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London business coaching, designed to perfectly blend practical business skills, focus on your strengths & personal growth.

Hey! I'm Phil, a successful online business owner of 20 years, turned business coach. My own business made £15million.

I now help London-based customers thrive in an environment that's often filled with pressure.

I support many entrepreneurs who have businesses with an online component, like marketing agencies, recruitment agencies, creative businesses, SAAS, tech businesses and other coaches.

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What's really holding you back from success, however you define that?

Maybe you’re lacking key business knowledge, like systems & processes, management, marketing, automation, hiring…

Sometimes business owners are missing a key piece of knowledge, or sometimes they don’t know what’s missing.

Let’s use my extensive 30 years of business experience to help you upskill, boost your confidence and open up new ways to improve your business.

Maybe you’re unsure about a decision…

It can be challenging to know which way to go sometimes, and uncertainty can lead to stress and procrastination. 

With coaching, you’ll gain insight by answering the perfect questions that I pose.

Maybe you’re on an emotional rollercoaster…

The world of business is a rollercoaster, commonly triggering emotions like anxiety, frustration, disappointment, isolation and guilt. 

Mixing coaching and psychology, we’ll cultivate emotions like optimism, creativity, pride, contentment and energy, and build emotional resilience to help you thrive no matter what.

Maybe you’re lacking a clear direction, a useful plan or a successful strategy…

It’s common to encounter challenges and obstacles that make planning tricky. 

By working together and asking the right questions, we can create a customised plan, and switch to strategies that are more effective for you.

Let’s plan your success

Maybe you’re unproductive, or have too much to do…

As a small business owner or entrepreneur, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Despite having a huge list, you might still not be making enough progress. 

We’ll unlock how you work best, and be clearer about priorities to help you focus and stay on track with your business vision.

Maybe you don’t have enough customers due to a lack of marketing or sales systems…

Marketing and sales are critical areas of a thriving London business, but it can be difficult to predict what will be successful, causing low motivation and wasted time.

In our coaching sessions, we’ll evaluate and decide on plans that not only suit your potential customers, but which you’ll be consistent with.

Maybe you’re finding it hard to grow and scale your business…

Scaling a business requires careful thought and execution and automation and hiring are common routes for business growth.

In our coaching sessions we’ll evaluate the options and find the path to your ideasl outcome.

Maybe you’re struggling with hiring, delegation and management…

As a business grows, an amazing team becomes increasingly critical to success. Hiring the right people, delegating effectively and providing strong leadership are key. 

As your business coach, I can support you with growth in each of these key areas.

Maybe you’re unhappy and ready for a change…

When your business no longer brings you joy, you can become demotivated, burnt out and uninspired. This also impacts your team and your bottom line. 

In our coaching sessions, we’ll discover the root cause of your dissatisfaction and and find new strategies to solve it.

Maybe you’re just getting started in business and don’t know what to do…

Starting a business can be daunting and confusing. Even knowing the first step to take can be a struggle.

I can help you navigate the beginning, which will save you months of uncertainty and false-starts, and most importantly of all, craft the business that’s right for you.

A little about myself, and my background.

I’ve a degree in Computer Science, and have worked mostly in creative, marketing, tech and business for over 30 years now. 

I’ve had a huge variety of roles, including marketing, photography, design, UX, SEO, and of course business owner. I also undertook 3 years training in psychology.

My own online business has run for 23 years and grew to over 20 employees and £15 million in revenue.

It’s been the greatest achievement of my life, and has given me both freedom and security, both of which I value.

I’m an eternal problem solver and enjoy being creative with finding innovative solutions.

Every single challenge has many solutions.

I now want to pass information, expertise and support onto the next generation of London entrepreneurs & business owners.

My online business was not exciting me any more, and I was ready for a new challenge. It’s still running successfully in the background while I pursue a new dream – supporting people like you with your businesses.

I’m an incredibly kind and thoughtful coach, with a psychology background, which helps me to more fully understand and support you.

For most clients, it’s their first time working with a coach, so I’m incredibly kind and easy to work with.

The most impactful way I can help you is by discovering what's really holding you back right now, and supporting you past it.

Success is in designing the business you want to run, rather than settling on one that controls you.

Do you watch videos or read articles and think “I’ll be just like that person and suddenly my business will work?”

Aiming to become a copy of someone else often happens when you’ve not found how to make your business work for you yet.

Don’t get me wrong, taking inspiration and ideas from others to test them out is useful.

I’ve certainly tried many different systems over my time.

But too often business owners don’t achieve the same as their idol, and they believe they’re at fault.

When you think you’re the problem, it can lead to stress, desperation and unhappiness.

What works for one business owner can be dreadful for another.

While that might be a perfect solution for someone else, it might be terrible for yourself.

Choose to swim with the current, not against it, by focusing on you instead.

Let’s change your business so it fits like a glove to who you are as a person, because no one started a business to become less happy.

Understanding yourself is key to achieving your desired outcomes.

In my own business, my hardest times came from not knowing what I wanted, and not following my dreams.

