Phil Drinkwater

Manchester Business & executive coach

Manchester business coaching via online meeting

Since the Covid lockdowns, we all have become used to popular online meeting tools like Zoom & Google Meet. These allow me to offer Manchester coaching to business owners, executives, directors of an SME – plus freelancers and entrepreneurs – without being face-to-face, thus minimising the disruption to your work day.

What's my background?

I’ve been a successful entrepreneur who has built an online business which made over £15 million in sales and is still growing today. However, I didn’t have the opportunity to benefit from a business coach.

I missed out on the opportunity to learn about business skills and, when things got tough, I didn’t have support. Times are even more difficult today in Manchester with an oversaturated market and massive competition.

What can you expect from coaching?

Gain a clearer vision  |  Build a plan  |  Receive support  |  Be accountable

A business coach helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses and puts a plan in place based on your strengths. They can help with many aspects of your business, from marketing to finance. If your business is small or just starting out, you can hire an coach to help you take the next step. If your business is growing, think of executive coaching as a way to accelerate that growth.

What will business coaching deliver to your manchester based business?

Business coaching helps you to be more effective in what you do. It helps you to stretch yourself and achieve your goals. Through business coaching, you will build the tools and knowledge needed for long-term growth. You will also develop the skills to maintain a successful business and avoid or overcome any of the common problems that small businesses face such as cash flow, employee management, time management, staff training etc.

What type of manchester based business is suitable for executive coaching?

Executive coaching is suitable for all sizes of Manchester based business from small one person operations to large corporations that want to develop plans for future growth. Whatever the business, it needs to be ready to make changes that will lead to improved performance and decisions. It needs to be willing to commit time, resources and energy into the change process.

A business coach will give you a different view

Many manchester based businesses can benefit from a fresh perspective in order to develop a successful business strategy. Others need another viewpoint on a specific problem or issue, or someone who can provide advice where you are stuck. Another view is often just what is needed for business growth and success. The coach will not try to force a solution on you, but will suggest a path you can follow. Sometimes the coach will suggest a more subtle change that leads to the same result.

Business coaching can help you develop your team

If you do a 360 degree feedback exercise, what you usually find is that what the business owner believes the problems are within the company are different to the employees. This leads to a disconnect. It’s also possible that micro-management has crept into the organisation. A Manchester business coach will help bridge this divide and develop team spirit, which will in turn, help growth.

Popular coaching packages

4 weeks

Succeed with a goal that’s just ahead of you.

Online chat: 4 X WEEK
Online exercises: Yes

12 weeks

Work with more clarity toward your goals.

VIDEO CALL: weekly 
Online chat: 2 x week
Online exercises: Yes

26 weeks

Create meaningful change in your life and work.

VIDEO CALL: weekly 
Online chat: 2 x week
Online exercises: Yes

26 weeks

Skip the coaching sessions and just use the chat app.

Online chat: 4 X WEEK
Online exercises: Yes

Convenient online meetings

I work online with Zoom or Google Meet. This allows coaching to take the least time away from your busy day.

Succeed inbetween sessions

I set regular online coaching exercises to complete in order to ensure progress is steady and continuous. 

Regular check-in

All customers check in regularly using a private online chat app, so we can evaluate what’s happening.

If the challenges of running your Manchester-based business are affecting your growth, a new perspective can help.

Coaching can help you take an effective step back.

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How we work together

I work closely with my fantastic clients to create an individualised plan for their successful future.

1. Where are you right now?

To start, I ask you to fill out a detailed onboarding form, so we both understand where you are right now. This is truly working on your business!

2. What do you need?

The next question, then, is … how can I help to empower you to live the life, and have the business, that you want? We’ll look at what will help you achieve your goals.

What will we work on?

My approach is to look at the whole business and person. We’ll typically work on some of these:

Phil quickly honed in on the reasons that my online events business wasn’t achieving the success that I know it’s capable of. We worked together to clarify my vision and improve the areas which we discovered were causing difficulty.

I now have a clear path forwards and a sense of hope that was missing before.


Business & executive coaching in Manchester

One definition of coaching is a one-to-one relationship between two individuals where there always has been some element of change within this since it seeks out new solutions when trying to solve problems based on experience and works collaboratively together by giving constructive feedback without judgement while also allowing room for discussion about what will lead towards success not failure if used properly.

Business coaching can be a great way to help a Manchester business owner grow their company through increased productivity and more effective solutions to challenges.

More specifically, business & executive coaching will focus on the growth of your Manchester based company, although with business owners there often is an element of life or career counseling too as they attempt to gain more effective work-life balance and/or if executives are unhappy in their current positions.

Yet while these two types may seem similar at first glance it’s important that you know which one applies best for you before selecting either option because what makes them different lies within this difference: Life coaching focuses purely on personal development whereas a Manchester business coach primarily looks at the company.

The coaching journey will challenge your thinking in every way, give you new perspectives on life based off of the coach’s experience and help make it easier for to achieve what you want.

It’s important to have someone impartial who can help us see the big picture and develop skills faster. Coaches are those people that take an active interest in our development, they don’t judge but instead seek out helpful advice for you on your own perspective of a situation or problem.

A Manchester executive coach will help you find and improve your strengths. The best way to do this is by looking at areas that could be better, because we can get used to the good parts of our jobs without realising what needs improving.

Coaching is not mentoring or consulting. I’m here to provide you with an effective sounding board for decision making, and offer my own thoughts, if that’s what your looking for. This, then, doesn’t limit me from coaching outside my speciflist area of online marketing.