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Business coaching for coaches. Covering life coaches, executive, entrepreneur, health and wellness.

I'm a successful 7-figure online business owner turned business coach. I've built a thriving coaching business of my own within the last few years.

If you've recently trained as a coach you might be wondering "what now?". It's very common for coaching qualifications to end with the certificate and ignore running a business.

I can help you work out what niche is right for you, find the right customers and craft the right message. And one tit-bit for free - no one buys a "life coach" any more.

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Who is your ideal customer? Where do you support them to?

Most coaches bounce around for a while trying out different types of customers until they discover what they really love.

This is a very common situation and certainly what happened with myself.

While there’s nothing wrong with this, with some awareness we can speed up the process.

The right questions can lead you to the right customers and the right coaching processes with greater speed.

This will lead you to a profitable business more quickly.

A key sell for coaching is to help people find their way to their goals more quickly, and business coaching for coaches is no exception; together we’ll discover success quicker. 

A little about myself, my background and my coaching practice.

I began life as a programmer and then a project manager, before starting a business which eventually made $20M.

As a business owner, I’ve scaled my business to over 20 staff, but this was in a non-coaching industry.

My 1-2-1 business coaching practice is now running successfully and is significantly profitable.

I’m able to help you with the same for the coaching niche that you choose.

coaching allows me to work wherever I want much of the time.

I run my coaching practice in an extremely smooth manner, with automation everywhere possible.

I recognise that I only have so many hours in the week, and I need them to be effective. So, I’ve automated as much as possible, from marketing to admin to sales.

I keep up with technology, but specific to the coaching industry and more broadly.

Technology to me is fascinating and incredibly useful to a coach. ChatGPT anyone? I love what we’re able to achieve and automate, in order to become more effective and efficient.

I’m a kind and considerate business coach, and have a non-pressured style.

I can help you understand what your own path will be like, and how would be the most effective way to proceed.

Coaching is a busy - some would say saturated - market.

Let's stand you out from the crowd!

How much will you really earn as a coach?

It’s very common as a 1-2-1 coach to earn somewhere between $2k to $15k per month, depending on your market and marketing.

This is a very comfortable salary for many to live on. However, 1-2-1 coaching can become tiring after a number of years.

It’s also very common to move into group coaching later. With this, it’s easy to find yourself earning $5k to $50k per month.

So, if you become an expert and build an audience, you can launch into programmes, either ongoing or cohort based.

What about if you choose to make courses? With the right marketing, courses can make anything from $10k to $5M.

Together, we can smooth over some of these challenges so you have more time to focus on growing your business, and more security.

What software and tools are required?

Most coaches use Zoom and Calendly to get going, but I also recommend Introwise.

Introwise allows me to sell 1-2-1 packages and have the client manage their own sessions.

After some time you may look to build your practice using email software and zapier to automate tasks.

Once you have the basics of your coaching practice up and running, the next step is to make it more efficient with automation.

Accountability is becoming more popular with coaches and this can be accomplished with WhatsApp or email, or various other software options.

Checking in with your clients is often key to their long term success. I personally use Telegram which is similar to WhatsApp.

Finally, you may consider courses and group coaching systems.

There are a multitude of options. Kajabi is very popular for coaches, but fairly expensive. 

What is your vision for your coaching practice?

Where do you want to be in the world?

Some might want a nomadic lifestyle, some at home with their family.

How many hours a week do you want to work?

You might want to have back to back calls, but most would like at most 10-15 a week if doing 1-2-1 coaching. This allows for time on marketing and sales.

Do you employ anyone full or part time, or do everything yourself?

As you become more successful, do other people help you?

How do you want to feel at the end the day and week?

Can you discover and focus on what will bring you these emotions?

What is the way there?

Now you have something of a vision, we can discover how to move forward.

How business coaching gets you there more quickly.

Discover what you really want to offer, leading to more rapid profitability.

Rather than spending 18 months discovering what’s right for you, we’ll cut that time down with increased awareness and self-belief.

There are many different niches in the coaching industry. These include executives, life coaching, health and wellness, career coaches, relationship coaching, business coaching and spiritual coaching. 

But within these broad groups, exactly who do you want to service? For example, do you want to help people pleasers to build boundaries and lose the level of responsibility they have? Customers buy expert coaches in clearly defined niches.

Moves you past the marketing and sales challenges.

Running a coaching business isn’t about coaching; you’re great at that already. It’s largely about marketing and sales. We can move you on more quickly.

Helps you practically with running a business.

If you’ve not had a business before, it can be overwhelming trying to work your way through the different phases.

These allow you to grow and scale your coaching business in less time.

And when it comes time to move onto the next challenge, we can set your business up in a way that you’re able to grow.

5 challenges that many coaches face.

Finding & signing clients.

The major element that all coaches struggle with is finding enough clients willing to pay.

Marketing and sales are major challenges for all but the most successful and mature coaching businesses.

Overwork, burnout & emotional drain.

When you’re examining every word from your clients, and working constantly, it’s easy to become drained.

Self-care can be difficult to achieve when you’re building your coaching business, but it is important for the long term.

Financial instability.

Coaching doesn’t have consistency attached to it, so income can bounce around.

If your coaching business is your only income source, it can breed fear and desperation, which tend to lead to fewer clients.

Clients expectations & measuring success.

People buy success, but the balance of managing and measuring that with sales promises can be challenging.

Coaches can easily over-promise during discovery calls, leading to clients being unhappy later down the line.


Especially in the early days, imposter syndrome can creep into the coaching sphere.

You’re human, and even as a coach yourself, it can be challenging to believe that you will find your way and become successful.

Right now, what's really holding you back from success in your coaching business?

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