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Digital marketing agency coaching for effective startup & scale.

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I'm a successful 7-figure online business owner with significant connections to and experience of the digital marketing agency industry.

Today, digital marketing agencies struggle with huge competition, finding the right customers, and growth.

From setup, to customers, to niche selection, to processes, to scaling using outsource and automation ... I can help.

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How do you want your agency to be?

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Digital marketing today is incredibly broad and your agency services will reflect that.

It’s very common to focus your digital marketing agency in one or many of these fields: 

SEO and link-building, lead generation, social media, content production, PPC, influencer, video production, email marketing, branding, PR, web design, user experience.

What do you want today to be like? How would it be your best day? Why isn’t it?

Too often marketing agency owners don’t find their agency is really meeting their needs as a person, and they find they struggling with motivation.

So, we can dig into what’s not right for you.

What do you want?

Do you want a fully remote marketing agency, or a team in an office? 

Both are popular options, and for very different reasons. You may want a team and an office because you value security and stability, and love to work directly with people. 

If you want a remote agency, you may value freedom and to be able to travel. Remote options have become a popular option in the modern world of digital marketing.

Whatever your choice and reason, we can design our business to work for you.

Do you want to focus on an industry niche, a service focus, or a mix?

Niching has become the go-to for agencies over the last five years, and few agencies offer a completely “full service” that combines all industries and services. 

That makes sales easier, but makes finding customers harder.

Do you want your agency to grow and scale, or remain relatively small?

There’s no right and wrong answer here. Some founders love a small niche agency that is easy to work with, whereas others want to take over the world. Both are possible.

A little about myself, and my marketing background.

I began as a programmer, but over time transitioned into marketing within my own business, particular SEO and UX.

I have a very visual and creative mind, but also find that I enjoy technology and processes too. These fit well with marketing.

My online business has been running for 23 years and grew to over 20 employees and £15 million in revenue.

I’ve seen all of the stages of business, from startup, to scale, to plateau. Each has taught me something different.

Sometimes I don’t want to work at the office…

My business employed a number of agencies, and then about 5 years ago I moved much closer to the industry.

Over time, I’ve seen digital marketing agencies from the customer side, and then from the inside. It’s fascinating to see both perspectives, and to see how much they differ.

I’m a very creative problem solver.

Many people who work in marketing have a very creative mindset, and can dream up solutions that others would find difficult.

I keep up with technology.

Technology to me is fascinating. ChatGPT anyone? I love what we’re able to achieve and automate, in order to become more effective.

I’m kind and considerate as a coach, and it’s my greatest pleasure to see you succeed.

If you’re new to coaching, you’re in the safe hands of someone who understanding your industry and challenges, but also has the psychology and coach training to help you build awareness of how you are holding yourself back too.

Ironically, many marketing agencies don't find it easy to find customers

Do you struggle with your own marketing? Getting noticed? Budget? Not enough time? Differentiating yourself?

It’s a tough world out there for marketing agencies. As an industry, it suffers with trust  and credibility issues, and demonstrating your skills can be a struggle. 

Maybe you struggle with budget and resource to work on your own lead-gen? Or you find it hard to get noticed given the saturation, and larger agencies in your field?

Not all business is good business … so let’s be careful with the customers and projects you take on.

Do you have the right customers? Do they fill you with joy?

And when you land new clients, are they a great fit for your agency and you personally, or do you find yourself stressed dealing with them?

Let’s work on your own brand, PR and marketing plans.

Together, we can smooth over some of these challenges so you have more time to focus on growing your business, and more security.

What's really holding you back?

That's what we'll discover, and also how you can overcome these challenges.

Is your client  retention rate where you’d like it to be?

Your business will scale and grow if you can retain customers.

Each sale costs a significant amount of time and money, so holding onto customers is key.

What is your retention rate? Superb? OK? Unacceptable? The industry average is around 45% to 50%.

How many of your customers do you keep? How happy are they with your service?

Understanding and improving your retention rate will lead to business growth.

The easiest growth your agency will experience is in increasing client retention. Let’s focus on this.

5 common struggles for a modern digital marketing agency

Keeping up to date with technology and strategies.

Very few industries move at the speed of marketing, and keeping up with what’s going on in the industry can take significant resource, which is a particular challenge for newer agencies.

Investing in your business for growth.

How much should you and can you spend in order to grow your business? How much time can you afford? Without time and money, scaling can seem impossible.

Balancing new business with service provision.

Two key elements of an agency are landing new clients and working on the services for clients. Balancing those two can be a difficult juggling act.

Finding and hiring the best talent.

Whatever your service, you want the best to be working in your business, but when you find employees who aren’t very effective, it can can cause significant challenge. 

Competing in a saturated market.

There’s no doubt about it; the marketing agency industry is saturated. Finding the right formula to win against your competitors can be an ongoing struggle.

How does business coaching help?

Finding out what you really want.

Without a clear direction, you’ll never arrive there. Let’s laser-focus on what really matters to you.

Discovering the real challenges you face.

Struggles in business can have many root causes. In coaching, we’ll discover what’s really causing the issues you’re facing.

Finding new solutions, and offering personal growth.

When you try to solve problems in the same way, you’ll achieve the same results time and again. It’s time to try something new.

5 personal challenges that many marketing agency owners face.


Especially when you’re starting out, it might seem like you have less than no time free, and no one to help.

Newer businesses and entrepreneurs often get stuck in a cycle of constant work, and they start to wonder why they did this in the first place. Work-life balance can be virtually non-existent.


When you’re not happy with anything you produce, you’ve falling into a constant need to be perfect.

The cost to a business of perfectionism can be incredibly high. High standards are encourages, but trying to squeeze that last 1% out will lead to a reduction in hourly rate since owners will often not charge for all of the time spent.


You are in a sector with a constant learning requirement, and clients often demand progress every day.

With so much on your plate, it can be easy to find yourself unable to cope with everything that’s being thrown at you from all sides.


Many marketing agency owners have decisions to make, but struggle with finally landing on one pathway.

With so much to decide and a complex spider-web of interdependencies, it’s very easy to struggle to make any decisions at all.


Imposter-syndrome is common, with so much competition everywhere you look.

It’s very easy to go onto linkedin, see someone else’s video, love it, and feel like you should give up. Virtually all marketing agency owners feel like this at some point.

Right now, what's really holding you back from success in your digital marketing agency?

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