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Reduce the feeling of imposter syndrome

So you feel like they’re going to find you out? They’ll start to realise you aren’t that great, and you’ll feel their disappointment and eventually lose your job, right? Wrong! 

Let’s start to fix this for you!


Warm and non-judgemental coaching

Hi! I’m Phil. I’ve felt like an imposter too; there’ve been plenty of days where I thought “I’m so faking this right now”, and I thought everyone could just see straight into my thoughts, triggering embarrassment.

I’m now a coach who focuses on helping people to achieve their dreams.

Learn a little about imposter syndrome

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What your results mean


You might have a little bit of imposter, but we all do, and that’s OK. You seem to be keeping it under control.


You do struggle with imposter syndrome at times. It will be holding you back from some tasks and you’ll feel uncomfortable in some situations.


You experience imposter syndrome strongly and it will be causing you difficulties in life, holding yourself back from tasks that could trigger criticism and changing your behaviours.

About imposter syndrome



There are 5 types of "imposter"

The perfectionist, the superwoman/man, the natural genius, the soloist and the expert. Learn more about each of them in the free PDF below.


High-achievers feel the most unworthy

You’ve delivered at a high level, but you never feel what you’re doing is enough, and if you’re honest you don’t ever think it will be.




You aren't kind to yourself

You’re very externally referenced, which means you judge your abilities based on how you think others will perceive them.

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A few words from a recent client

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