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ADHD executive coaching designed to help ceos, senior leaders and executives to get ahead in corporate life.

I'm Phil Drinkwater, a business coach who helps ADHD executives get the most from themselves in their corporate roles.

I can help you discover tools to move past your challenges, and make the most of your amazing neurodiverse brain throughout your corporate career.

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I help you take charge of your ADHD so you thrive in corporate life.

It’s easy for ADHD executives to land corporate jobs; their enthusiastic personalities, creativity, intelligence and problem solving make them almost perfect for the roles.

ADHD brings a significant amount of benefits to executives which can be used to amazing effect, leading to huge success within your career.

However, some of the downsides can lead to a repeating and frustrating lack of success in some situations.

But there are times when it can be a challenge, such as in struggling to focus on dull tasks, impulsiveness and procrastination.

Every executive team should have some ADHD members because our problem solving abilities and imagination are astounding.

Overall though, I believe having neurodiverse people on the team can lead to huge corporate success since we’re able to connect dots that would be a huge challenge for neurotypical people.

I'm ADHD and I understand how difficult it is for you.

When I was a senior project manager, I found myself wanting to do the more creative jobs rather than change the project plan for the 80th time.

I would be quite excited about creating a large project plan. My brain loved the achievement of doing this for the first time. But the second and third versions were boring.

This caused challenges since I ended up handed my job to an assistant, who was able to do the more admin type tasks.

So, I took on an assistant project manager and gave this job to them, so I could concentrate on leading the team.

I was asked at one point “do you really want to be a project manager” and I didn’t know how to answer, because I had no awareness of my ADHD brain at that time.

However, the team ended up bypassing me because I found it so difficult to focus on some of the elements which I was supposed to in charge of. I felt both embarrassed and ashamed at my failure.

You’ve been through challenges too, I’m sure, but whatever they are we can solve this for you.

Let's change your approach.

There’s nothing wrong with you, and the most you live like that, the more successful you’ll be.

Many ADHD people believe they need to become more neurotypical in their approach. 

The world will get the most from you if you swim with the current and work in a neurodiverse way.

Instead of trying to change the way your brain works, what if we find ways to fit your organisation around how you work best?

5 ways that ADHD likely impacts you in your corporate environment.

Poor focus

Maintaining focus on tasks such as expenses, admin work and planning can be a challenge.

Have you been sat in meetings and started to drift off? Do you struggle with admin type tasks and always find reasons to do something new and interesting? That’s ADHD.


Since your working memory is poor, you might find yourself interrupting others frequently.

People can find it rude when they’re interrupted, and believe you’re not interested in them, but this is a common trait with ADHD people. They find themselves blurting out what they need to say because they’re scared they’ll forget it and they’re excited about what’s on their mind.


Being a risk-taker can be an advantage for an executive, but left unchecked it can cause problems.

Impulsive spending, decision making and project redirection can common with ADHD people, and while it can be beneficial, a balance must be found.

Masking & disguising

ADHD executives are likely to be disguising their challenges, causing internal frustration.

We’ve experienced significant negativity in our lives, and struggled to get some work done, and we often hide this, causing us to be negative and unkind toward ourselves, but also not allowing others to help us solve difficulties.

Stress & overwhelm

ADHD individuals often have deeper emotions than others, so stress and overwhelm are more common.

Since our emotions are heightened compared with neurotypical people, we can experience more stress when we’re in challenging situations, of which there are many in corporate life.

ADHD challenges in executive life that you might be facing.

CEOs and Managing Directors have huge responsibility for the organisation, but ADHD CEOs may struggle with sustained attention and focus and prioritisation.

These challenges can cause them to struggle with analysing complex data, make long-term plans or manage multiple projects simultaneously. Their impulsivity may also lead to impromptu redirections that cause the team concern.

Project managers are key in ensuring that businesses work within time and budget, but ADHD project managers might be impulsive and struggle with complex plans.

