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Business coaching retreats

Get the coaching reset you need to expand your small but developing business.

We all need a boost and that can be hard while you’re in your own environment. You wake at the same time, follow the same routine and nothing changes. So let’s get you out of your routine and try something new!

The business reset you need

Entrepreneurs & small business owners can spend too much time working on the detail of their business, and forget about the big picture, including their own life. It’s incredibly important to allow yourself to learn how to take a step back and become the person who is going to achieve this.

“The difference from my first session to now is life changing for me. The growth is so wonderful”.


Learn the four key steps to thrive

Maybe you’ve found yourself stuck in a cyclic pattern; you’ve plateaued and you just don’t know which way to go any more. Maybe you’re just getting started and you want to put the right foot forward. I can help.

Develop the vision

What’s the goal you want to achieve? What does that destination look like? Not what you think you can achieve, but you really want to achieve? We start here.

Develop the plan

Working backwards, what are the steps to arriving at this destination? We work with a technique called vision coaching and use the right questions to achieve your goal.

Develop the person

It’s crucial you become the person that will arrive at that destination. This might mean letting go of old beliefs and patterns, in order to become successful.

Develop the habits

We all know that habits are important; but it’s key to look beyond something as simple as “check your email”. We want to create a set of habits that are perfect for you.

What happens on a retreat?

My retreats are small group experiences, designed to address and uncover the roots of your challenges. We’ll identify your strengths and weaknesses in order to establish a clear direction for you to work on in the future.

You’ll work mainly in groups with the other participants, and we’ll integrate creative exercises that will inspire you, as well as a clear look at who you are and what makes you special.

“I’m doing really well. Probably the best I’ve been. I have to thank you for the tools you’ve given me to deal with issues.”


Take a quiz to see if I could help you

When asked, most people won’t know if they would benefit from coaching.
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Can we say "hello"?

Hi, I’m Phil. I’m a Business Owner together with a Business & Life Coach. I’ve developed a keen ear for listening to myself over the years, and I would like to help you listen too.


I’ve grown my own online business from nothing to 22 staff and £15million in sales by consistently overcoming huge obstacles.

psychology trained

My totally unique style of coaching recognises that winning and losing happen in the mind, and we’ll change your patterns.


I’m a trained and Certified Coach and have huge passion for helping you discover life happiness and business success.

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What to expect on your business coaching retreat

Life coaching sessions

Life and business go hand in hand for small business owners and entrepreneurs. It’s too easy for a business to overtake daily life. We want you to have amazing clarity on the way your everyday life – your days, weeks, months and years – will look. Typically, there will be a yoga teacher and/or personal trainer on hand to help your retreat experience build into the life you want.

The right mindset

We all look through a lens. “We can” or “we can’t”. “That’s impossible” or “That’s possible”. As an experienced coach I see the benefits that people can get from looking through a different lens. A growth mindset starts from the premise that we can change through learning. It’s the path to continual improvement and it starts with vulnerability and a humble attitude. We’ll work on these – without shame or embarrassment – to help you improve.

Self discovery

A growth mindset requires us to understand ourselves and our patterns. We’ll look at where your business is being held back by the level of discomfort you feel in certain areas and introduce some personal growth. You won’t be required to share anything you’re not comfortable with.

A calm attitude

We all experience stress and it’s known that a certain amount of it is good for you. However, when you’ve got a “constant cortisol drip” going into your bloodstream, coping strategies like meditation, mindfulness and beautiful surroundings will help you switch off your fight or flight response. Use this coaching retreat to find some calm with like-minded indiviuals.

A coaching session

As well as the serious stuff of your business, we’ll build energy with music, meditate together for wellbeing and have some fun and laughter with new friends. And if you get up at 6am to do Yoga, that will be welcomed too! Be ready to experience a more successful business!

Practical business tasks

Of course, we’ll also take a look at your business too; marketing, logistics, operations, finances if you wish. In particular, few businesses have a marketing plan that’s really serving them and they struggle to get their message out; this retreat will be a place to work on your marketing.

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