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Hey, I'm Phil, a 7-figure online business owner turned business coach. As an entrepreneur, I know how challenging it can be, but also how exciting and enjoyable it is.

These days, I work with other entrepreneurs on starting, growing and scaling their businesses in a way designed for success.

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I'll make this easy for you by helping you make decisions, keeping you consistent, teaching you about business and promoting personal growth.

With 23 years under my belt, I’ve likely faced what is challenging for you right now.

I’ve experienced the highs of the first big contracts, I’ve felt what it’s like to nearly lose it all, I’ve been through the plateau phase where you just don’t know how to move forward, and I’ve sadly had to part ways with valued staff. And much more besides.

It might seem like the long climb up the Mountain of Entrepreneurship is impossible sometimes, but it isn’t.

You most certainly can achieve this. There’s nothing about you which means you can’t. And there will be path that’s right for you.

I’ll help you make clear decisions, focus effectively, build effective plans and learn about business.

Each of these is essential if you’re going to become successful in your chosen business, or in fact if you’ve not even got to the stage of having clarity about that yet.

What does it really take to be a successful entrepreneur?

There’s one quality which is more important than all of the rest; resilience.

There will be days when you think of giving up and going back to work, and it’s then when you need to back yourself most.

A growth mindset is also key, since it’ll be essential to learn from your mistakes.

You’re going to get it wrong. You’ll look back and kick yourself. I do. But it’s OK because you can learn and move on. 

Adaptability and a love of change is beneficial too, and will allow you to move and shift your business as the market changes.

Your journey through business will not be straight and simple, and the most successful entrepreneurs accept that change is inevitable, but keep going anyway.

Finally, problem solving skills will allow you to find new solutions that are unique to your situation.

The ability and desire to be creative with problems and find solutions is a huge benefit because if there’s one thing an entrepreneur will face regularly on their business journey … it’s problems!

How can we make the most of you?

What are your strengths as a person? How can we best utilise them?

It’s not useful to spend the next two years improving every element of who you are. Let’s use what you already have. There’s more than one way to success.

If you were being totally honest, what are you weak in? How can we either avoid these, or improve in them?

But it’s important to understand how you might fail, so we can overcome those challenges or carefully sidestep them.

5 personal challenges that many entrepreneurs face.


You love what you do, you want it to be successful, but surely there must be some time to rest too?

Work-life balance is one of the most common complaints for entrepreneurs. Yes, you might desire success, but can you really keep going with 60 to 100 hour weeks? Is it worth it? Let’s challenge the belief that working hard will achieve success.


Sometimes you work hard and effectively, but at other times you can’t seem to get stuff done.

Some personality types tend to struggle with being consistent with work, no matter what they seem to try, which can lead to a desire for external accountability.


If you just focused on this one idea it would be successful, but what about these other projects?

Many entrepreneurs have a bunch of half-finished projects in their past, and they don’t seem to settle on just one business idea, believing the next idea will be the best and impulsively switching.


With so many ways forward, which is the right path to success for you?

Many founders find themselves with incredibly difficult decisions that don’t seem to have a perfect solution, and others find themselves generally struggling with the clarity needed to finally settle on a way forward.


It seems like there’s a long way to go, and will you even end up with a successful business?

Almost all business owners go through a phase where they ask themselves “Can I really do this?”, or “Am I the right person?”, or “Do I have the right skills and knowledge”. It’s incredibly common.

Planning for success, as an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs can be flighty; one minute working on this, the next on that, and never quite knowing why.

Planning is often a missing ingredient in an entrepreneurs day, instead preferring to focus on the most exciting tasks.

But to start or grow your business, you’ll need to make some plans. 

Without a direction though, startups and founders can tend to waver around, making less of their time than they could and so reducing their productivity and personal effectiveness.

Planning can be scary to entrepreneurs, who don’t always know how to create the clarity required.

While it’s essential, creating plans is often at the back of the queue, leading to a lack of success and frustration at never breaking through.

My unique MINDMAP approach to planning

I’ve developed a unique solution to planning, regardless of whether you’re a startup or mature company.

We use mindmaps to analyse your current situation, and build a list of work that will be most impacful for you to achieve.

Together, we’ll plan, and you’ll love it!

I can help you most by offering you the benefit of my considerable business experience, and my understanding of what truly holds people back.

Which phase of business are you in, and how will you get to the next?

When you start a business, you’re initially bouncing around trying to find something that works, as a combination of product, marketing, brand and sales.

The early days are exciting, but a bit scary. You’re looking for that one thing that works and people want to buy, with the right message, the right audience and the right product.

When business becomes consistent, entrepreneurs tend to move into a growth and scaling phase, where processes, automation, hiring and leadership are essential. 

The second stage of business is one which can be challenging for many founders, and pushes them squarely out of their comfort zone. It did for me.

Later still everything calms down and growth comes from iterative improvement projects.

Once you’ve climbed more of the mountain, you’ll find that the ground becomes more level and you can take a breath and start with making smaller changes.

No matter where you are on this journey, we can plan a path to the next phase of your business growth.

What do you love most in business?

Are you someone who is amazing at seeing things from 20,000ft, and coming up with creative ideas?

If so, you may want to focus your efforts on this in the early days, and allow others to take over later on.

Or are you someone who loves the detail, and to make small steps toward improvement?

If you love the detail, you may need some help in the early days to get your business moving.

Here are a few truths about being an entrepreneur that you should know.

Does a successful business require more than just a good idea?

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Yes! Although a good idea is beneficial - and the timing too - anyone can create a successful business out of nearly anything.

Can entrepreneurs achieve success without failure?

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Not often. Most entrepreneurs "fail" and learn from their mistakes. They grow as people, and grow into their roles.

Are entrepreneurs always confident and fearless?

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Absolutely not! I've met plenty and most struggle with some type of imposter syndrome, and lack of confidence.

Business skills for starting, growing and scaling a company.

Business mentoring is the act of proving thoughts and ideas based on years of experience.

We can talk about marketing, sales, processes, hiring and firing, finances, and many other subjects. I will be honest if I don’t have the experience you need though.

I always include some elements of mentoring within business coaching.

Coaching is about helping you reach your full potential, but sometimes a quick way to achieve that is by giving you knowledge that you currently are missing.

However, it’s important to realise that this is your business and final decisions lie with you.

I can’t run your business for you though; and in fact, learning to do that effectively is a huge part of the entrepreneurial journey.

What do you need most from coaching?

What is holding you back most from success today?

This is a question that all business owners should ask themselves literally every day, but regularly is never asked.

What are 10 different ways you could overcome this? What will you choose to do?

I work with coaching clients on developing ideas and solutions, and making clear decisions on which will suit them best.

I've been an entrepreneur and business owner for over 20 years.

I built my own online business in the recruitment market from nothing to over 23 employees and £15million in sales.

I’m incredibly proud of my achievement, but looking back I now recognise that building a successful business is a process that is repeatable.

Now, as a coach I get to help others with their journey, which is incredibly rewarding.

I’m an incredibly creative problem solver, as well as having an uncanny ability to see what’s really holding someone back.

I’ve been in business for a long time, and love to help founders take the next step.

What’s in your future? Do you know yet? What would you love more than anything?

I’ve significant experience in online marketing, sales, processes, leadership, and I’m very technology aware.

I’ve decades of experience in all of the areas that really matter, and I’ll have plenty of questions and suggestions for you.

Right now, what's holding you back from the entrepreneurial success you desire?

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