Increase your confidence in work

Let’s get this out on the table. You’re here because you lack confidence in your ability to achieve some tasks. That’s fine. There’s no shame here, only growth and learning.

So let’s start to fix this for you!


I'm a business coach

Hi! I’m Phil. I’ve grown an online business from nothing to 22 employees. Believe me, there’ve been days when I thought “I can’t do this”. In those moments, I felt my lack of confidence. I’ve had periods where it was incredibly challenging to move forwards, but I did find a way. I’d like to help you find the same, whether you’re a fellow business owner or you work for someone else.

I’m now a business coach who has also trained as a psychotherapist. My approach is to look at your feelings, respect them, while giving you some clear strategies and tools to move forward at a pace which is sustainable.

3 facts about confidence



Confidence vs. self-confidence

Confidence is when you’re certain you’ll get a good outcome based on prior experience of a task, whereas Self-Confidence is an indentity, where you believe you’ll succeed even if you don’t know how to achieve it yet.


You can increase self-confidence

To move towards self-confidence and away from a negative indentity, refrain from saying to yourself and others “I lack confidence”. Instead it’s more accurate to say “I currently lack a strategy to achieve X with certainty”. You’re welcome 🙌




You only have to gain confidence once

Confidence can feel tricky to gain, but once you have it, it’s hard to dislodge. You’re still confident about crossing a road, right? Unless you experience a significant negative event, your confidence will remain in place.

“If you had more self-confidence, what would you choose to do with it?”

10 essential questions to ask yourself about confidence – FREE

A few words from a recent client


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