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I've made a 7-figure business in the online recruitment industry, and I know it well.

If you're relatively new to owning a recruitment business, you might find that selling to clients is the easy part, but growing a business might be a path full of unknowns.

And if you're a mature business, you may find that your path forward isn't clear any more.

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Recruitment can be a highly lucrative business.

The desire for high quality candidates in certain sectors never ceases.

Although the market waxes and wanes, the most effective recruitment agencies are almost always busy.

But growing, scaling and maintaining a recruitment business can be a challenge.

Your natural skills will ensure you have many effective personal qualities, but all business owners find they have plateaus, or struggle in some areas.

Let’s unlock the door to the next phase of business.

If you’re feeling uncertain of how to get going, or the next step to make, we can understand what’s holding your business back and find a new strategy.

A little about me and my recruitment background.

I began life as a programmer and then a project manager, before starting an online recruitment business which made $20M.

I’ve been close to the recruitment industry for a few decades now, and understand many of the challenges that come from owning a recruitment business.

I’ve spoken with dozens of agencies and job boards throughout the years.

I’m well used to the industry terminology and core functions.

I have business coaching clients in the recruitment industry.

I’ve worked with agencies who are relatively new, and also long-term players with established and mature businesses. They have very different challenges.

As a person, I keep abreast of technology.

Technology to me is fascinating and incredibly useful. ChatGPT anyone? It’s amazing how we can automate and improve more each year.

I’m a kind but clear business coach, and have a non-pressured style.

I support you in a non-judgemental way, since complete honesty is important in a coaching relationship.

Recruitment is a highly competitive marketplace.

It’s common for recruiters to eventually start their own businesses, which means the UK has an estimated 30,000 agencies.

This gives rise to the first major challenge; how to stand out.

So, the largest challenge for most agencies is how to build a client-base.

Everything in the recruitment industry starts with a job-spec that lands on your desk, but how can you find them?

Fortunately, there are tools today which can help you to market yourself, but the messages you put out are key.

The wrong marketing can lead you to appearing as a middle-of-the-road agency, which means it can be difficult to stand out.

What would propel your recruitment agency to the next phase?

Why has that not happened yet?

From recruiter to business owner…

Being an amazing recruiter is only half of the battle.

You have the most important skill, but it’s not the only one you need.

Financial management, business strategy planning, technology, compliance, quality control and managing a team are also essential. 

The elements of running a business that might not be natural for you are essential too.

We can look into the areas you find difficult and find ways for you to handle them more effectively.

But there’s no reason for them to hold you back. We’ll find new ways forward that suit you.

5 challenges that many recruitment agency founders face.

Client acquisition.

Finding new customers for your business can be a serious challenge.

Many marketing methods are currently saturated with established recruiters, requiring more creative options.

Scaling and growing.

Moving from one or two in your team to ten or twenty requires careful planning.

Becoming the founder who will embrace and achieve this is a key element of coaching.

Emotional stamina.

The life of a recruiter can be full of rejection, and this can take it’s toll.

Especially in the early days, the pressure of a desire for income versus the desire not to appear needy in deals can be taxing.

Team leadership & management.

Managing and handling your growing team can require some additional skills.

You might naturally handle some elements of your team, but others might be a challenge.


Business owners are decision makers, and this can become draining.

The loneliness at the top can be uncomfortable for some.

Your natural communication and networking skills give you an edge, but don't leave business gaps.

Leaning into your strengths is always effective in business.

It’s common for people to be successful in business when they use their own strengths.

But as a business owner you must ensure all the gaps are plugged.

However, one of your key roles as a founder is to ensure that all necessary areas of business are handled effectively.

Let’s understand which areas you could develop in, or how you could use others to plug gaps.

So, let’s sit down and find where your attention should be placed over the coming year.

Right now, what's really holding you back from success in your recruitment agency?

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