with self-imposed limiting beliefs. We can find new solutions.

New solutions lead to sustainable habits

With new options we can experiment, while embracing new found positivity and optimism. 

I already had amazing business strengths! You too! Let's use them!

Your ADHD brain is wired for interest over importance. When you see through this lens, you can improve your productivity and impact.

Business in an ADHD-friendly way at any stage: solopreneur, startup, scaling, or established

Let me help make business simple and accessible for your ADHD brain

Are you just starting your first business? Or trying to reach the next phase in a multi-million pound enterprise? Or somewhere inbetween?

Let's taking your business journey one simple step at a time, from sales & marketing, to operations & hiring

While sales, marketing, branding, operations, hiring, team management, growth & leadership can all seem confusing, when we take a simple and easy step at a time, it becomes achievable.

Wherever you are on your journey, we’ll talk about business in a way that suits you.

Our time is the missing "on the business" time you need

Business owners often can get too focused in the crisis areas business, avoiding important planning time. Our time together will be your opportunity to see your whole business from above.

Kind support for your growth as a business owner and leader

Your success is inside of you and together we’ll unlock that.

But ADHD is only one element of who you are. We’ll use coaching tools to help you discover how improve in other highly impactful areas, growing your business faster.

We'll take a ground-up look at your business, and design it through the lens of your ADHD: How will you be happy, consistent and successful?

Are you becoming overwhelmed by neurotypical advice?

ADHDers often buy into neurotypical productivity and motivation strategies, causing confusion, stress, distraction and overwhelm.

Here's some advice I can help you let go of, which could lead you to relief and increased productivity

Constant hussle culture isn't necessary or sensible for ADHD entrepreneurs. Productivity isn't about the hours worked, but the impact of those hours.

Free workbook: ADHD executive function struggles, and how they impact you.

Poor time management

If I could just manage my time properly, we’d get so much more done? Right? This is the reason that ADHDers try so many productivity hacks – so we can make our time work for us.

High impulsivity

Moving from idea to idea, shiny object syndrome, buying too many things that aren’t needed, interrupting people when they’re talking. The list goes on. And it causes you to become frustrated with yourself.

Indecision & prioritisation

We can find it hard to move past analysis paralysis, and come to a clear conclusion, often leading ourselves to exhaustion through perfectionism. Even seemingly simple questions like “what should I do today” can be tough.

Maintaining focus

When we do get going, we can find ourselves getting bored with mundane tasks part way through. We’re often much better at starting than finishing projects and tasks. This leads to annoyance at ourselves.

Managing emotions & sensitivity

Regular overwhelm, struggling with Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria, people pleasing, fear of failure, fear of success … we have an exhausting emotional landscape to traverse, every day.

Download my free workbook

Wheel of 12 executive functions of ADHD in business

I designed the wheel to quickly uncover the areas of ADHD that impact you most within business.

These are all real, and they impact you. With increased awareness, you can make different choices, which will lead to increased success.

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