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Hey, I’m Phil Drinkwater

a business coach with over 20 years growing my own company, who now helps London customers thrive in an environment that's often filled with pressure and competition.

Together, we’ll build plans that you want to achieve, allowing you to thrive and gain the advantage you need in your startup or existing business.

On the side, I love to travel, cook and hike (although I’m a fair weather walker!)

I create happiness + success

Let’s find positive change

You’ve dreams, and a vision.

But something isn’t quite right at the moment, and that’s OK. We all need a supportive and a reflective partner at times. I know I have.

You’ve done well!

Starting and running a business are tricky.

I’m really excited to be able to help you develop the confidence and belief that you will succeed, and support you with my huge experience from growing my own business.

Together, we’ll achieve your vision.

Gain the advantage you need

Together, let’s unpick what’s holding you back, and overcome it.

If I could solve a challenge for you with a click of my fingers, what would you choose?

You might believe the vast competition in London is a disadvantage, but let’s turn that on its head; you have access to a huge hub of nearby customers.

Your mindset is built from situations like these

How we handle competition is just one part of our mindset. 

In order to make the most of ourselves, we must think in a way that gives us the most opportunities, not which leads us to fear and anxiety.


Decisions are highly influenced by how we see the world

Well, we make decisions through the lens of our experiences and emotions. 

You might have heard people say “don’t make decisions when you’re angry”?

Seeking escape, not destination

This advice applies equally to other distressing emotions too, like fear. 

In this moment, we’re seeking any escape from discomfort, rather than focusing on our aspirations.

If we see opportunity and potential instead, the positive feeling we experience will support us us in highly successful decisions and effective working.

My 5-point success formula in business

It’s not luck that drives success. Instead, we can set ourselves up in a way to create the advantages we need to thrive.


How we experience challenge dictates the outcome. When we see opportunity, believe in ourselves, are resilient, in the present moment and accept mistakes as learning, we’re well primed for success in everything.


Knowledge gives us options. Knowing how to use Zapier to automate tasks is beneficial, as is understanding the key elements of delegation. We can learn to achieve all of these and boost our success.


If you’re not sure where you’re going, it’s certain that you won’t arrive there. There’s a specific part of the mind which helps you move toward what you want, so be clear about what you’re telling it.


Confidence is a cornerstone of inevitability. If you’re not sure you can, that lack of self-belief can cause you to give up when times are tough.  


We all have the ability to grow and change. Sure, we might have a few more hurdles to jump as we age, but typically the experiences which block us aren’t as relevant to this situation as we might believe.

Go big, go niche or go home

Being a generalist

If you’re in deepest deepest darkest Wales, being a generalist can work well. 

City people don’t want this

However, if you’re in a huge City, it’s typically more effective to specialise or grow.

The people around you don’t want average and vanilla. They want sparkling and exciting!

They want to take full advantage of living in a City.

They want opportunity they wouldn’t have elsewhere.

The world wants experts around them

Of course if you’re doing business exclusively online you can attract people from everywhere in the world … but the same rule still applies.

The world desires experts.

Balance and calm allow you to thrive in the hustle and bustle

Too much around you can cause overwhelm

Living in London, you’ve thousands of  people around you all of the time, all vying for the attention of the person next to them.

It can be totally exhausting!

When we become overwhelmed and confused by what’s happening in our business and the world around us, we become ineffective.

We’re best when calm and relaxed

We’re most productive and decisive when we’re calm and excited.

That’s where we want you to be.

Take the permission you need

Together, we’ll find ways for you to switch off and allow your mind to just … dream.

This brings with it a level of clarity that allows for the creativity and productivity that delivers long-term business success.

When are you not calm and balanced?

A very brief history of me

I’ll keep this brief because you can learn more about me here, if you wish. 

Working for myself is right for me

My journey in business started when I realised that working for someone else was never going to make me truly happy. 

An extensive and diverse set of roles

Throughout my years, I’ve worked in programming, project management, online marketing, web design and photography

Finding joy and fulfilment was key

My work doesn’t define me, but it does bring me a huge amount of happiness and a sense of fulfilment and accomplishment. 

I have to work on what truly brings me joy.

Maybe you’re the same?

Finally .. business plans and strategy made simple!

People sometimes groan inside when they think about business plans.

But I’ve developed a simple system which we can use to define goals and strategy, plus work through decisions and tasks.

My completely unique MindMap-based approach is collaborative and thrilling to use!

Business plans made simple!

I can’t wait to share it with you!

6 business areas I support you in, that lead to achievement of your goals

Within business, experience is beneficial. Large elements of of optimising your business is dependent on the options you can see, and I’ve seen plenty.


We’ll discover your ideal customer, how you want them to think of you, access them and develop a process that’s effective in converting them.


As your business scales, tech allows you to place your attention firmly on the business, rather than on dull repetitive admin.


Project management, team communication and leadership that inspires ensure your employees feel supported and clear on their responsibilities.


As you discover what your customers want to buy, iterating and improving becomes the most effective use of your time.


Hiring the perfect individuals starts with clearly specifying the role and personal qualities. But there’s more to recruitment than a job spec.


Many businesses have a haphazard approach. By ensuring your strategy will lead to your goals, and building plans, success is more certain.

No matter where you are on your business journey, I can help

No matter where you are in your journey, I’ll aid you in getting to the next stage. 

Freelancer to business owner?

If you’re a freelancer but want a business, we can work through any doubts you have about hiring and growing your business, and the stress and fear it might trigger.

Entrepreneur starting out?

If you’re newly on your entrepreneurial journey, we’ll work on your product, marketing and sales, and focus on a Minimum Viable Product that’s achievable without overwhelm.

Business owner needing improvement?

If your business is already functioning, we can look at what’s needed to iteratively grow and scale.

We’ll also put in place effective management and communication systems.

Unhappy in your role?

And if your business is no longer bringing you joy, we’ll develop a strategy to move you on. 

I’ll also help you discover what would suit you today.

Our business coaching sessions will be focused on you and what you need most today

What’s holding you back? Do we need to upgrade your confidence, or grow your knowledge? Should we build clearer plans or look at how to implement an improved work-life balance? Do you need to be clearer about your direction, or happier as a person?

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Available online throughout the UK and internationally

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Book your free 1-2-1 Success Strategy call
and uncover how to achieve amazing results for yourself.

Available online throughout the UK and internationally

What date & time suit you?