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Indecisive? Unproductive? Distracted? Overwhelmed?

Ready to Transform & Thrive

as an

ADHD entrepreneur?

Ready to Transform & Thrive as an ADHD Entrepreneur?

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ADHD Entrepreneur Group Coaching Programme

ADHD is truly a superpower for entrepreneurs.

I can’t stop my brain being ADHD any more than you can. I’ve focused more on my strengths, and making the most of myself.

But we don’t always understand how to use it for success, and fall into ineffective habits & patterns.

It’s well known that we have these issues.

These eventually lead to stress, burnout, confusion, indecision and significant procrastination.

Accountability is useful, but it’s not the full solution. We need to look how you can thrive as an entrepreneur more fully.

Within my programme, we’ll work as a group to improve how you work with ADHD, as an entrepreneur.

These traits are very common for ADHD individuals, although they impact some people more than others.

We’ll reduce impulsivity & distraction, and take  maximum advantage of your passion & creativity.

That we procrastinate is less useful than why; and I’ve uncovered the “why”. This has led to solutions.

Let’s take this amazing journey together, with your peers. You can be successful.

The 5 pillars of this programme

I’ve been in business a long time, and I’ve been successful with ADHD, not in spite of it.

In building this programme, I’ve used my experience of coaching dozens of ADHD entrepreneurs to build a list of the root causes of challenges, and the solution.

1. Slowly build effective habits.

What you do every day can slowly create success.

2. Don’t hold yourself back.

Upgrade your mindset; the lens you use to see the world.

3. One thing at a time.

ADHD thrives within handling a single challenge at once.

4. Don’t aim to be neurotypical.

Using solutions for different brain wiring creates failure.

5. Fix problems completely.

Partly fixed problems lead to stress and confusion.

5 ways we promote success.

Lean on a community of peers.

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey. Not any more! Sparky, creative and passionate founders are only a message away! 

Become clear on vision and strategy.

It’s easy to become lost and not know where you’re going. We’ll work to build your clarity, and find a 10,000ft view of achieving it.

Raise your awareness of yourself.

How can you improve if you don’t know your own challenges? We’ll help you seek out where you can become more effective.

Discover how you're most productive & consistent.

With an improved mindset, upgraded decision making skills, and habits which are more effective for ADHD individuals, you’ll reduce procrastination.

Grow core business skills.

Any good entrepreneur group should help you to become more effective in business, and we’ll tackle the core challenges you’ll face.

None of us want to go back to the monotony, restriction and unhappiness of a job.

Why a programme rather than 1-2-1?

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ADHD individuals need help keeping on track. A programme allows you time to build habits that will last a lifetime, and more regular checkins help keep you moving.

What will be most transformational?

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It will vary from person to person. Some might find it most useful to discover how they work best, while others might benefit most from increased confidence and clarity.

What are my qualifications & experience?

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I'm a qualified coach and I've coached many ADHD entrepreneurs. I'm also an ADHD entrepreneur who built a business that made $20million. In short, I'm the real deal.

What's included?

Changing your life one small step at a time.

Ineffective patterns & habits will hold you back, across decades.

How you approach each challenge in business will dictate your success levels.

Choose, today, to steer your future in a different direction.

Seemingly small changes will reverberate throughout your life, promoting achievement and growth.


Who is this programme designed to help?

ADHD entrepreneurs, diagnosed or not. 

Interestingly, around 50% of entrepreneurs are ADHD, since we desire freedom to choose the work we want to do, we tend to be risk taskers due to impulsivity, and we desire financial freedom.

Not diagnosed yet? Read my article to help you discover if you’re ADHD.

How does being ADHD impact entrepreneurial success?

Most ADHD individuals are combined type – a mix of both inattentive and hyperactive / impulsive types. We all experience it differently. 

However, the traits these types bring make it challenging for ADHD entrepreneurs to be productive. While we are quick at working when we’re focused, challenges with decision making, mindset and other elements cause procrastination.

But ADHD truly is an entrepreneurial superpower, if you move from a position of frustration with what you can’t do toward making the most of what your strengths are.

How does this programme help?

We provide you with ideas that build more effective habits over time, reducing the challenges you’re facing that cause procrastination. 

We focus on core fundamentals such as how to make decisions, how to plan, how to build strategise, how to build a clear vision, how to be confident, how to reduce anxiety.

And so on.

This is a practical course, nothing airy-fairy here.

What do I need to access this programme?

Can I start at any time?

Yes, it’s designed to be an evergreen programme. You can start at any point.

How do I sign up, and what are the costs?

The programme is currently being finished. Sign up to be notified below. All will be revealed early in 2024.