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Hey, I’m Phil Drinkwater

a business coach who helps entrepreneurs and serial entrepreneurs back an idea, focus on it, and launch or scale the business successfully

I’m sure you could generate a new business idea every week, but success in business comes from consistency on one idea at one time. Let’s back one and go!

On the side, I love to travel, cook and hike (although I’m a fair weather walker!)

I empower entrepreneurs with a success mindset plus launch & scale plans

You’re designed to be an entrepreneur

Maybe you’ve had a business before. Maybe you’ve not and it’s your first time

But you know you’re destined for more than 9-5 in some office job.


You know some support is crucial for you

I don’t know where you are in your entrepreneurial journey – maybe you’re pre-launch, or maybe you’re a few months or years in – but you recognise that some support from an experienced and reflective partner would help you.

What’s the next step?

If you’re still deciding which idea to back, let’s reduce any confusion by drilling down into which idea you really want to do.

If you’re on your path already, let’s get to work, one tiny step at a time. 

How are you holding yourself back at the moment?

The freedom of being an entrepreneur is both alluring and exciting. But freedom means you’re in charge of making the most impactful decisions.

The freedom!

If you’re new to all of this, it’s like having been locked in a room your whole life, and suddenly finding the door to a huge new world outside where you can do whatever you like!

Exhilarating? Yes! 

Freeing? Yes!

Terrifying? YES!

So how do you choose what to do?

Since you could do anything today, what’s best?

What will provide you with the greatest financial return? Should you focus short or long term?

I get all of this. I was there too.

Let’s make decisions & plans

I’ve developed tools and systems that will help you make decisions, and plan, so that you’ll get through to the next phase of your business.

Today though, we can work out … what next? 

What are you juggling right now?

You’ll have a lot on your mind, and it’ll be important to find the right balance between all of the plates you’re trying to keep spinning.


No matter if you have external funding (which you should take good care of by the way!), or are self-funding from your job or savings, you might have more money going out than coming in. 

Let’s plan to make it go as far as possible, and reduce any impulsive spending.


There’s only one you, and if you’ve not got a team of amazing part-time employees in place yet, you’ll have to manage your time and energy well.

Let’s work on what will be most impactful, but also look at a little outsourcing to clear some jobs you hate if possible.


Emotions are tricky things. If we have too much to do, too much that’s overwhelming, or too much we’re resisting because it’s difficult or boring, we can become emotionally burned out.

Let’s take a step back and understand how you work best, so we can make the most of your incredible strengths.


If you don’t have people around you who are like you, or who get who exciting it is that you set up your first funnel with Zapier and Mailchimp, you might feel lonely.

I’m here to listen and I really, genuinely, want to celebrate every little win along the way!


In the world there seems like so many reasons to choose someone else, and a huge amount of innovators using what they have – such as their nomadic lifestyle – to gain followers.

But you’re you, so let’s find your audience, not theirs.


This comes in two parts; belief in yourself and belief in the idea you have. Both are key to your future success.

Together, we’ll firm up your self-confidence and take steps to determine if this idea truly is the one.


All of this freedom comes with a cost, right? And that’s in risk. With a salary, someone else is taking the risk. But when your business is making $10k, $20k, $50k, $100k, the risk reduces significantly.

Financial freedom is ahead! 

I believe in you, in case you needed to hear that today

A voyage of self-discovery

You’re embarking on a fantastic journey of discovery and you’ll learn so much about yourself.

What you’ll learn most about yourself is that you most certainly can do this. 

Your amazing strengths, put to use

Your creative edge.

Your innovating mind.

Your sparks of genius.

Your passion.

Your singular focus.

These strengths will pave the way toward the success that you crave.

A little support can go a mighty long way!

With just a little support from me, you’ll be on your way, and backing yourself as much as I do.

Let’s take this step of your journey together, and allow me to guide you to feeling strong and capable in those moments when it all seems a bit too much.

