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Hey, I'm Phil, a 7-figure online business owner turned small business coach. My own small business went through challenges, and growing it was hard. I'll not lie.

As a business coach now, I help other business owners move past their fears and challenges into action and success.

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What does it take to successfully run and grow a small business?

The key areas of business, like marketing, sales, automation, processes and operations must be effective and firing on all cylinders.

Your business runs and scales based on efficient and effective processes in key areas. If these aren’t as effective as your competition, your business may struggle.

Your team must be amazing, including hiring processes and culture, management, motivation and direction.

All businesses grow based on hiring incredibly team members, training them well and leading them in a positive fashion. However, many small businesses struggle to find and retain effective staff.

You, the founder, must be as effective as you can be, with calm emotions, a clear mind and effective decision-making. This can be tough…

Business changes over the years, so both adaptability and resilience are qualities which are important. But what are you as a person? Do you have clear boundaries with your staff, suppliers and customers? Do you remain calm in adversity? Have you enough time off?

Do you lack expertise in some areas of business?

Maybe you worry that the many hats you have to wear in your business are too much, and you don’t know enough?

it’s very common for founders to believe that they’re not enough.

Your experience before you started this business might have given you some effective skills, but not all that you need.

While there might be an element of truth in this, and we can upskill you, when you start to feel you’re not enough, it leads to an ineffective business.

It can be enough to make some small business owners wonder if they should throw in the towel.

Over time, you can become so hard on yourself that you struggle to continue.

We can all learn and grow in our skills, knowledge, qualities and self-awareness, and so can you, but do it from a place of kindness and growth.

A Growth Mindset is essential in business, where you cheerfully accept failures and limitations as areas to improve it. We can move forward with self-kindness.

As the business owner, it all comes back to you.

Owning a business is both exciting and scary in equal measure. I know it well.

My own journey has included some of the best and worst days of my life, and some of my worst fears have come true. 

But sometimes it can all feel a bit too much, and that’s where kind and experienced support will help.

On those days, I wish I had reached out for someone neutral and experienced to just be totally honest with.

5 personal challenges that small business owners regularly face.

Overwhelm & Stress.

Your business can become too much at times, and this happens for most people.

When you have too much to handle, when there are changes in the market, when your team aren’t performing … it can be a struggle. But we can turn that around!


A key element of being a business owner is making decisions, but what if you just can’t?

It’s not unusual for owners to find they can’t see a way forward at points in their business journey. Let’s open some doors that seem closed, look inside, and find a new way.

Imposter syndrome.

Many business owners will see other small businesses, or large business, and believe that they aren’t enough.

The truth is that you have amazing strengths that we can make the most of. That could lead you down a new and much more successful path.


Where is the new client coming from? What new tech is going to appear? We all worry about the lack of certainty.

There are many ways to reduce the uncertainty in business, often starting with marketing and sales. We can work these out.

The many-hats.

It’s tough when you have to be friend, boss, manager, owner, marketer, accountant, sales-person … and everything else!

With so many hats to wear in your business, how can you ever hope to be effective in them all? But you can be effective enough, and hire people to cover your weaknesses.

Hiring, motivating and leading a team can lead to massive growth.

Your team can be your biggest win, but many businesses have a poor recruitment strategy.

Very few businesses I speak to do more than quick interviews, and many won’t part ways if the employee isn’t the right fit. That costs dearly.

I’ve seen the different that amazing and ineffective individuals can make to a business.

In my own business I can see the people who brought it alive, and the ones who brought it down.

We can work together on a hiring system that suits your needs, and meets your company culture.

I can share my decades of experience in hiring to help you upskill in this key area.

All emotion aside, what's really holding you back from success?

That's what we must work together on.

Where is the next pay-cheque coming from?

Financial management is most important to the continuation of your business.

It’s the one thing that keeps so many entrepreneurs up at night, and is the cause of so much stress and overwhelm.

But your finances are indirectly linked to your marketing, your sales, your systems, your team…

Outside of having a rainy day fund and ensuring you’re not making unnecessary purchases, focusing on your bank account typically won’t solve this challenge for you.

If we look back to the root cause, small businesses typically struggle with issues other than financial management.

Let’s find out what’s really going wrong. Do you have too few customers? The wrong types? Let’s brainstorm real solutions to the challenges you really face.

Running a small business is taxing and tiring.

The mental strain on yourself can be exceptionally difficult to handle.

With so much on your plate, it can be incredibly hard for business owners to get up each day with a smile on their face.

So let’s take a step back, together, and work out what one area you should be improving right now.

Growth comes over time. It’s not quick. But let’s really take a good look at your company from 1000ft … what do we see?

Here are a few truths about being an small business owner that you should know.

Will it always be this stressful?

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The stress of running a small business comes from the challenges that aren't being handled. This might be areas you're not skilled in, or challenges in your team. Once fixed, things are easier.

Can I keep going?

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You'd be surprised about the amount of small business owners who ask this question of themselves. It's an indication of how difficult things have become. Let's take a fresh look at your company.

Do I need to know "this" in order to be successful?

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With so much information everywhere, it's easy to find people who seem to be doing it all, and who know it all. But you have your unique strengths. Let's use those!

Prompt and effective decision-making is key to the growth of any small business.

Every day you have small and large  decisions to make. It can lead to overwhelm, confusion, a lack of certainty, and even decision paralysis.

So much of running a business is about making effective decisions.

In the early days of running a business particularly, the options you have in front of you are difficult to evaluate, and some might seem scary or uncertain.

You may find that some options seem appealing and easy, but you know other options might be more effective. And some might be more or less preferred by your team. How do you decide?

So let’s sit down together, take a look at what you need to work through, and make this easy for you!

I can help you by bringing clarity. Often the right decision falls out, once we’ve asked the right questions.

We all need help at some points, and we can learn and grow.

Running a business can be an amazing part of life, but there are also times when we need support.

Sadly, as I know from my own experience, there are challenges in every business. They’re not necessarily there every day, but they can arrive and disappear. 

Through our sessions, you’ll be able to see the real challenges you’re facing, and we’ll find new paths for you.

Let’s learn more about you and your business, in order to find ways that will bring you the success and happiness you deserve.

My own online small business made £15million.

I’ve had good success in my own business. Over a few decades, it’s been effective, and is still running today.

It’s been my greatest achievement, launching a business and growing it.  

We scaled it quickly, once we realised what the market really wanted.

Early days, we “bounced around” trying to find something would work, and we eventually did find it. We spotted the opportunity because our eyes were very open.

As a business coach today, I can help you understand how to scale your company, solve the issues you face and tackle person challenges you’re struggling against.

I’m kind and considerate, really understand people and what holds them back.

And together we’ll create a roadmap for success, that’s unique for you.

Together, we can build plans that will be right for you.

Right now, what's holding you back from the business success you desire?

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