Reduce the feeling of imposter syndrome

So you feel like they’re going to find you out? They’ll start to realise you aren’t that great, and you’ll feel their disappointment and eventually lose your job, right? Wrong! 

You aren’t a fraud! Let’s start to fix this for you!


I'm a business coach

Hi! I’m Phil. I’ve grown an online business from nothing to 22 employees. I’m now a coach.

There’ve been plenty of days where I thought “I’m so faking this right now”, and I thought everyone could just see straight into my thoughts, triggering embarrassment. It’s not a nice feeling.

3 facts about imposter syndrome



Effective people feel the most unworthy

It’s a strange situation, but you’re more likely to feel like an imposter if you’re effective. Why? Because only people who know enough know that they have a lot still to learn, and they tend to give more than they need to, making them highly effective.


Most people feel like a fraud at times

It might not feel like it when you look at your confident colleague, but they will almost certainly have felt like an imposter too. Most of us do. You’re really not alone.




There are 5 types of imposter syndrome

The perfectionist, the superwoman/man, the natural genius, the soloist and the expert. Each one experiences imposter syndrome a little differently. You can learn more about each of them in the “essential questions” PDF below.

What your results mean


You might have a little bit of imposter, but we all do, and that’s OK. You seem to be keeping it under control.


You do struggle with imposter syndrome at times. It will be holding you back from some tasks and you’ll feel uncomfortable in some situations.


You suffer strongly from imposter syndrome and it will be causing you difficulties in life, with you holding yourself back from tasks that could cause criticism.

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Access my PDF with the 26 essential questions you must know the answer to.

Download my PDF with the 26 essential questions you must know the answer to.

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Or email it to yourself for later.

Get my totally free 26 essential questions PDF! No newsletter signup!

Get my totally free 26 essential questions PDF.