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Manchester Business Coaching & Mentoring for success as an Entrepreneur or Small business

Practical mentoring and business skills with personal growth for Manchester based founder.

Hey! I'm Phil, a successful online business owner turned business coach. My own business made £15million.

I now help Manchester-based customers design and grow the right business for them.

I typically support entrepreneurs and startups whose businesses have an online component, such as marketing agencies, recruitment agencies, creative businesses, SAAS, tech businesses and coaches.

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Mentoring plus coaching; the perfect combination

Manchester-based founders have questions they know exist, but also challenges they aren’t fully aware of.

Business owners have a competitive landscape to navigate. In Manchester, the local and national opportunities are huge, but making the most of them can take strategic planning and growth.

Coaching helps you to build awareness and find new paths to handle situations and problems.

The coaching approach helps you to see what’s really in the way, and find new ways to move past these roadblocks.

Mentoring aids you to find solutions more quickly, using my 3 decades of business experience.

On the other hand, mentoring offers you solutions that are tried and tested, some of which might be perfect for you.

Together, they will help propel you forward faster toward a point of happiness and success.

As a combination, you’ll gain real knowledge and skills, as well as awareness and new ways to solve what’s in the way of your business success.

Let’s plan your success

Let’s uncover what real success looks like for you, and plan a journey which will allow you to arrive there feeling fresh and confident.

Planning and decision making will form part of our work together, as will improving areas of your mindset. Let’s begin this journey of personal and professional growth.

As your business grows, so will your belief and self-confidence.

A little about myself, and my background.

I’m originally a computer programmer. However, I’m also incredibly creative and have significant psychology training.

My career has involved significant technical work, web design, User Experience, SEO and marketing, and I trained in psychology too.

My own online business in the recruitment industry was successful and made £15M.

Being the founder of a successful business has been the most fulfilling experience of my life.

I love nothing more than finding solutions to problems and challenges.

As a person, problem solving is a key motivation for me, and my solutions are innovative.

As a coach and mentor, I’m thoughtful, kind, respectful and honest.

It’s important to have the right fit when looking at a coach or mentor. If these are the characteristics you need, you’ll find them in abundance in me.

Work within your strengths & avoid your weaknesses.

Too many business owners find themselves working on what they dislike or aren’t effective at.

This reduces the effectiveness of your time within your business.

Instead, we’ll understand how we can best use you within your business.

The number one priority is to allow your business to benefit from your unique values, skills and experiences.

As for your weaknesses, we’ll either minimise them, work around them, or overcome them.

We all have areas we could improve in. I’m not the most natural sales person, for example. However, the sales function in my business is extremely effective since I recognise this is an area where others can excel.

What areas of business do founders commonly struggle with?

When starting and scaling a business, it’s most common to struggle with marketing, self-belief and confidence.

These three areas are requested the most during the business coaching and mentoring relationship.

However, you’re a unique individual; in what areas do you hold your business growth back the most?

But what’s most interesting to me is what your unique challenges are.

Manchester business opportunties

Manchester is a thriving business-oriented city, with a particular focus on modern tech and creative opportunities.

I grew up in Manchester, although it’s very different today. The creative, tech industries have gained a particular foothold in recent years.

Your business can excel there, no matter whether you’re locally or nationally aligned.

With thousands of businesses within Greater Manchester and Lancashire, local companies have amazing networking opportunities, and nationally focussed organisations benefit from a stable base.

Recruitment in Manchester is strong, with effective graduates, and a huge talent pool of experienced staff.

With so many amazing people around you, there will never be a need to move your business away from Manchester.

How can you make more of what Manchester has to offer?

Let’s discover what more Manchester can offer you, if we were being creative and innovative.

Business growth takes time; do you have the necessary patience and self-belief?

One of the most essential skills for business founders is accepting that your growth will take time.

It’s common not to see significant financial success within the first 6 to 36 months. It took about 3 years for my business to become stable.

Too many business owners throw in the towel when so much of the ground-work has been done, but the rewards haven’t yet been reaped.

However, without this knowledge, business owners often feel they are failing.

So, continue to bet on yourself and your path as a business owner.

Together, we’ll reframe how to see success and enjoy the journey of entrepreneurship and business scaling.

Right now, what's really holding you back from success in your Manchester business?

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