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Support, development and leadership coaching for London executives

The challenges facing executives in London are broad; workload, stress, performance targets, deadlines and the ever-present desire for a balance between work and life.

Executive coaching can help relieve the stress and pressures of daily life, providing you with increased clarity and focus, resulting in more productive teams and improved leadership skills.

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Define your goals & reach them quicker

12 common challenges I can support you with​

Career path & transition​
Reducing stress, overwhelm & burnout​
Improved leadership & team goals​
Communication challenges & clarity​
Reducing imposter syndrome​
Achieving work / life balance​
Delegation and empowerment​
Increased self-awareness​
Improved time management​
Achieving corporate goals​
Challenges in decision making​
Enhancing workplace relationships

Businesses operating in London can acquire a competitive edge by coaching their employees

Business coaching is a process that can be applied to a variety of situations, including supporting new executives, eliminating challenges, providing career paths, leadership development or simply helping executives improve their performance in their current jobs. The goal of coaching is to take people from where they currently are to where they aim to be, while growing from the personal development on their journey.

“The difference from my first session to now is life changing for me. The growth is so wonderful”.


Coaching services to lessen challenges

As a certified coach, I recognise that the challenges faced by London executives and senior leaders are broad. Coaching is a tool for enabling an employee to identify their development goals, and to learn and grow throughout the coaching process while discovering new and forgotten strengths plus additional skills and tools, leading to business growth for the executive.

Where are you now?

A simple recognition of where you and your team are now can reduce pressure. When problems become complex and confusing, holding it all in our minds or documenting it in multiple places can be bewildering. Taking a step back and evaluating your reality will help to develop a new skill.

What's your vision?

If you were to have a clear vision for how you’d like your day to be, including yourself and the team you manage, how would that look? How would you communicate and how often? How would you make decisions and who would you involve? What time of the day would you work on certain types of task?

What are your options? Which will you choose?

From here, what options do you have to start to move towards your vision? This part of the process is not about choosing or discounting, but opening out and allowing ourselves as many options as possible. At the end of the process, which one will you choose to implement? The right coach will help you develop these options.

Taking action and evaluate progress

With a firm path in mind, it’s time to take action and move towards the goal you would like to achieve. During the way you’ll experience challenges and executive coaching can support you in your endeavour.

It's essential to design your outcomes. This happens most effectively when you become more aware of yourself, those around you and the nuances of situations that you may not have been consciously aware of.

Executive coaches provide support and encouragement to assist you in reaching your goals

An executive coach engages in a confidential relationship with you, providing direction and support according to your growth desires in the corporate world, while clarifying your goals and career vision. Encouragement is a key element, allowing them to become the leaders they’d like to be. A more effective executive is empowered to perform team coaching themselves, leading to further productivity gains.

“I’m doing really well. Probably the best I’ve been. I have to thank you for the tools you’ve given me to deal with issues.”


Meet Phil Drinkwater

With an analytical mind from programming, training in psychology, business experience to owner level, marketing and creative roles and a keen eye for what people are truly experiencing, I use all of my skills to help you and your business grow.


With a decade working from junior staff to senior manager, I understand the challenges and pressures of working at all levels within an organisation.


After seeing an opportunity to use managerial, technical, graphical and marketing skills, in partnership I grew an online business to 20 staff.


My wealth of business experience, analytical mind, prior training in psychology and love of helping others to grow drew me to business coaching.

Accountability in coaching isn't about you feeling like a failure if you don't complete a task; rather it's an opportunity to learn, grow and find more effective paths to completion given the reality of a situation.

Facing challenges together, to builds new strengths

Workload, targets & time management

Most executives experience a significant workload and high expectations that come with their role. Combined with challenges in time management, they can struggle to find time to develop.

Executive coaching provides a space to work on key skills and, over time, create tools that aid in management of work.

Handling stress and worry

To satisfy organisational needs, the team and clients, executives must  address the differing needs and personalities of each stakeholder, leading to stress, worry and anxiety.

Coaches offers London executives new options and strategies to achieve their goal of reducing stress and pressure.

Leadership coaching & handling change

It’s no secret being a leader is no easy task. In a modern business environment, you need to be able to adapt to a myriad of different situations and deal with a wide range of people.

Executive coaching can help you understand and anticipate the needs of those around you, allowing you to become a more effective leader.

Problem solving & decision making

Executives face complex problems and decisions and they must take account of varying desires and goals from interested parties. Such demands can be difficult to meet.

Having a professional coach can provide a second set of eyes and new tools that will help you make better decisions, leading to more successful outcomes for themselves and their organisations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching can lead to smoother-running teams, greater workplace efficiency, improved leadership skills, lower stress levels, happier employees, and a clearer path to organisational goals.
Coaching usually begins by exploring your goal. It might seem that people know what they want, but typically it’s not clear. Once the goal is clear, we evaluate options for paths toward that goal and where coaching support can most benefit you. Later sessions often center on challenges faced.
A company must first commit to a coaching culture that nurtures employee development, tolerates mistakes, and is used by teams struggling to meet goals or by those facing the most hardship. The company should be clear about what it wants to achieve with its coaching program and select an appropriate executive coach.
Most people believe others act in a similar manner to themselves; however, their true motivations might be quite different from our own. Understanding the impact we have on others with out thoughts and behaviours is therefore imperative for ensuring motivation remains high in teams.
There are two options you have when searching for an executive coach: hiring an independent coach or working with a coaching organisation. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and it’s important to consider both. One key difference is that an independent coaches can clarify their individual strengths with you whereas an organisation may offer broader skills but lose the option of selecting a coach based on your personal needs.

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