Time management, planning and prioritisation can be a struggle for many ADHD individuals, and these are key skills for project managers. This may lead to confused projects and missed deadlines. 

CFOs ensure that organisations run efficiently, but managing complex financial data and maintaining focus can get in the way.

Working memory is often impaired in ADHD individuals, yet CFOs need to be on top of everything and keep an eye on many elements of the company. Without effective processes, they can struggle to execute all of their duties effectively.

Senior leaders need to be able to keep complex plans in their mind, delegate effectively and ensure that others are following the correct path, but ADHD senior leaders might struggle sticking to it themselves.

Impulsivity can cause ADHD individuals to suddenly change direction, challenges with prioritisation and planning may make it difficult for teams to stay on track. Also, issues with working memory can cause important information not to be retained. These and similar issues will happen in all roles, such as CMO, CTO, CIO, operations managers, HR directors, COO, CSO, CLO and so on.

Together, we can solve all this for you!

Working in a neurotypical environment might be a struggle, but we can deal with the challenges you experience.

Organisation is a key element of executive life, but it can be difficult for ADHD individuals to follow through with.

For many senior leaders, there’s an expectation that they’ll be naturally organised.

It stands to reason that you’ll note everything down, know where all your notes are, and remember where you were up to, right?

However, ADHD can make this incredibly tricky, with many preferring to work on something new.

Nothing could be further from the truth. A poorer working memory means you forget where you’re up to, but in a moment you choose not make notes because of your impulsivity and risk-taking approach to life.

Being honest about your lack of ability in this area can lead to effective solutions.

Success is right around the corner though, and it lives on the other side of honesty. This isn’t going to change, and masking it will only lead to frustration everywhere.

If you're struggling with focus, play with these flip-boxes for a minute, and then carry on.

Who are 5 well known ADHD celebs?

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Justin Timberlake
Will I Am
Paris Hilton
Richard Branson
Bill Gates

Why was ADD renamed ADHD?

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Strictly speaking, it wasn't. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has three different sub types: inattentive (also known as ADD), hyperactive-impulsive, and combined.

Has rejection sensitivity been recognised?

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RSD isn't an official condition, but many ADHD people struggle with rejection - whether that's in work or in relationships. Our emotional experiences are heightened.

Time management for busy ADHD executives.

ADHD individuals can find time management tasks, like goal setting, prioritisation, planning, focus and concentration tricky.

Some of these skills are incredibly important expectations for executives and senior leaders.

Understanding your unique challenges will lead to improved working methods.

All ADHD people are unique though, and when we evaluate your situation, we can problem-solve and develop new options for you.

For example, prioritisation can be essential but difficult for people with impaired executive function, but taking a formulaic approach can help.

Instead of trying to hold all of the information needed to prioritise in memory, a more visual and numeric approach can be a significant improvement.

Managing your plans and direction.

It can be difficult for ADHD people to keep everything in mind at once, since our working memory can be poorer compared with neurotypical people.

Understanding this, I came up with ways to work that are effective and efficient for ADHD individuals.

MindMaps, used in a specific way, can allow executives to begin to hold larger amounts of information at once.

I can’t wait to show this to you!

I've been an ADHD senior leader and business owner for over 30 years.

I’ve ADHD yet built my own online business in the recruitment market.

I learned that being a senior leader with ADHD can present many challenges, but with a creative problem solving approach, these can be mitigated.

As an ADHD business coach today, I work with others on their unique challenges.

It’s a huge pleasure to help people remove the ongoing stress and lack of safety from their lives and allow them to full embrace themselves.

I’m an eternal problem solver, and certain there are solutions to every challenge.

Once you understand ADHD more, problem solving becomes a natural part of life.

My coaching is ADHD friendly!

You’re probably going to interrupt me. It’s to be expected.

In sessions, people will say they’ve never had somewhere it was OK to be totally honest and free.

It’s not your fault you have a mind that’s low on dopamine.

I can totally understand how this is for you. There’s no need to hide yourself.

Right now, how is ADHD holding you back from success in your executive role?

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