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London Business Coaching combining business skills, strategy, productivity, strengths & personal growth.

Hey! I'm Phil, a successful online business owner of 20 years, turned business coach and mentor. My own online recruitment business has made over £16 million.

I now help London-based customers thrive in an environment that's often filled with pressure and high expectation.

I support entrepreneurs and founders who have businesses with an online component, like marketing agencies, recruitment agencies, creative businesses, SAAS, tech businesses and other coaches.

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I focus on 5 key areas: Vision, Strategy, Execution, Productivity & Belief. 

Each one of these is essential for a business to grow and success, but many founders struggle in one or more areas.

So let’s start here: what’s holding you back most?

In a free session, we can take a look at what’s really causing you challenges in your business life, and plan how to move past those roadblocks.

Startups and their founders

If you’re in the first few years of your business, you’ll be aiming to produce one thing that you can repeatedly sell. That’s mostly a combination of marketing, sales and your product. We can discover how you can be successful in each of these.

Mature businesses

If your business has found success, you may be in an area where you’re trying to reach the next plateau. Possibly leadership is holding you back, or a lack of enjoyment, or key decisions. We’ll build a successful strategy.

Productivity is key in London businesses

The capital has a huge volume of businesses all vying for the place at the top. Productivity is rightly an essential component of ensuring you achieve your goals. But productivity isn’t about more hours worked – it’s about being impactful with the time you do work. So we’ll take a long, hard look at how you can be more effective.

You matter!

As the founder, you’re at the heart of your business, and ensuring that you’re happy, passionate and optimistic is a key element of business coaching. If you aren’t, we’ll discover why, and change direction so you can rediscover these.

So, what’s really holding you back?

May I ask you a question? Why NOW for business coaching?

A little about myself, and my background.

I’ve a degree in Computer Science, and have worked mostly in creative, marketing, tech and business for over 30 years now. 

I’ve had a huge variety of roles, including marketing, photography, design, UX, SEO, and of course business owner. I also undertook 3 years training in psychology.

My own online business has run for 23 years and grew to over 20 employees and £15 million in revenue.

It’s been the greatest achievement of my life, and has given me both freedom and security, both of which I value.

I’m an eternal problem solver and enjoy being creative with finding innovative solutions.

Every single challenge has many solutions. Coaching is the ideal solution to discovering solutions that suit you.

I now want to pass information, expertise and support onto the next generation of London entrepreneurs & business owners.

I was ready for a new challenge – coaching business owners with their own businesses. I know how challenging it can seem to move forward.

I’m an incredibly kind and thoughtful coach, and I aim to speed up your success.

For many clients, it’s their first time working with a professional coach. You can expect me to be a bright part of your day!

Let's design the business you want to run, rather than one that runs you.

When we start business coaching, a key goal is helping you build awareness of if, how and why your business isn’t quite how you want it.

Many business owners aren’t fully happy and content. Some are experiencing significant stress. These are ways we can know change is needed.

It should feel like you’re flowing with the current, rather than swimming against it.

If your business isn’t smooth and easy, change is needed. This might be in how your systems and processes work, or the overall direction of the business, or in the work you do.

Founders can spend many frustrating years discovering this for themselves.

It can take many years for business owners and startups to discover that they’re working within areas they don’t love, and yet continue to do so.

Let’s speed up the path to the perfect business through the awareness that coaching provides.

Over time, we’ll shift your business to suit who you are. Coaching will help to build awareness and a transition path, and mentoring will help you practically on your new path.

London isn’t a saturated business nightmare .. it’s a huge hub of nearby customers.

How do you see being in a thriving business hub like London?

There’s no doubt that the city brings with it huge opportunities, if used. 

Do you see your competition as a threat, or an exciting challenge?

Our mindset – the lens we see life through – dictates our success. If you see threats around you, anxiety increases, and we tend to make poorer quality short-term decisions.

How can a London business coach help you, then? I can switch your lens so you see the city as an asset.

In order to build a strategy which works for you, your location should be a positive. How can we use it to greatest effect? How can we grow using it?

5 personal challenges that business owners regularly face.

Overwhelm & Stress.

When things become too much, business owners can experience levels of confusion and discomfort.

Typically, with overwhelm, it’s useful to remove everything and pick one area to work on. With stress, it’s important to understand why your emotions are so heightened.

Indecision & decision fatigue.

Decision making is a key element of business growth, but can be a source of challenge.

Constantly decision making can lead to a level of fatigue, which can cause burnout. On the other side, indecision leads to poor productivity.

Imposter syndrome.

Most founders see other businesses around them and think “I can’t compete with these people”.

The reality is, that to get where they are, there were years of effort and they probably felt a level of imposter syndrome too. If you choose to be consistent, with good business strategies behind you, you’ll encounter success for yourself. 


It can be emotionally distressing to experience the constant uncertainty of business.

Where is my next customer coming from? How will I pay bills and salaries? These are questions that many founders face, and after a while it can build fatigue.

Poor productivity.

Many entrepreneurs can find themselves switching tasks and projects, and procrastinating.

Especially in a thriving business hub like London, a high level of personal productivity is extremely desirable, but can be difficult to achieve. 

Business coaching allows you to achieve success more quickly.

Right now, what's really holding you back from business success in London?

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