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UK entrepreneur coaching via online meetings

I use Zoom & Google Meet to provide coaching for entrepreneurs in the UK. I can help you succeed with your business and life, but without using up all of your time or energy on in person meetings.

What's my background?

I’ve been a successful entrepreneur who has built an online business in marketing that made over £15 million in sales and is still growing today. However, I didn’t have the opportunity to benefit from the experience of an entrepreneur coach or small business owner.

As such, I had no professional support from someone who had been there and already created their own success.  Today, times are even harder for business startups, with saturated markets. However, opportunities are also huge too for the serial entrepreneur.

An effective entreprenurial journey

Gain a clearer vision  |  Build a plan  |  Receive support  |  Be confident

Coaching provides a framework for assessing where you’re at in your business, gives you a space to think about what you want in the future, and offers guidance on how to get there. It’s just what an entrepreneur needs!

Entrepreneurship is providing customers with goods and services that they want through one’s new business. It’s a challenging path to follow, but incredibly rewarding.

Motivation – a strong drive that impels someone to act, work, or perform more efficiently – is essential for the sake of your new business. This can only happen when the entrepreneur has a drive for the growth of their business. A business coach will help the entrepreneur to get motivated and stay in business for the long term through accountability and other tools.

With coaching, the entrepreneur will become clear about what they’re trying to achieve and what direction they’re going in.

It’s such a wonderful feeling when you know that you’re going somewhere. It’s not just a vague hope or dream, it’s a clear picture of where and how you want to go on your entrepreneurial pathway. Coaching provides this clarity of purpose, helping entrepreneurs to increase their motivation for success.

Second, knowing how much progress has been made towards an ultimate goal through coaching provides motivation for day-to-day activities by helping the entrepreneur see results faster than they would otherwise in business.

Thirdly, coaching provides the entrepreneur with the opportunity to clarify their goals, devise a plan of action and strategy for reaching them. Coaching helps entrepreneurs to articulate their vision, and work out how to achieve it.

With regular coaching sessions, you’ll be able to work on specific goals that you have set for yourself with our business coach at hand to guide you along the way. You’ll also be able to ask questions about how things are going with your business or career goals.

Finally, as an entrepreneur, you know that there’s always something to do. It can be hard to stop and take the time for yourself. But it’s important too, so there’s an element of life coaching in the coaching relationship with a great coach too.

Popular coaching packages

4 weeks

Succeed with a goal that’s just ahead of you.

Online chat: 4 X WEEK
Online exercises: Yes

12 weeks

Work with more clarity toward your goals.

VIDEO CALL: weekly 
Online chat: 2 x week
Online exercises: Yes

26 weeks

Create meaningful change in your life and work.

VIDEO CALL: weekly 
Online chat: 2 x week
Online exercises: Yes

26 weeks

Skip the coaching sessions and just use the chat app.

Online chat: 4 X WEEK
Online exercises: Yes

Convenient online meetings

I work online with Zoom or Google Meet. This allows coaching to take the least time away from your busy day.

Succeed inbetween sessions

I set regular online coaching exercises to complete in order to ensure progress is steady and continuous. 

Regular check-in

All customers check in regularly using a private online chat app, so we can evaluate what’s happening.

If you’re at the start of your entrepreneurial journey, every path is possible, but which is the right business idea to follow?

A coaching programme can help you gain clarity.

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How we work together

I work closely with my fantastic clients to create belief and purpose, and an effective way to make decisions to grow a successful business.

1. Where are you right now?

To start, I ask you to fill out a detailed onboarding form, so we both understand where you are right now. This will help us see where you are experiencing challenges.

2. What do you need?

The next question for our coaching session, then, is … how can I help to empower you to live the life, and have the business growth, that you want? We’ll look at what training and guidance will help you achieve your goals.

What will we work on?

My approach as a business coach is to look at the whole business and person from an entrepreneurial perspective. We’ll typically work on some of these:

Phil quickly honed in on the reasons that my online events business wasn’t achieving the success that I know it’s capable of. We worked together to clarify my vision and improve the areas which we discovered were causing difficulty.

I now have a clear path forwards and a sense of hope that was missing before.


Entrepreneurial coaching for a startup

Business coaching is a very valuable resource for all entrepreneurs and their startup businesses.

Entrepreneurship coaches can help you make sense of your business, identify strengths and weaknesses, create a plan for becoming successful, overcome challenges in your path to success, and ultimately build up your confidence.

An entrepreneur’s life is full of stress and can be incredibly frustrating at times. However, with the help of a good coach, you will learn how to deal with these situations and run your company effectively without the added amount of pressure on yourself or worry about what might happen next.

While some entrepreneurs are born with the ‘entrepreneurial gene’ and others need a little extra encouragement in order to reach financial success, there is no doubt that business coaching is a great resource for all entrepreneurs.

Business coaching is not a quick-fix solution for your startup business. But like other skills you learn in life, business coaching takes time. It will require dedication and hard work on your part as an entrepreneur.

A key element for entrepreneurs is business strategy because this is what sets you up to be successful and achieve your goals. Therefore, a good entrepreneur will always need to have a thorough strategy in place before jumping in. Business coaching is an important tool to help entrepreneurs to achieve their strategy.

Business coaching can also help entrepreneurs break through the problem of procrastination and get going with their businesses by staying focused and avoiding the temptations that many entrepreneurs face on a daily basis when starting a new business.

It’s key to understand that a business coach is not going to be mentoring you, or consulting. Coaching is about helping you plan your path, not providing you with it.

Eventually, when a business is mature, a business owner may need to move to to a CEO or executive coach relationship to reflect their new role, or a career coach if they don’t want to work in their business.