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Keynote & public speaker in entrepreneurship and the struggles entrepreneurs face.

I’m a business owner turned business coach. 

Most of my coaching customers are entrepreneurs who are aiming to create more freedom, security and wealth in their own lives through a business, but the struggles they face on the journey are real.

We’re resilient though and are always ready to give business another go.

My own business activities show successes and failures, and the learning that comes from both of these.

Why is there so much interest in entpreneurs?

Over the last two decades, the internet has made it easier and easier as each year has gone by to own your own small business, and to scale it.

The wealth of interest, sites which sell ready-made information and even generative AI are making it possible for everyone to run their own company.

Today, the average 20 to 30 year old really wants to be in charge of their own destiny.

What do I talk about exactly as a speaker?

There are many areas I could focus on, but one key area I have plenty of experience in are the challenges that entrepreneurs face. 

I can also talk on ADHD, being ADHD myself, and given it’s likely over 50% of entrepreneurs are also ADHD, as are many of my customers.


I’m a business owner and , in partnership, grew an online company from zero to £15million in sales.

I’m one of a very small amount of entrepreneur business coaches who has a particular interest in ADHD.

Entrepreneurship allows individuals who would struggle with working in a normal job to have a successful life.

It also allows them to travel, should they wish, as a digital nomad.

I could tailor a speech to fit the needs. It could be anything up to an hour long, depending on the subject.

Yes, I’d be happy to take questions from the audience.

Typical UK engagements are around £1200 plus expenses. For Europe and further afield, please get in touch.

Yes, I could do an online Zoom or Google Meet session, instead of an in person meeting.

I’d need to have the ability to read from slides or notes.

Ideally, I’d provide slides which I will talk through, and I’d have access to AV systems to see these slides, but I’m perfectly OK having a laptop too.

Most definitely, yes. I’m very effective at understanding the needs of an audience and focusing on how to engage most effectively for them.

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