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Executive Coaching

Available online throughout London, the UK and internationally.

I work with thoughtful and compassionate organisations and executives in successfully combining kind and respectful leadership with meaningful results.

Let's open some doors, to give you some space to breathe

It can be challenging when we’ve limited our options. In coaching, we’ll aim to open some doors which you’d previously closed.

Improve listening and understanding skills

When you fully listen, people are constantly giving you feedback on what they need. You’re also telling yourself what you need too. Together, let’s discover what everyone is saying.

As Seen In

5 common challenges for executives

Unmanageable stress and overwhelm

Many of us thrive on a bit of stress, but executives can become burned out, particularly if they have challenges that are are out of their sphere of control. They can feel trapped. 

Difficulty making decisions, especially when are trying to balance the needs of all stake holders

Some decisions are incredibly challenging to make. They can involve multiple people, all of who you don't want to disappoint, but you're aware that the impact to the business of procrastinating about decision making can be costly.

Saying yes to everyone, even when you can't deliver

There are pressures in every organisation, and sometimes you can be stuck between needing to please or get approval from a multitude of stakeholders.

Allowing others to dictate your path

It's easy to be persuaded to meet the needs of others around you, and to discount what will be best for yourself, the team or the project. Leadership development will allow you to be clearer with those around you.

Unclear career progression

At some point executives can become unclear about the path forward for themselves and the personal life they want to build. It can also be difficult to meet the increasing demands and keep any reasonable boundaries on your time. Career coaching can help.

Be honest .. does any of this seem familiar?

When you became an executive, you were excited about what it would bring

This was a new path for you, and the possibilities were huge!

But over time, you've become less clear about how to build the life you wanted

However, the job has started to eat too much into your life and thoughts, leaving you feeling stuck

Stress is becoming more challenging to handle

You're aware of the pressure that is on you to deliver, and it's difficult. Emotional intelligence will help you understand where this stress is really coming from.

You're starting to become unsure that this is the path for you, but there are elements you love about your role

You want to continue on because you enjoy the strategic thinking, and helping people achieve as a team, so maybe you just need to "become tougher"?

One thing is certain, something has to change

You'll have to learn to handle situations differently, otherwise you're going to start to become ineffective, struggle and eventually burn out.

You wonder if executive coaching could be the answer

You're not sure what can change, but you're hopeful that coaching can provide an answer.

What they say..

“I’m doing really well. Probably the best I’ve been. I have to thank you for the tools you’ve given me to deal with issues.”


Why is this happening?

Often, executives blame their challenges on a lack of skills or knowledge

Your patterns in life are often actually what's holding you back from achieving the success you crave.

Let's be clear: You already have the abilities to be successful in your executive career

If you're willing to change your patterns, you can move forward more confidently in the organisation you work for.

How does executive coaching with me help?

I’m an expert at spotting your patterns through your actions and language

You won't be aware of these yet, which is why you end up taking the same unsuccessful paths time and again.

Over time, you'll come to recognise your patterns before they happen

As we work together, you'll discover how you are acting and reacting, and discover what the real challenges are for you.

Personal development will allow you to navigate paths which seemed to be too challenging before

When you find yourself resisting effective solutions, growth will help you to find a solution to what you're facing.

You can then start to learn how you work best

You can prevent yourself from automatically and repeatedly choosing the same unsuccessful paths, allowing you to solve your challenges more effectively.

What they say..

“The difference from my first session to now is life changing for me. The growth is so wonderful”.


Who am I?​

I'm Phil Drinkwater, a leading coach helping executives to move past the challenges they're facing repeatedly

I'm a Certified Coach with a unique coaching process that helps you understand yourself and the people around you.

I support senior leaders as a executive coach, a career coaching and a life coach, to help them tackle challenges more effectively, and find happiness.

I've worked at different levels in my career, including running my own business for two decades

I've been at the bottom, in the middle and at the top in my career. I've felt the pressures that you're facing, and I've learned from my mistakes. My experience helps me to understand your perspective.

I'm also psychology trained

I'm aware that our needs, thoughts and emotions determine whether we succeed or fail, and with mindset coaching, how to generate a feeling that you will achieve your goals.

How will we begin coaching?

What will happen in our Free Discovery Session?

In our executive coaching session, we'll get to know each other, and gain an understanding of what's happening for you, so I can suggest a useful path for us working together.

If you're nervous, I'm incredibly kind

If so, we'll go at your speed. I'm a very understanding person, so after a short time you'll feel more bold and confident. But if you'd like a gentle way to begin, that's OK too.

All coaching is done online to keep costs accessible to all

Since lockdown, people are more used to working remotely in different ways. I can coach you from afar just as well as in person.

What they say..

“Before business coaching, I didn’t believe I could have what I really wanted, and I settled for second, third and fourth best. Now I’m moving forward with what I really want.”


How will we continue?

Purchase single sessions, or a discounted package of 3.

I'm flexible to fit in with your needs. Single sessions are £325.

In executive coaching we'll discuss the challenges you're facing, and the resistance to more successful paths

As an executive coach, my focus in on you, so we will discuss whatever is troubling you most, and discover paths that you can and will take to meet these difficulties.

We'll typically meet every 2 to 6 weeks

Depending on your needs, we can meet more regularly, or have occasional check-ins to see how you're progressing.

What they say..

“In just one session, Phil took me from a place of apprehension to one of clarity and confidence. We spent time working out what things I need in order to achieve job satisfaction”.


Book your Free Discovery Session at a time to suit you

If you're nervous about coaching, let's chat on email a bit first, before booking a discovery call.

Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of coaching, and, if that's you, maybe you'd like to know a bit more about the process before booking an online call.
That's OK!
Let's chat a bit on email before taking the next step. And, honestly, you'll be fine since I'm incredibly kind.
Or email phil@phildrinkwater.coach

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