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It can feel like there's never been a more challenging time to be an Executive Leader with ADHD.

There’s so much volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity in the world.

We look around us and see rising costs and financial uncertainty, political turmoil, global disruption, a hugely accelerated pace of change and innovation technology disruption.

The pressures on Executive Leaders are growing

You often find yourself juggling… Endless performance targets and KPIs, internal politics, the mass of information you have to deal with, managing remote and hybrid teams and constant firefighting and crisis management.

As a leader, ADHD can appear to bring additional challenges:

I want to tell you that you’re not alone.

You strive to streamline your focus, and elevate your performance as an executive, to meet the needs of your team and the organisation.

Yet managing all this with ADHD can feel like you’re running just to keep up.

Yet there have never been more opportunities for ADHD Executive Leaders

Our ADHD brings unique potential as leaders

While it may seem like the challenges can overwhelm you, there are reasons for significant optimism driven primarily by your ADHD, even in these challenging times.

You can deliver organisational change through:

And your ADHD gives you unique strengths and perspectives to achieve these:

You have a unique set of skills and abilities as an ADHD Executive Leader.

Together, let's transform ADHD into your competitive edge.

Hi, I’m Phil Drinkwater, creator of a 7-figure online business and Business Coach.

I’m diagnosed ADHD so I truly understand how life is for you.

Neurotypical working exhausted and overwhelmed me

Before I was diagnosed, I realised, that trying to fit into the typical executive mould was exhausting for me. It drained my energy and limited my effectiveness as a leader. 

I developed my own effective style

I took a bold leap and looked within myself to discover how to harness the full power of my passion, creativity and innovation; using my strengths, rather than fighting against my limitations. 

This helped me to create a business with £16M sales. 

I now support others with ADHD

Today, my passion and purpose is to inspire and support other leaders with ADHD, breaking down the stigmas and stereotypes and helping you to lead the way YOU desire.

Why ADHD specific executive coaching?

Your level of ambition is hungry for the effectiveness you know you’re capable of

You aspire to create incredible impacts in your industry, to set your organisation apart from the rest and advance your personal career.

Harness your  natural creativity and passion

ADHD traits are in short supply in the business world. The world needs your creativity and innovation, and your natural drive.

Be free from frequent feelings of overwhelm and burnout

The expectation and challenges of your role can leave you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and drained of energy.

Designed around YOUR needs, as an ADHD professional

Which is why you need coaching designed around YOUR unique needs, to help you thrive as an ADHD executive.

Many well known CEOs have ADHD, including Bill Gates, Richard Branson and John T Chambers (of Cisco).

Achieving exceptional success with ADHD is entirely possible. 

The crucial question is NOT how have others succeeded, but rather how will YOU navigate your ADHD to achieve your own goals?

I devised the wheel of executive functions to help you build awareness of the particular challenges that ADHD creates for you.

Executive Coaching Designed Around YOU and YOUR ADHD

Your leadership, your way.

ADHD is experienced a little differently by each of us, and we all have unique skills, and so I thread our coaching sessions around your specific challenges and needs.

Results oriented approach

As an ADHD Executive Leader you endeavor to make a genuine difference in the organisation, and in your personal career, and are keen to explore how to manage your ADHD more effectively.

Deeper understanding of ADHD & strategies

Every aspect has been designed to work specifically for ADHD executives, rather than aiming to fit you into a neurotypical mould.

ADHD individuals are highly effective in senior roles given our natural passion & innovation.

Working with Phil has been an illuminating experience, deepening my self-awareness as well as advancing my professional development. This journey has not only allowed me to gain a clearer awareness of my own motivations and goals but has shown me how my untapped abilities can be effectively harnessed to help reach these goals.

Through our collaboration, I am learning to identify and leverage my unique skills and strengths, aligning them with my business objectives in a way that will undoubtedly enhance my leadership style.

- Garnet, CMO

Unlock your incredible potential and move past common hurdles

Manage your time in an ADHD friendly manner

It’s common to aim for neurotypical ways of managing time, such as time blocking. However, this is often not successful long-term. Instead, we’ll look at ADHD ways to be productive.

Escape imposter syndrome in your leadership role

Many with ADHD believe we don’t fit into leadership roles, but over time we can change our approach and our mindset, understanding that we’ve been chosen for our unique qualities.

Enhance your focus and decision making

ADHD causes us to be indecisive, and to struggle with maintaining focus as we work on certain types of tasks. We can work on strategies which will be effective for your unique mind.

Organise your workload to maximise your energy

As ADHD individuals, our energy is particularly precious. Understanding how work impacts you will allow us to plan your day more effectively.

Create effective plans & strategies that you complete

Elements of planning can be challenging for ADHD executives, but by changing our approach, we can find solutions suited to your brain wiring.

Why can't I stop myself procrastinating?

It’s very common for people to label themselves as a procrastinator, yet be unable to answer “why”.

Procrastination is very common with ADHD and executives who delay essential work can find themselves in difficulty. Together, we’ll uncover the real reasons you procrastinate – beyond just “it’s ADHD” – and create solutions that you’ve been missing.

5 Unexpected Challenges Faced By ADHD Corporate Leaders

What impact are these having on you?

Some traits are more commonly experienced by ADHD executives than others, partly due to ADHD, but also the challenges we’ve experienced.

Overcommitment, poor boundaries & conflict avoidance

Commonly, ADHD individuals place the needs of others ahead of ourselves, which causes us to develop traits which can be challenging within leadership roles.

Neglecting self-care, leading to overwhelm & burnout

Executives already have significant stress on their plate, but ADHD sensitivity can lead to increased levels, eventually leading to burnout.

Reluctance to delegate & difficulty with team communications

Imposter syndrome and a lack of confidence can lead to many challenges within the team structure, and managing both upwards and downwards.

Difficulty with personal feedback & sensitivity to clients expectations

ADHD tends to lead us more sensitive to feedback, even when constructive, commonly triggering anxiety and stress.

Excessive detail orientation & over-preparation

ADHD executives may develop habits of perfectionism, leading to missed deadlines and overwork.

Effective career coaching is vital for for ADHD leaders

Finding the correct career path is important for all executives, but doubly so for ADHD individuals.

Your next role or progression can either enhance your career, confidence and wellbeing, or create additional challenges. 

A deeper level of self-awareness will lead to more effective career decisions.

Coaching will unlock a level of knowledge of yourself, your qualities, your preferences and your skills, allowing you to approach your career decisions with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is, whatever is on your mind. This might be a task or area you’re holding your back with, challenges within your team or other colleagues, or your plans.

We regularly talk through aspects of Emotional Intelligence, energy management, planning for ADHD individuals, delaying impulsivity, and personality traits such as challenges with confidence, imposter syndrome and assertiveness.

I see ADHD as a difference; not a disorder. This informs my approach.

I believe ADHD individuals make effective and natural leaders, but we often have blockages in the way.

All sessions are online, and you may choose how often you’d like them to take place. There’s no requirement for any specific cadence; you can book whenever suits you.

I offer blocks of 5 or 8 sessions, or monthly sessions for 12 months. These suit the majority of needs. I can craft a unique option for you, if needed.

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