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Life & business coaching for entrepreneurs and founders.

Coaching for founders who aren't happy or certain of the way forward any more.

Hey, I'm Phil, a successful 23-year online business owner, turned business coach. This transformation from my online business to coaching was key to my happiness.

Whether you're a small business owner, entrepreneur or owner of a larger business, let's be clearer about your destination in life by knowing what motivates you, what you're passionate about, and finding a clearer balance with your life.

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What is "happiness"? And how do we get it in life and business?

We’re typically happy when all of our needs are being met, and our values aren’t being crossed.

Business owners often need security and freedom to choose, but also it’s common to have a strong need for meaning. Many of us have strong beliefs and values too. 

If you consider the minutes, hours, days, weeks and months of your life, when are you meeting your needs? How are they balanced?

We’ll discover your needs and see them as a jigsaw puzzle of your life.

Living intentionally is an incredibly important element of happiness.

As we approach personal development and growth for you, you’ll balance your – sometimes conflicting – needs and values more effectively.

What's missing most for you in life and business?

Somewhere inside you likely understand that everything isn’t quite right.

You might have a growing feeling within your body. Do you know where that is? Can you experience it?

But possibly you don’t know what that is. You can’t quite hear.

These feelings are an ancient communication system, from a deeper part of our minds. If they’re not heard, they can cause you to stumble.

We’ll allow each of the voices within you to become fully heard.

We’ll find and listen to the various parts of you, and what they want.

Together we’ll gain clarity about what’s really missing in your life and business.

What truly ignites your passion?

When you started in business, what did you love doing the most?

Passion is important to many entrepreneurs, but it can be lost over time. Do you know what really ignites you in business?

As your life has progressed, what have you loved the most?

How about life? What have you loved there? We can use this information to learn about you and your needs.

5 common challenges that hold you back from change.

Lack of self-awareness.

You can’t know where you’re going if you’re don’t know yourself in detail.

It might seem that we know ourselves, and people often do instinctively, but when we put it into words, our thinking minds can problem solve more effectively.

Limiting beliefs.

You might not believe that you can have what you really want.

Deep down, there may be a desire to follow a new path, but you might simply not believe that’s possible for you.

People pleasing.

When we we feel responsible for others, or avoid conflict, our assertiveness and boundaries suffer.

If we feel boxed in by the rest of our personal world – peers, colleagues, relationships, society –  becoming happy will be at best second place.

Change avoidance.

That transition from here to there might make us anxious for any number of reasons.

We become more and more comfortable over time, and moving outside of the world we’ve build for ourselves might be a challenge.

Perfectionism & anxiety.

If the change we want is work stress related, it may be that we’re aiming impossibly high.

If we’re uncomfortable with failure, growing a business that isn’t always making us anxious might be difficult.

Together we'll uncover what you want now, and find a path to that destination that you will navigate.

How does your business fit into your life?

Is your business running you, or are you running it?

Commonly, founders struggle with work-life balance. They might have ended up in a place which isn’t quite right for them any more.

Have you lost your drive and motivation in your business?

Many business owners and entrepreneurs can become unhappy with the work they’re doing today, and they no longer have desire and motivation.

How has life changed since you started your business?

It’s likely that life has changed since you first began your business journey, but if you’ve not updated your life and business to suit your life as it is today, you may be feeling lost and confused.

Change is necessarily slow.

Like a massive ocean liner, change happens when it’s approached slowly.

It took you a long time to arrive here. Don’t make the mistake of believing that you can change it all overnight. 

Personal development and growth can only happen at the right pace for you.

We’ll listen to all of the parts of yourself and understand the speed that’s comfortable for you, with no judgement.

Here are the answers to a few questions that might be in your mind.

Can I really do this?

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It might seems like you can't have what you want and need, but if you're willing to be patient, you can.

What am I holding onto?

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Sometimes you might wonder "why don't I just do it" but positive intentions are keeping you here. Let's uncover them.

What will be expected of me?

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Most of all, honesty. There is no judgement here from my side, but if honesty is a challenge too, that's OK. We can take that slowly too.

Managing transition and change.

Between “now” and “there” is the transition period.

I’m incredibly excited that you want change in your life, but the practical reality of that is that it’ll take change.

Your business, your staff and your customers will all experience this transformation in you.

As you change, your company will too. We can build plans for this to happen slowly but effectively.

All of your personal relationships will experience this transformation in you.

As your life and business change, those closest to you will feel this. We can manage this too.

You will experience this transformation, too.

And of course, you’ll feel this change in yourself too, and you’ll begin to change. We can handle the emotions that come up for you.

Your health & wellbeing are important.

You matter. Your life matters. Your happiness matters.

It’s not selfish to believe that you matter.

Truly believe this, and change becomes easier.

If you find this difficult to believe, we can work together on placing you back in the centre of your life.

I've experienced personal transformation as I learned about myself.

As someone who has reached 50, I’ve been through so much life.

I’ve had periods in my life that felt easy, and periods that were hard. Both my business and personal life interacted during these times.

Along the way, I trained as a psychotherapist for 3 years, and completing my coaching certficate.

I’ve always strived to understand myself, and today I can honestly say that I do.

But most of all, I never gave up on myself. I kept learning to listen to myself.

This successful change happened mostly because I decided not to stop and just accept myself as I was. I wanted more! I continue to want to increase my happiness every day, every week, every month.

Allow me to guide you as we understand your life and business and gently nudge you toward a path that suits.

Together, we’ll shift your direction, and increase your happiness as a result.

Right now, what's holding you back most from the change that you desire in life and business?

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