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Procrastinating? Disorganised? Overwhelmed? Underperforming?

Creative professional coaching for effective startup & scale.

Coaching & mentoring for creatives who need more calmness, clarity & consistency.

I'm a 7-figure online business owner, but I've also worked in the photography industry and have focused much of my life on marketing and user experience. I consider coaching to be a creative industry too.

For us, entrepreneurship and small business can be a struggle; I know this well. The indecision and uncertainty can crippling and a business strategy can appear like a distant goal.

Together, we can take small steps toward your desire to have a calm, free yet secure life based on your creativity.

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I talk like you. I experience the world like you. I am like you.

The idea of a business coach that’s really corporate is off-putting, right?

I won’t be talking corporate. I won’t be dressing corporate. Instead, we’ll have a relaxed conversation that will lead to actionable steps forward.

With me, you’ll find plain and simple talking, and an understanding of the challenges that creativity brings.

All business owners struggle in different areas. Creatives are no exception. Your desire to be creative can clash with your need for security, leading to challenges in income consistency.

I work with all kinds of creatives on their businesses.

The list is fairly endless, but includes coaches, therapists, marketers, wellness professionals, artists, photographers, writers, content creators, trainers, retreat organisers, musicians, UX and web designers, restauranteurs, filmmakers, fashion designers, event planners, interior decorators, jewelery makers, makeup artists, podcasters, youtubers, crafters, actors, dancers and more besides! 

<phew> there’s a lot of you out there doing amazing work!!

I mix coaching for mindset and productivity with mentoring that creates a clear business strategy.

Business coaching is a mix of the various elements you need to run a business, such as sales, marketing, admin, hiring, outsourcing, automation. Together, we’ll work out simple steps you can take to move forward.

A little about me and my creative background.

I began my career as a games programmer and then a project manager (which I hated), before starting a very successful online recruitment business.

Games programming was significantly creative, and I loved working with the artists to produce exciting effects. Project management was a mistake though, but it did lead to my online business which I’ve been able to work creatively within on areas such as UX, design, and content.

At the same time, I also completed the training to become a psychotherapist and was a professional photographer.

I’ve always had side projects. My personality loves to learn! So, I trained in psychology and became a fashion and then wedding photographer, just because it hit my need for creativity.

Finally, I’ve settled on coaching because it meets all of my needs in one place!

Coaching is the best balance I’ve found yet. It meets my needs to be creative, spend time with people and use my strategic and problem-solving mind.

I love technology and how it can reduce the overwhelm and stress that comes from procrastination and forgetfulness.

Technology is an amazing tool, used right. ChatGPT anyone? Using it can reduce the stress from tasks we dislike or aren’t good at.

As a creative business coach I’m kind, considerate, thoughtful and knowledgable about what really holds our personalities back.

I’ve used myself over the years as a guinea pig to understand how I can work best. I’m productive and I have ways that I focus myself.

How to balance creativity and business.

If you love your creativity so much, it can be easy to give too much, leading to a business that doesn’t work any more.

Your business needs to charge for all of your time, and for that you must understand the worth of your personal expression. 

Building healthy boundaries and making agreements with yourself not to work outside them is essential.

Yes, all contracts can have an element of give and take, but when if you move into people pleasing or perfectionism, it’s important to stop.

Over time you’ll be more comfortable with the level of your worth.

It can be uncomfortable for some, but together we can take a slow path toward ensuring you are well paid.

We can build customer avatars, branding, marketing and sales.

You need customers, no matter what kind of creative product or service you offer.

A consistent flow of leads – ideally more than you need – is essential for a successful business.

This can be one of the largest challenges for creatives.

But many creatives struggle with creating a plan which will generate enough business for them.

Even if you’re a marketer at heart, it can be hard to do this on your own business.

And you might think it’s easy if you’re a marketer yourself; it’s not! An external set of eyes can really help.

5 challenges that many creative business owners face.

Client acquisition and retention.

Finding a keeping customers is key to business, but many creatives struggle most here.

Too many photographers, artists, designers, decorators and other types of creative find building consistent in lead generation one of the largest challenges. Together, let’s work out a plan that will work for you.

Emotional drain & overwhelm.

Putting yourself out there on paper or in other form can be emotionally exhausting.

Listening to your body and its needs is an essential skill if you are to remain in this business over the long term without finding yourself in exhaustion.

Financial stability.

Along with lead-generation, financial stability can be a struggle due to a lack of consistency, productivity issues and impulsivity.

All businesses need income, a buffer, and to spend money. Oh! And also to pay you. So an element of financial planning is an important part of any business.

Time management & productivity.

Indecision, procrastination, not being in the mood… how can you make this work?

You may love your creative role, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy to be productive for your clients all of the time. Let’s work on this.

Self promotion & marketing.

In the modern world, business owners are expected to be vulnerable and honest.

Putting yourself out there can be a struggle for many founders of creative firms, and there can be significant resistance. We can work through this, slowly.

Take all limits off for a second; what do you want your creative business to look, sound and feel like?

Let's move toward this.

Working with your creative strengths leads to success.

People often know their weaknesses better than their strengths.

It’s common to see how others are doing and believe you should be doing the same.

Let’s focus on your strengths in business, both creatively and personally.

Within coaching, we’ll look to work within your strengths and either around or through your weaknesses, at a pace that’s right for you.

Together, we can find a business that’s comfortable built for you.

Let’s make changes to make the most of who you are.

Right now, what's really holding you back from success in your creative business?

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