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New York Business & Life Coaching

Available online throughout the US and internationally.

I assist business owners, entrepreneurs, and startups in determining what is holding your business back and help you in make new decisions that will lead to success.

Reducing procrastination, increasing happiness

I work with business owners to identify what is causing problems in their New York based company and develop new strategies for moving forward.

Internet business coaching specialist

I’m a successful internet entrepreneur who has expanded my company from zero to 22 employees. I have extensive experience with online marketing, including SEO, copywriting, and user experience.

Non-internet based businesses

My experience does not stop with online businesses; I regularly work with businesses of all sizes. Everyone can benefit from success coaching.

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What Business Coaching isn't...

Business coaching isn't just for large corporations

Online small business coaching in New York

60% of the owners I work with are small businesses who have up to 20 employees. Small businesses in NYC deserve the opportunity to grow.

Online entrepreneur coaching in New York

Startups and entrepreneurs account for 20% of my customers. I started my own online business from the ground up, so I understand the stages you’ll go through. I work with entrepreneurs on both their performance coaching and their business growth plans.

Medium sized and large businesses

I also work with larger corporations, which account for 20% of my clients. As we aim to steer a large ship, I relish the challenges of this stage of development.

Business coaching isn't stuffy

This is a genuine conversation between two people who want nothing more than to see you succeed. (And we'll laugh along too!)

Business coaching isn't pushy

I won't be angry if you don't finish what you set out to do, but I will be curious as to why, because it will lead to profound new knowledge for you.

Be honest .. does any of this seem familiar?

You had huge goals for your business and your life, but you're starting to doubt yourself

Whether you're a first-time entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, you're not sure you'll be able to meet your objectives.

You're frustrated because your efforts don't seem to be paying off, and it's affecting your confidence

It's not working out for you for some reason, and you're not sure why.

You have a lot of "shoulds" and "need tos," but you don't do anything about them

You've been looking for advice, possibly through YouTube videos and podcasts, but they only provide you with more ideas that don't work.

You're becoming confused, stressed, and concerned about the future

You are now concerned because you are unsure of your path to success.

You're becoming more critical of yourself as a result of your dissatisfaction with your efforts

You're unkind to yourself in your mind and push yourself to work harder and harder, which makes matters worse because you're starting to dislike it.

You feel alone with no one to talk to

You're feeling isolated because you're not discussing what's going on in your New York business.

What they say..

“I’m doing really well. Probably the best I’ve been. I have to thank you for the tools you’ve given me to deal with issues.”


Case study:

Business coaching uncovers the real issue, and provides the lifelong solution

I had a customer who was frequently paid late, causing them significant financial stress

"You try to be calm when you don't have enough money in your account to pay the rent and are owed thousands," the client observed during our first session. How true...

They decided, after deliberation, to upgrade their invoicing system with automatic reminders

That seems sensible, right?

However, it was a failure because some customers continued to pay late

Customers remembering to pay was not an issue because the same people were still paying late.

They decided to fire the customers, who were doing this for financial reasons, but they were unsure they could replace them

As a result, their marketing and advertising campaigns were not bringing in enough new customers. But why was that?

We then discovered the real problem: marketing was not their strong suit, but they refused to let go due to trust issues

This resulted in a business problem that had never been solved. It had stunted growth and caused enormous stress.

We worked on trust and delegation, which resulted in fantastic growth

Solving their real challenges through new knowledge and personal development opened up enormous opportunities for growth in their company, and not just in marketing.

Want another brief case study?

A client in  Spain struggled with motivation and couldn’t grow her business because she was a people pleaser. She really wanted to travel the world, and her mind was preoccupied with this unfulfilled desire rather than growing her business.

We worked on giving herself permission to do what she loved by teaching her how to stop people pleasing while also satisfying her desire to look after her employees. She’s reenergized and has doubled her employee count in 8 months.

Why is this happening?

Frequently, business owners blame their difficulties on a lack of skills or knowledge

Your life and business patterns are frequently what are preventing you from achieving the business and life success you desire.

