Phil Drinkwater

Birmingham Business & executive coach

Birmingham business coaching via online meeting

I offer business coaching to business owners, executives, directors of an SME – plus freelancers and entrepreneurs – within Birmingham, the Black Country and the West Midlands. This is all done without being face-to-face using popular online meeting tools like Zoom & Google Meet. This minimises the disruption to your work day.

What's my background?

I’ve been a successful entrepreneur who has built an online business that’s made £15 million in sales and is still growing today. However, I didn’t have the opportunity to benefit from the experience of a business coach.

Looking back, I would have benefitted from more business skills. When things got tough, I was left without external support. Birmingham – like all cities – is tough these days because of the heavy competition.

What can you expect from coaching?

Gain a clearer vision  |  Build a plan  |  Receive support  |  Be accountable

Birmingham business coaching will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and put a plan in place based on those. They can work with many aspects of the business, from marketing to finance. If it’s a larger business, executive coaching can be added for guidance too.

Birmingham small business owners – or those with larger more established businesses – will find that a business coach can help them to identify what their goals are both short term and long term. They can then work with you to create a realistic but challenging plan to achieve those goals.

They’ll not only create action plans, but they’ll keep them relevant and in the present by using your strengths and weaknesses as well as your business itself. They have the skills needed to assess these effectively and impartially so that you get real growth.

A business coach will be able to get you out of your comfort zone and put you in a situation where your skills are stretched. This is essential for growth as it stops them from becoming stale.

Business coaching can show its benefits right away. In the short term, you’ll be able to overcome hurdles and challenges which are holding you back.

You will also find that a business coach takes the pressure away from you and lets you focus on the longer term of the business. The benefits of coaching are far-reaching in terms of both personal and professional development. It creates clarity of thought which is important for complex situations which could be tricky otherwise.

Boosting your confidence is an important part of coaching. If your self-belief is low, then this can be holding you back from achieving your goals and reaching your full potential. A Birmingham business coach can help to restore the confidence that’s needed to succeed.

Popular coaching packages

4 weeks

Succeed with a goal that’s just ahead of you.

Online chat: 4 X WEEK
Online exercises: Yes

12 weeks

Work with more clarity toward your goals.

VIDEO CALL: weekly 
Online chat: 2 x week
Online exercises: Yes

26 weeks

Create meaningful change in your life and work.

VIDEO CALL: weekly 
Online chat: 2 x week
Online exercises: Yes

26 weeks

Skip the coaching sessions and just use the chat app.

Online chat: 4 X WEEK
Online exercises: Yes

Convenient online meetings

I work online with Zoom or Google Meet. This allows coaching to take the least time away from your busy day.

Succeed inbetween sessions

I set regular online coaching exercises to complete in order to ensure progress is steady and continuous. 

Regular check-in

All customers check in regularly using a private online chat app, so we can evaluate what’s happening.

If you’re finding that the challenges of running your Birmingham business are holding back growth, a new perspective can help

Take a step back.

#analysis #mindset #compassion

How we work together

I work closely with my fantastic clients to create an individualised plan for their successful future.

1. Where are you right now?

To start, I ask you to fill out a detailed onboarding form, so we both understand where you are right now. This is truly working on your business!

2. What do you need?

The next question, then, is … how can I help to empower you to live the life, and have the business, that you want? We’ll look at what will help you achieve your goals.

What will we work on?

My approach is to look at the whole business and person. We’ll typically work on some of these:

Phil quickly honed in on the reasons that my online events business wasn’t achieving the success that I know it’s capable of. We worked together to clarify my vision and improve the areas which we discovered were causing difficulty.

I now have a clear path forwards and a sense of hope that was missing before.


Business & executive coaching in Birmingham

Birmingham is recognised as one of the world’s most dynamic cities and offers excellent opportunities for businesses, both regional and international. This makes Birmingham a great place to take on new challenges, grow new skills, or develop an entirely new business. This growth has created a need for Birmingham business coaches to help and support them as they grow.

The services of a coach will normally include one-on-one coaching sessions, or mentoring programmes designed to help new start-ups develop their potential. Birmingham business coaches also provide a range of training and ideas for people seeking to improve their skills or expand their businesses.

Business coaching isn’t life coaching, although it’s common for there to be an element or life or career coaching as the business owner develops and grows. While business coaching might be seen as part of a management development programme, the ultimate purpose of Birmingham business coaching is to help businesses succeed. This may be done by identifying key opportunities, developing new strategies or improving business processes.

Business coaching usually includes an element of personal development, in order to help the business owner identify their strengths, as well as their weaknesses.

You will be more able to develop your potential and maintain or increase your achievements. You’ll achieve these outcomes by identifying effective strategies and activities for your business and developing them. You’ll also make more effective strategic decisions about your organisation’s direction.

It’ll be useful for you to gain insight into customer needs, challenges you can face, become a more effective leader and manage decisions about growth plans that are suitable for Birmingham’s unique economic landscape.

Your learning will also include how your role could shift in order to become more effective. These shifts could include developing new skills or capabilities, or learning to manage effectively in a different way.

Business coaches will help you develop your personal business skills and capabilities, and will support your growth as an entrepreneur. This will make you a better manager of your own ongoing personal development.