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Mindset coach - sail past the hurdles in your business

UK wide mindset coaching for business via online meetings

Zoom & Google Meet are a great way for me to provide mindset coaching across the UK in an easy and private manner. I can help you make changes that will lead your work life and personal life to be successful!

What's my background?

I’ve been a successful entrepreneur in my life, but I wasn’t someone who had a naturally positive mindset. Now that I have found the tools to reduce negative thinking patterns and be at my best – I can do anything! You too can see your potential from an entirely new perspective and create change for yourself with help from me as your coach.

When we’re able to overcome our mental barriers, success is inevitable, even if there may not seem like much hope at first glance. The benefits of overcoming negativity will only become clear once you take charge of your mindset.

Build growth through mindset

Gain a clearer vision  |  Become more positive  |  See new opportunities  |  Be confident

If you want to build sustainable, long-term growth as a company, it is more important than ever to focus on your mindset. Your mindset is the foundation that will drive your leadership and inspire your team for years.

If you want to build sustainable, long-term growth as a company, it is more important than ever to focus on your mindset. Your mindset is the foundation that will drive your leadership and inspire your team for years.

In today’s fast-paced world, your company is only as strong as its leader. If you are not providing a greater vision, or empowering your employees or customers, it will be very difficult to consistently innovate and drive change. Looking beyond yourself, you need to help inspire people and rally your team around a greater cause that goes beyond just the bottom line.

While it is easy to get caught up in the fast-paced daily actions of your business, it is important that you take the time to understand what drives your long-term growth. What gives you a sense of purpose? What keeps you motivated? It’s essential to look at your strengths and weaknesses and what motivates you, as well as uncovering the limiting belief which is holding you back and sat in your subconscious mind ready to sabotage you at any stage.

Taking some time each month to reflect on these aspects will help identify where you can develop your skills and add meaning to your work, as well as keeping your mental health strong. It is important to be aware of the stresses that we are all under and what can be done to ease them. It is very easy to excuse ourselves from taking time out or hide behind our busyness as a method to avoid dealing with issues that might arise if we add in some time for personal development.

By becoming a more purposeful person, your mindset will inevitably become more positive and purposeful to those around you. Your team will be more inspired by your actions and can take action based on the greater vision that you provide. As a result, you can build a stronger culture around your company and attract more positive mindsets to join your team.

When building your long-term growth plan, it’s important to think about what drives you personally, but also what inspires you outside of work as well. The time that we take in our personal lives is just as valuable as the time we spend at work, so why not choose a reason that helps make both areas of life meaningful?

By focusing on your mindset in leadership, you are inspiring others through your actions and positively impacting those around you. Regularly coaching practice and training can help you explore and understand your personal beliefs and internal dialogue.

By understanding this, you can create a mindset that helps you feel empowered and feel the motivation to achieve your goals.

Popular coaching packages

4 weeks

Succeed with a goal that’s just ahead of you.

Online chat: 4 X WEEK
Online exercises: Yes

12 weeks

Work with more clarity toward your goals.

VIDEO CALL: weekly 
Online chat: 2 x week
Online exercises: Yes

26 weeks

Create meaningful change in your life and work.

VIDEO CALL: weekly 
Online chat: 2 x week
Online exercises: Yes

26 weeks

Skip the coaching sessions and just use the chat app.

Online chat: 4 X WEEK
Online exercises: Yes

Convenient online meetings

I work online with Zoom or Google Meet. This allows coaching to take the least time away from your busy day.

Succeed inbetween sessions

I set regular online coaching exercises to complete in order to ensure progress is steady and continuous. 

Regular check-in

All customers check in regularly using a private online chat app, so we can evaluate what’s happening.

If your mindset if holding your business back, there are ways to slowly take you out of your comfort zone and find ways to cope with the emotion holding you there.

The positive psychology from a successful coach can help.

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How we work together

I work closely with my fantastic clients to create belief and purpose, and a safe space to practice their change.

1. Where are you right now?

To start, I ask you to fill out a detailed onboarding form, so we both understand where you are right now. This will help us see where you are experiencing challenges and unhappiness.

2. What do you need?

The next question, then, is … how can I help to empower you to live the life, and have the business, that you want? We’ll look at what training and guidance will help you achieve your goals.

What will we work on?

My coaching business will take a holistic approach; we’ll look at you and your company to remove mental blocks. We’ll typically work on some of these:

Phil quickly honed in on the reasons that my online events business wasn’t achieving the success that I know it’s capable of. We worked together to clarify my vision and improve the areas which we discovered were causing difficulty.

I now have a clear path forwards and a sense of hope that was missing before.


Mindset coaching for business growth

Mindset coaching is a process to improve the way in which a person thinks about their present situation, and also how they think about themselves in that context. These are the most important elements for someone who is trying to build a successful business.

There are a few reasons why mindset coaching is important for business growth and why a business coach would offer them. These also fall under the umbrella of a life coach too, which is always an element of business coaching I offer.

Being mindful of your own thinking and how it affects your actions is the best way to predict what will you will achieve in your life. Confidence is key here, in that you will have the most opportunities and options open to you.

It allows you to choose the optimal solutions and actions for any type of situation. Coaching can help you become more resourceful and flexible, which is crucial for developing and implementing new ideas.

Mindset coaching is not a quick fix to get immediate results. It takes time, effort, training and energy to implement the changes that it requires to the client’s mindset.

The most successful people in the world make small improvements each day in how they think about themselves and their goals. That way, they achieve their long term goals.

Good business and life coaching are more than just a one-time session. Coaching is a process that you will use over and over again to continually improve the way you think about yourself and your circumstances.

Some of the exercises we’d use in each mindset coaching session would include thought experiments, self-reflection, positive affirmations, challenging thoughts and visualisation / self-hypnosis. Mindfulness is also an effective technique. Some people choose to visit a hypnotherapist to complement the work they do with a business coach.