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Executive Career Coach

Available online throughout London, the UK and internationally.

I work with thoughtful and compassionate executives and senior leaders on becoming clear about what they want in life and help them discover a career path there.

Without a target, you won't arrive

It’s a truism that you can’t arrive somewhere if you don’t know where that is. However, executives may be missing the knowledge about themselves that would lead to the perfect destination.

Discover the correct path for you

The right career path for most us lies within our strengths and likes, and we increase your awareness of these in order to develop and define career goals and the options available to you.

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5 common executive career challenges

Imposter syndrome and breaking out of your comfort zone

Most of us feel uncertain that we can deserve or can achieve success in our career, and this goes for executives too. This can hold you back from applying or being confident in interview, resulting in not succeeding.

Increased confidence in your networking abilities and personal brand

Many senior roles are based on networking or executive search, but if you find you're struggling with confidence, or you find yourself not expressing yourself effectively online, your career options can be limited because your leadership skills will not be visible to your audience.

Procrastination, or "it'll get better" thinking

It can be difficult to begin and put your CV out there, particularly if you're already stressed or lacking in confidence. It's also typical to think that circumstances you're unhapppy with will miraculously improve.

Uncertainty with life goals and needs

We have careers to satisfy a number of needs in our lives, both professional and personal. Executives have plenty of options, but which one will satisfy the most? Life coaching can help to uncover the right option for you.

Making a decision

People can drive themselves crazy with overthinking, whether you're choosing between jobs or considering a career change. If you're flip-flopping, talking to an executive career coach about options can help clarify thinking and allow you to make a decision.

What they say..

“I’m doing really well. Probably the best I’ve been. I have to thank you for the tools you’ve given me to deal with issues.”


How does career coaching with me help?

I'm an expert of spotting the signs of uncertainty and procrastination that may be holding back your career development

You may not currently be aware of the patterns and habits which are leading to your career uncertainty or difficulties.

Over time, you'll start to spot the areas where you were following unsuccessful strategies

Procrastination or a lack of clarity will not lead you toward the successful outcome for your life that you're looking for.

Paths which were originally closed to you will open, with personal development

As you start to see new previously discounted options for your career path or career transition, we can work on any challenges this new path will cause you.

What they say..

“The difference from my first session to now is life changing for me. The growth is so wonderful”.


Who am I?​

I'm Phil Drinkwater, a leading coach helping executives to discover the most effective paths for their careers.

A simple job search will lead you to plenty of options for your next step, but how do you choose?

I'm a Certified Coach with a unique coaching process that helps you understand yourself and the people around you.

I support senior leaders with both career coaching and life coaching, as suits your needs in our coaching sessions.

I've had a unique and interesting career, with plenty of challenges

I'll be honest - I've made plenty of mistakes along the way, because I've not really understood myself and how I work best, but I have received some incredibly effective career advice along the way. These successes and failures have led to amazing learning and growth.

I'm also psychology trained

I'm aware that our needs, thoughts and emotions determine whether we succeed or fail, and with mindset coaching, how to generate a feeling that you will achieve your goals.

How will we begin coaching?

What will happen in our Free Discovery Session?

In our first career coaching session, we'll discuss the challenges and uncertainties you're facing, so I can understand if I'm a good fit for aiding you with this important decision.

If you're nervous, I'm incredibly kind

If so, we'll go at your speed. I'm a very understanding person, so after a short time you'll feel more bold and confident. But if you'd like a gentle way to begin, that's OK too.

All coaching is done online to keep costs accessible to all

Since lockdown, people are more used to working remotely in different ways. I can coach you from afar just as well as in person.

What they say..

“Before business coaching, I didn’t believe I could have what I really wanted, and I settled for second, third and fourth best. Now I’m moving forward with what I really want.”


How will we continue?

Pricing for one to one coaching services, and discounted packages

Single sessions £300 for executives. Discounted packages of 3 sessions are available.

My coaching process is to examine your past, present and future, your wants and needs, in order to craft a path

My role as an executive career coach is to be a mirror for you, so you can discover what you need to find, and to support you in taking the steps which will be important to you in finding the leadership position that best suits, or professional development that you need to undertake.

It's key to understand an executive coach isn't there to make your decisions for you.

We'll typically meet every 1 to 6 weeks

Depending on how quickly you need to move forward, and the challenges you're facing, coaching sessions can either be frequent or more infrequent.

What they say..

“In just one session, Phil took me from a place of apprehension to one of clarity and confidence. We spent time working out what things I need in order to achieve job satisfaction”.


Book your Free Discovery Session at a time to suit you

If you're nervous about coaching, let's chat on email a bit first, before booking a discovery call.

Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of coaching, and, if that's you, maybe you'd like to know a bit more about the process before booking an online call.
That's OK!
Let's chat a bit on email before taking the next step. And, honestly, you'll be fine since I'm incredibly kind.
Or email phil@phildrinkwater.coach