Those first few years are tough going, but the right strategies will get you through

The most difficult element of business is that you’re human

Business is actually very simple, but it’s the human element that is hard.

Not believing in yourself, not fully backing yourself, struggling against confusion and overwhelm and worry.

Not knowing how all of this is going to end.

I have one piece of important information for that I really want you to allow to soak in.

You cannot fail in business; you can only choose to give up

That’s it. No entrepreneur has ever failed, they just decided to throw in the towel.

That’s not going to be you, right?

Businesses might fail though. Times change. Founders lose interest. They back the wrong direction.

Resilience is an essential character trait

But there’s always the option to dust yourself off, and start again.

It’s why resilience is my number one character trait in a successful entrepreneur.

You have your down day, or your down week, or even your down month, and you get back up on the horse and have another go because you know – deep down – this is the right path for you. 

How could I support you most right now?

My own entrepreneurial journey

I’m the same as you

At heart, I’m an entrepreneur too. I get bored reasonably quickly. I have tons of ideas. I find it easy to dream of what would be amazing for the world, but it was really hard at the start.

I didn’t know much about business

When I launched my first business I knew less than nothing really. I had been a programmer and a project manager, but I was missing so much.

I didn’t know how to market. I didn’t know how to sell. I didn’t know how to build efficient processes.

I had an idea and that was it. And it took … maybe 2 to 3 years before it was particularly profitable.

Learning was incredibly satisfying

I made huge mistakes over my 23 years with my business, but I learned … and that was incredibly satisfying!

I hope the same will be true for you when you look back on your successful business journey in a few decades. 

Together, we certainly can make that a reality for you.

Yes ... you do plans more concrete than a scribble on a piece of paper

Business plans made simple

I’ve made business plans, strategies and decision making simple.

Go me!

Whatever you’re trying to do, and no matter whether you’re trying to improve something that exists or launch something new, my unique MindMap process will excite you because it’s so incredibly simple!

Impactful tasks, right in front of you

So, in future, there’ll be no more sitting in your coworking space thinking “what should I do today?”

Let's focus our attention on what you need right now

Later we might want to look at leadership, coordination, management, processes, operations and long-term business strategy, but maybe not today. What’s important now?


This may be your starting point as you begin your business. Your product or service has to be appealing and impact the right buyers, who you have to find with an effective marketing strategy.


Once your offering has caught someone’s eye, they have to want to buy it. You’ll encounter objections as people aim to decide if their desire to buy outweighs the loss. Let’s ensure they have the right data.


As you begin to successfully service your market, you might want to use tech to reduce some of the burden on your time. As someone aiming to scale a business, your time will be at a premium.


Alongside tech, businesses scale using other humans. Being able to find people who – frankly – are better than you, and will do the tasks you are resistant toward, will give you a step change.

A Minimum Viable Product ... your new best friend

The entrepreneur grand vision

Often, entrepreneurs will have a grand vision in mind. They can often see themselves with the huge empire in the distance. 

But you’re not there yet, so how do you start?

Start really, really small…

You start with something small.

No, not small. I mean tiny.

No, actually I mean miniscule.

The least that will allow you to test your market. This business will succeed or fail depending on whether someone wants to buy what you’re selling.

Low financial and time wastage

Keeping that to the very minimum possible for you will ensure you don’t waste money.

This is how you get to that distant vision; you start really small and iterate.

In our sessions we'll look at what you are, where you're trying to get to, and find the most impactful steps forward, upgrading your mindset as we go

I can’t wait to work with you! Visionary innovators and just the best people to work with and it’s exciting to think that I’ll be helping yet another new business launch to the world! I’m so grateful to be where I am in life.

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Book your free 1-2-1 Success Strategy call
and uncover how to achieve amazing results for yourself.

Available online throughout the UK and internationally

What date & time suit you?

➡️ Please note: ⬅️

This is only for people interested in coaching. No sales meetings.