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Keynote speaker on ADHD, particularly in Business

I’m an ADHD Small Business Owner. 

I train other ADHD founders in business and particularly the challenges ADHD individuals uniquely face.

I welcome opportunities to talk on this topic. 

Why is there so much interest in ADHD within the business community?

Over the last 5 years, there has been a significant amount of extra interest in ADHD.

Social media and mental health focus have allowed individuals to question whether they might be ADHD.

With sources quoting that somewhere between 40% and 80% of entrepreneurs being ADHD, the impact on the world of this knowledge is immense!

What do I talk about exactly as a speaker?

As a business coach, I’m very aware of the challenges that ADHD individuals face when they’re running a business.

I aid them in moving past their challenges.

These are my particular interest areas, but I may be able to talk on related subjects.


I’m a business owner who grew an online company from zero to £15million in sales.

I’m also ADHD, and when I discovered this, I went on a journey of learning how to handle ADHD more effectively.

I’m one of a very few ADHD Business Coaches worldwide.

ADHD individuals offer and deliver so much to the world, but we struggle to live in a neurotypical world.

Just simple day to day tasks like emptying the dishwasher are impossibly hard (yes really!).

So imagine what it’s like building a business?

I want to make life easier for neurodiverse founders.

I could tailor a speech to fit the needs. It could be anything up to an hour long.

Yes, I’d be happy to take questions from the audience.

Typical UK engagements are around £1200 plus expenses. For Europe and further afield, please get in touch.

Yes, I could do an online Zoom or Google Meet session, instead of an in person meeting.

Being ADHD it’s hard for me to remember what I want to talk through, so I’d need to have the ability to read from slides or notes.

Ideally, I’d provide slides which I will talk through, and I’d have access to AV systems to see these slides, but I’m perfectly OK having a laptop too.

Most definitely, yes. I’m very effective at understanding the needs of an audience and focusing on how to engage most effectively for them.

Let's discuss your Keynote Speaking needs.