ADHD executive function wheel - Phil Dinkwater

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ADHD Executive Challenges Function Wheel

ADHD people experience challenges with 12 key executive functions.

However, we all experience them in different amounts. The executive function wheel is designed to allow you to build self-awareness about your ADHD and the challenges you unique face in life and work.

You can fill out the Wheel for yourself by noticing the relative level of your unique challenges with ADHD over a few weeks, or looking back at what you struggle with most.

Challenges explained

Planning / prioritising

Difficulty in putting together the steps that would be required to complete a project, or to decide what’s most important

Task initiation

Difficulty in getting started with new tasks or projects.


Frequently losing important documents or information, or forgetting that it exists and that you’ve worked on it.

Attention / focus

Challenges with maintaining focus on tasks, taking in information or listening to others.

Stress tolerance

Difficulty with handling stressful or complex situations that arise.

Time management

Using your time ineffectively, struggling with time perfection, procrastinating, adhering to schedules and move moving between tasks.

Goal-direction action

Struggling with the steps taken to lead you to a goal which is in the distance.

Impulse control

Choosing not to take actions that might not be effective, or not delaying gratification.

Emotional control

Difficulty with handling and subduing your emotions to a level where the don’t negatively impact your life.

Flexible thinking

Allowing yourself, and being able, to think outside of the box, rather than just choosing between a few options (black & white thinking)

Working memory

Finding it difficult to remember all of the elements which you’d like to be able to recall in the short term.


Finding difficulty in reflecting on your own behaviour; lacking self-awareness.