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With the advent Zoom & Google Meet, there’s no longer a need to meet face to face, allowing me to provide coaching to business owners and entrepreneurs within London, while minimising disruption to your day.


I'm a successful business owner and business coach

I’ve been a successful entrepreneur who has built an online business which made over £15 million in sales and is still highly profitable today. However, I didn’t have the opportunity to benefit from a business coach, which caused slower growth than I would have liked. In London today, times are tough, with saturated markets, so performance, effective decision making and skills are essential.

“I’m your friend, your motivator, and your champion, reminding you that you can do this.”

A quick word from a client

Business coaching London

Your business will thrive or fail based on your personal performance; self-confidence, self-esteem, negative thoughts and negative self-talk can reduce your chances of success, with a generally negative mindset where you see yourself failing holding you back significantly. Wellbeing is key too, with overwhelm and workplace stress resulting in a massive reduction in productivity due to time off, headaches and eventually illness.

What’s your vision and goal?

A key element of business success is being clear about your goal. What are you really looking for? What would you like your days to be like in 10 years? Are you in an office with 30 employees, or are you sat on a beach with a cool drink while your virtual assistants run your outfit?

Once we know your vision, we can work out a path to that by looking back and working out how you got there.

I can help you develop this vision and path.

Who do you have to become?

In order to arrive at your goal, who were you? Were you a confident person with a confident team and a confident mindset? Did you suffer from a confident crisis, or did you have a confidence boost? Did you engage in any public speaking? What new things did you learn? What skills did you develop? How did you handle each stressful situation that came up?

Did you have a senior role or management role in your business, or did you hire someone for that? What were your tasks on a daily basis? Which ones did you enjoy? How did you handle your colleagues?

Did you banish your negative self-talk? How was your happiness level? Were you relaxed and smiley at work, or stoic and serious?

I can help you become this person, in order to achieve your goal.

What decisions do you have to make?

What did your workplace look like? Were you at home? When you were at work, what tools or systems did you have in place? Did you spend on sales, marketing and equipment? How much? Which tasks did you outsource?

I can help you make the clear decisions on what you need to move forward.

What options do you have today?

Once you have your vision, we can look at  building a plan which is at the right pace for you and ensure you’re energised and excited about the future you’re building.

I can help you develop and remain accountable to the plan.

What’s important right now?

If you’re comfortable being constructively challenged, there’s every reason to believe that you can and will overcome the mindset that’s holding you back and will build the success that you desire.

What do you need?

Here are some common issues I tackle. If yours isn’t listed here, get in touch.

Click on any which seem useful for you to start work on.

Grow my business to 6-figures

We look carefully at who you must become in order for your business idea to become reality and test your plan, growth strategy and marketing plans in order to put you on the path towards success.

Get past a growth plateau

As a small business owner myself with up to 22 employees, I totally get how todays tasks should be “keep the company going”. But to move off your plateau, you’ll have to do something different. Let’s find that together.

Move through procrastination

If you’re constantly struggling with procrastination, we can work together to understand which parts of your mind are fighting against each other and not allowing you to take the steps required to move forward.

Improve your vision & clarity

If you’ve a difficult decision ahead of you, or you just don’t know yet quite where you should be heading, we can design the future life you want and create a plan backwards from there, putting you in charge of your life again.

Handle your emotions

If you’re finding yourself constantly triggered – maybe feeling anger, fear, jealousy, anxiety or frustration – we can look at the needs which aren’t being fully met in your work life and how to discover more happiness. Please be aware though – this is not therapy.


Reach your destination

Buy 3 coaching sessions - £500 £300

Notice an improvement, or your money back!

All coaching sessions must be used within 3 months.

Have questions?

What is business coaching?

One definition of coaching is a one-to-one coaching relationship between a coach and someone who wants to improve their performance in an area of life, in this case in their business. Within this, there are always an element of personal development, as the coachee learns more about their responses to situations. While coaching isn’t counselling, a trusted and confidential relationship is essential.

More specifically, business coaching will focus on the growth of your London based company. Even with business owners there will be an element of life coaching too, as the client attempts to gain a more effective work-life balance, or career coaching if the executive is unhappy. However, a life coach focuses purely on this aspect, whereas a business coach primarily looks at the company.

The coaching journey will challenge your thinking, give you new perspectives and ideas based and help achieve what you want by making it clearer and easier to get there.

Coaches are impartial listeners who don’t judge; they take an active interest in helping someone to develop skills faster or encourage them to see situations from a different perspective.

A London business coach will also act as a sounding board who will help you to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. This is important because it can be easy for us to get used to the way we operate and stop noticing areas that could be improved – running purely from the patterns of our lives.

Coaching is not mentoring or consulting though; I’m not here to tell you what to do – just to provide you with an effective sounding board for decision making. While I have extensive experience in the online marketing sector, this doesn’t limit my coaching areas.

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