To be clear, you possess the intelligence and abilities required to grow or expand your business

You can succeed if you are willing to break free from life and business patterns that are holding you back.

How does business coaching with me help?

I'm an expert at detecting patterns in your actions and language

You won't be aware of these yet, which is why you keep going down the same failed paths.

You will eventually learn to recognise your patterns before they occur

As we work together, you'll discover how you're acting and reacting, and what your true challenges are.

You can then choose to try new paths that may be more successful

You can prevent yourself from choosing the same unsuccessful paths over and over again, allowing you to discover more effective paths.

Get FREE access to my online video course "17 lessons to $20million" - my own journey ​

By booking your free discovery session, I'll give you access to my course which details key elements of my own journey, worth $300.

What they say..

“The difference from my first session to now is life changing for me. The growth is so wonderful”.


Who am I?​

I'm Phil Drinkwater, a leading business coach serving New York who supports clients in building a life and business which brings happiness

I'm a Certified Coach with a completely unique approach that will help you understand why you currently act and react the way you do, and how that contributes to the challenges you're experiencing with your New York business. As you progress, I'll be there to support you.

I’ve run my own successful online non-coaching business with up to 20 employees for 22 years

My failures taught me a lot about business, as well as about myself, life, and how I can grow the most. I've created a programme that will assist you in doing the same.

I'm also psychology trained

I'm aware that our needs, thoughts and emotions determine whether we succeed or fail, and with mindset coaching, how to generate a feeling that you will achieve your goals.

How will we begin coaching?

What will happen in our Free Discovery Session?

We'll get to know each other and gain an understanding of what's going on for you so that I can recommend a useful path for us to work together.

If you're nervous, I'm incredibly kind

If that's the case, we'll go at your pace. I'm a very understanding person, so you'll feel more bold and confident in no time. However, if you prefer a more gentle approach, that is also acceptable.

All coaching is done online

People have become more accustomed to working remotely in various ways since the lockdown. I can coach you virtually as well as in person.

Get FREE access to my online video course "17 lessons to $20million" - my own journey

By booking your free discovery session, I'll give you access to my course which details key elements of my own journey, worth £300.

What they say..

“Before business coaching, I didn’t believe I could have what I really wanted, and I settled for second, third and fourth best. Now I’m moving forward with what I really want.”


How will we continue?

Pricing for one to one coaching services, and discounted packages

Single sessions for business coaching for owners and entrepreneurs are $210 - with a 15% discount in your first year of business - and $330 for executives. Discounted packages are available.

We'll talk about challenges, resistance, and how to achieve the success you want in both life and business coaching.

We can discuss anything that is useful to you, but we'll focus on what is difficult and why you are resistant to certain paths. We'll also figure out what works best for you and how all of this fits into the life you truly desire.

We'll meet every 2 to 3 weeks, usually

I suggest we meet every few weeks, depending on schedules. This allows you to take actions so we can evaluate the effectiveness for you.

How does your future look?

What have you tried so far to solve your challenges?

You've probably tried a few things to get ahead. What exactly are they? How successful were they?

Are you serious about improving your situation?

Out of ten, how much do you want success in your New York business?
Out ten, how certain are that you will achieve success?

What will happen if you continue on as you are?

Will you be able to solve your problems in the next 5 to 10 years? What will you do differently this time to improve your chances?

If there was "writing on the wall" about your future, what would it say?

Close your eyes for a moment and let this sink in; what's the "writing on the wall" for you?

Get FREE access to my online video course "17 lessons to $20million" - my own journey

By booking your free discovery session, I'll give you access to my course which details key elements of my own journey, worth $300.

What they say..

“In just one session, Phil took me from a place of apprehension to one of clarity and confidence. We spent time working out what things I need in order to achieve job satisfaction”.


If you're nervous about coaching, let's chat on email a bit first, before booking a discovery call.

Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of coaching, and, if that's you, maybe you'd like to know a bit more about the process before booking an online call.
That's OK!
Let's chat a bit on email before taking the next step. And, honestly, you'll be fine since I'm incredibly kind.
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