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Find out how your ADHD executive function challenges impact you

Diversity & inclusivity public speaker

I’m diagnosed ADHD and a small business owner.

I’m also likely on the Autistic spectrum too, and would be considered very high functioning, although I’ve yet to receive my formal diagnosis yet.

Neurodiversity within business & the workplace

I welcome opportunities to explain the challenges that come with neurodiversity.

I offer vulnerability and honesty within my public speaking.

Neurodiversity as an invisible disability

Invisible disabilities offer a unique challenge in the world of work and within HR departments and management.

Certainly for myself, you’d struggle to realise I was different.

Unique challenges with invisible disability

Visible disabilities invite a clear conversation, whereas with those of us who are neurodiverse might just appear awkward or difficult or too specific, at the same time as being exceptionally talented.

Late diagnosis neurodiversity challenges

Today, there is a significant focus on discovering neurodiversity as early as possible.

For myself and millions of others though, we find out late in life, leading to us to look back on our lives and think “that explains so much!”.

This lack of knowledge does cause difficulties though, since our personalities form with adaptations in place, often to cover the embarrassment and shame we can feel.


I’m ADHD and probably on the Autistic spectrum too. I would be considered extremely high functioning. You might not realise.

In partnership, I grew a business to over £15million in revenue and had many challenges along the way, both in business and as an employee.

We offer so much to the world, but require a little extra care and attention.

Neurodiverse people are the minority.

Combined together effectively though, ourselves and neurotypical people offer so much to the world.

Typically, most keynote speeches will be around 40 minutes, although they can be tailored.

Most definitely. While I might not speak for every neurodiverse person and their unique challenges, I’m happy to talk about myself.

Get in touch for a personalised quote that will take into account your unique requirements.

Yes, today it’s very common to speak online, either via Zoom or Google Meet or another platform.

It’s important to me to engage the audience, so if it’s appropriate, both as possible and preferred.

I do have a sense of humour and an keen and happy to laugh at myself, in an inclusive manner. Humour lightens difficult subjects.

Yes, if you have something specific in mind, I’m happy to talk specifically on that subject. 

Inclusivity and diversity are large topics and I welcome understanding more about your unique speaking needs.

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