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Find out how your ADHD executive function challenges impact you

Keynote & Public Speaker on ADHD


I’m ADHD and have experienced the unique challenges those of us with the condition face in organisations and business, plus the many strengths we deliver. 

Today, I coach other ADHD individuals in business – particularly in entrepreneurship.

Spreading knowledge on ADHD is my passion

I welcome opportunities to speak publicly – online, as a keynote, or on panels – mostly around ADHD within the workplace and amongst business founders and leaders.

I tell my stories in an authentic and vulnerable manner, being honest about challenges and strengths. 

Overcoming ADHD stereotypes and stigma within professional settings.

We all know there are expectations within professional environments.

For ADHD people, some of these can be challenging, leading to stress and even holding ourselves back from our natural ability to shine.

For example, it’s common for people to expect you to remember the name of someone you meet, but ADHD people regularly forget. This can lead to an avoidance of networking.

Being honest about these blameless brain-wiring traits can be life-changing for ADHD individuals.

ADHD individuals are more common than you think!

The broad reach of social media and recent mental health focus have allowed many individuals to question whether they might be ADHD.

Plenty are.

Sources quote that somewhere between 40% and 80% of entrepreneurs are ADHD, and it’s around 5-10% overall.

So, the impact on the world of our amazing abilities is immense!

Some of the common elements I'll include in talks on ADHD

I can include topics such as:

However, I tailor each speech to the audience I’m in front of, ensuring an effective fit.

I also highlight that we’re not really different to everyone else. We want the same things.

Oaklins invited Phil to inspire our corporate audience. Phil collaborated closely with us, ensuring his presentation resonated with our audience. He excited everyone about the possibilities with his passionate and practical delivery.

Chris, Executive Director @ Oaklins


These are 3 talks which I could offer on ADHD, but I will tailor your talk to your audience and needs.

ADHD as an "invisible diversity" within business

Imagine for a second going into a business premises.

Most will have have a ramp or lifts for people with walking difficulties and support for those who are hard of hearing.

But you can’t see I’m ADHD, so you don’t know how I need support.

For us, filling out forms, maintaining focus on work, managing time and procrastination are common.

It can be difficult to spot our challenges within work, and we may feel too ashamed to speak up.

However, many organisations thrive on our unique talents and we provide huge benefit.

The strengths and challenges of ADHD in entrepreneurship & startups

It’s been suggested that around 50% of entrepreneurs are ADHD.

The unique needs we have for stimulation, novelty and creativity allow us to find passion within this field.

Our impulsive and risk-talking approach also fits well with being the founder of a business.

However, it’s not all roses; we struggle with productivity, bounce from idea to idea, and become overwhelmed quickly and easily.

For us, though, there’s no more joyful way of life than thriving in the businesses that we set up. We love the excitement and successes we achieve.


How ADHD in leadership shapes management style

Many leaders and CEOs / managing directors have ADHD, but it’s rarely talked about.

We are often particularly interested in creative projects, and can be found leading marketing teams.

Our traits do lead to specific styles of management though, with a focus on passion and risk-taking over detail and seeing projects through to completion.

We may also struggle with elements of people management due to fairly common people pleasing behaviours.

However, ADHD leaders contribute significantly to organisations the world over, and out strengths help them thrive. 


I’m a business owner who grew an online company from zero to £15million in sales.

I’m also ADHD, and when I discovered this, I went on a journey of learning how to handle ADHD more effectively.

I’m one of a very few ADHD Business Coaches worldwide.

ADHD individuals offer and deliver so much to the world, but we struggle to live in a neurotypical world.

Just simple day to day tasks like emptying the dishwasher are impossibly hard (yes really!).

So imagine what it’s like building a business, or working within one.

I want to make life easier for neurodiverse founders and workers within organisations.

I will tailor a speech to fit the needs but typically they are around 40 minutes with time afterwards for Q&A.

Yes, I’d be happy to take questions from the audience.

Get in touch for a personalised quote that will take into account your unique requirements.

Yes, I could do an online Zoom or Google Meet session, instead of an in person meeting. 

This is very common in today’s world. 

It’s my preference to include some humour in nearly every speech at points to bring people back, but humour isn’t the only way forward.

I love to prepare speeches that are real and honest and from the heart and will pepper them with my own stories.

Most definitely, yes. 

I’m very effective at understanding the needs of an audience and focusing on how to engage most effectively for them.

Let's discuss your ADHD Public / Keynote Speaking needs.