Indecision and uncertainty lead to stress, and it can keep you up at night, worrying.

At times I’ve felt disappointed in myself for not having that leadership, vision and direction.

It seemed that some people just “had it” when I just didn’t, at least not consistently.

So, I became focused on satisfying others, rather than being clear about what I wanted.

This always led to unhappiness. I would try more and more different approaches, but none of them were authentic.

Understanding myself and what’s right for me has been the path to making great business decisions and becoming successful.

I’ve found my perfect business path by increasing my knowledge about myself.

But more than that, it’s brought long-lasting happiness and calm.

Having a business should create freedom, security, meaning and happiness.

London isn’t a saturated business nightmare .. it’s a huge hub of nearby customers.

How do you deal with being in a business hub like London?

There’s no doubt that the city bring with it huge opportunities, if used correctly.

Do you see your competition as a threat, or an exciting challenge?

Our mindset in business dictates our success. If you see threats around you, anxiety increases, and we make more short-term decisions.

So how can a London business coach help you? I can help you see your City as an opportunity, not a threat.

Let’s turn your location into one of your greatest assets.

Work within your strengths, not your weaknesses

Regularly, business owners and entrepreneurs will work within their weaknesses, rather than doing what they love to do, and are good at.

Some may not even understand that they’re working in the wrong areas for them.

This leads to dissatisfaction, poor growth and eventually it can cause complete business failure.

We can only keep going with our willpower for a short time. Eventually, we have to stop.

Why? Often, we’re either unaware of our strengths, or believe we should improve every weakness we have.

How much do you try to follow others, and their path to success? How much do you model your business on other companies you’ve worked in?

This can be a path to business burnout.

Your willpower will eventually fade and your business becomes something you avoid rather than something you love.

Make time for what you love.

Living in London, it might seem that it’s a requirement to be working every hour of every day.

You’ve a business, so you should be totally committed to that, right?

But you can only do this for so long. Even short breaks boost your productivity.

Working smart includes understanding that you’re human and you need time off. Give yourself permission.

Is all business good business? No.

When your customers are unhappy, what’s your go-to strategy for dealing with this?

We all have unhappy customers at times, but what do you do about it?

Let me give you an example. 

A marketing agency owner client was working late every night, experiencing anxiety, since we felt he was failing customers.

The constantly stress was affecting his life, and he felt he could never switch off.

Since he was very sensitive to failure, he felt completely stressed and it was impacting his personal life too.

He didn’t see what his options were in this moment, and didn’t see how he could move on.

After our first conversation, it was clear he was attracting the wrong customers by focusing on impossible-to-please ultra-profit-focused businesses.

These people were never happy, so he was in a never ending cycle of disappointment and stress.

How did we solve it? We redirected him to a new type of customer.

The new copy focused on how easy he was to work with. This was very true since his personality type was friendly and helpful.

What can we learn from this? The real problem may not be obvious, so the solution often eludes us.

Together, we can lift the covers off your business and understand what’s really happening.

What are the real reasons behind your business challenges?

Business coaching will get you "there" quicker and more efficiently than if you were to do it all on your own.

High standards .. or perfectionism that gets in the way?

I speak to plenty of perfectionists. Their customers love, it but it burns them out.

It’s helpful to care about the output from your company, but not at the expense of you.

A personal example. I was once a freelance wedding photographer on the side. I loved photography.

I really enjoyed the happiness of a wedding day. I loved the constant smiles.

Once, a bride asked me to remove a light switch from a wall because it was distracting. 

This was a single occurence, not a significant problem with my photography, but I turned it into one. 

I then took it on myself to remove them from every photograph in all future weddings. I started hating weddings and gave it up.

I couldn’t stop myself focusing on every light switch. It killed my enjoyment.

Are your high standards holding you back?

I've been through all phases of business, so I can support you where you are.

Business startup? Entrepreneur? Freelancer?

If you’re just getting going, how can we move forward in the right way? Let’s learn about you, and build a plan that’s perfectly tailored to you.

Established business owner looking to grow?

What’s the most impactful area of your business to improve? Let’s re-focus and overcome the challenges that you might face along the way.

Unhappy in your business?

If your business is no longer bringing you joy, we’ll learn about you and what would bring back your passion today, whether that’s a complete change, or a shift in direction.

A little about business coaching, and how it produces results for you.

We discuss whatever is most impactful for you right now. And if you don’t know what that is, we start there.

My goal is that after each session you’ll leave clearer and more confident in taking action.

We work on the practical elements of business ownership.

How do you market yourself? What’s your brand? How do you sell? What are your processes? How do you hire and manage successfully? How can automation and AI help?

These are some of the conversations we will have.

We also work on you; what changes will allow you to get the most from yourself.

If an outcome is important, but you’re resistant to the path there, we’ll move you through the resistance, or change the path to fit you.

Business coaching contains an element of mentorship too, using my years of experience.

As a business coach I’m focused on helping you achieve your goals, however I can help you do that.

Right now, what's really holding you back from business success?

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Available online throughout the UK and internationally

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