Business coaching to help you grow

What’s business coaching? And do you need it? What happens in a business coaching session? And when will you see results?

Let’s make it a bit clearer for you.


Business coaching aims to ensure you're working effectively towards a goal

This is no “pusher yourself harder” programme. In fact, generally, I advocate going slow to go fast. Too often business owners and employees in a company will run forward, or are pushed around by their emotions and frustrations.

Think back to a day in your life when everything was just smooth, and you made rational and clear decisions with a destination in mind. Got one? Well, that’s how we would like you to be as often as possible.

“Coaching is about holding a mirror up to yourself and allowing yourself to learn and grow using that mirror.”

Why performance is key

Performance can be defined in a number of ways; speed, effectiveness, flexibility, quality. What they all have in common is an individual working at their best.



Pushing yourself doesn't work for long

Sure, we can all push ourself for a week or two to get something done, but eventually our willpower is worn out and we can become exhausted, overwhelmed and burned out.


You'll perform best with stable emotions

If your more negative emotions are triggered regularly, you’ll find yourself struggling to keep going. Your concentration will go, as will your focus.




When times are tough, you lose clarity

When you’re going through a hard time, it’s easy to become overwhelmed, exhausted and confused. You can easily lose your path, resulting in wasted effort and time.

Questions and answers

Business coaching is a series of 1 on 1 sessions with a positive outcome for yourself and the business you work in. 

During each session we’ll examine your performance, decision making and clarity, and find situations that might be causing you to struggle. 

We look at these and find options to move you on effectively.

I will ask a lot of questions and challenge your current beliefs.

It’s likely you’re holding yourself back from some options that would help to improve your performance. We all do this through self-limiting beliefs, black and white thinking, resistance and other thought processes.

Once we open up the options really available to you, you’re able to progress at a faster pace since you’re not being held back.

When we’re frazzled, decision making can become tricky and confusing. You can lose your rationality and start to focus on the wrong metrics.

Taking a step back and working more dispassionately can allow you to see more options for your future. 

It’s common for businesses in the early phase or later stages to lack a clear vision for their future.

In the early days, entrepreneurs will have too many options, and in the later years when the business is working well it can feel like just “turning the wheels for another day”. Coaching can help you to develop a new and clear vision based on designing an outcome you want.

Depending on the issue to resolve, within 3 sessions you could start to see results in one or two key areas which you choose to work on. You may choose after this to continue with coaching, or you may feel your key issue has been resolved.

What do you need?

Here are some common issues I tackle. If yours isn’t listed here, get in touch.

Click on any which seem useful for you to start work on.

Grow my business to 6-figures

We look carefully at who you must become in order for your business idea to become reality and test your plan, growth strategy and marketing plans in order to put you on the path towards success.

Get past a growth plateau

As a small business owner myself with up to 22 employees, I totally get how todays tasks should be “keep the company going”. But to move off your plateau, you’ll have to do something different. Let’s find that together.

Move through procrastination

If you’re constantly struggling with procrastination, we can work together to understand which parts of your mind are fighting against each other and not allowing you to take the steps required to move forward.

Improve your vision & clarity

If you’ve a difficult decision ahead of you, or you just don’t know yet quite where you should be heading, we can design the future life you want and create a plan backwards from there, putting you in charge of your life again.

Handle your emotions

If you’re finding yourself constantly triggered – maybe feeling anger, fear, jealousy, anxiety or frustration – we can look at the needs which aren’t being fully met in your work life and how to discover more happiness. Please be aware though – this is not therapy.


Reach your destination

Buy 3 coaching sessions - £500 £300

Notice an improvement, or your money back!

All coaching sessions must be used within 3 months.

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