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Your hopes, your dreams and your goals are all within reach with online coaching sessions.

With 22 years of building my own successful business, multiple roles from project manager to director, expert marketer and now as a certified coach, I can help you become clear about your vision and reach it with online business coaching sessions focused on your needs.

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Common areas I can support you in

Internet & small businesses
Executives & leadership
Stress, worry & wellbeing
Time management & productivity
Decision making
Career change
Transformation & mindset
Emotional intelligence
Employee challenges
Business plans & vision
Positivity & confidence

How online coaching works

There may come a time when self-evaluation won’t deliver you what you want.

In this case, we can meet online for an hour every week to every month to evaluate your plans, progress, performance and recent challenges with the aim of improving your success. It’s totally non-judgemental, open and honest — so you can be yourself. It’s a space just for you, so let me know if there’s something specific you want us to cover as we get started.

“The difference from my first session to now is life changing for me. The growth is so wonderful”.


Coaching for companies who want lasting improvements

I’ve learned what it takes to build business success through running my own SME businesses and experiencing leadership roles from manager to director. If you’d like to become clearer about your path forward, and become the person who has the skills and qualities to arrive at your goal, I can help.

Small business

Small businesses have unique and very practical challenges. You often don’t realise what it will take out of you; the stress, the effort, the worry about getting paid and the risk of going all in. However, with a change of mindset, the amazing challenges and the freedom are incredible. If your small business has plateaued, or you’re experiencing the same difficulties time and again, a fresh set of eyes through my coaching service can help.

Internet business

The growth of the internet continues at a huge pace, but in a saturated market, how can you build a consistent online business – whether SAAS, e-commerce or other – that will take advantage of what the internet has to offer? Through professional coaching, we can build strategies to help you grow and succeed.


Entrepreneurs are some of the most hard-working people on the planet. They take charge of their lives and do whatever it takes to build a business from scratch, but there’s always room for improvement. Whether you’re a startup founder, an experienced entrepreneur or a growing business, entrepreneur coaching helps you to grow and develop your skills, so you can build a business that is truly your own.


Executive coaching is one of the most effective methods of strengthening your business and improving team management. It’s a way to support your executives and managers so they can improve their performance. Decision making, clarity, communication and leadership all fall within this key area and each can be improved with the right business coach.

Coaching sees you in the driving seat and me in the passenger seat. Together , we'll evaluate destinations and paths. At times I might suggest going left, but the decisions are always yours.
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Before you sign up for one-on-one coaching, try a group session for free.
Before you sign up for one-on-one coaching
try a group session for free.
1 hour of group coaching
Business-changing discoveries
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Improved productivity via wellbeing & emotional intelligence

It doesn’t pay to become burned out or stressed, yet we find business owners and leaders who are finding it challenging to handle their work, workload or teams. A focus on improving wellbeing and increased emotional intelligence can help to ensure that you will be working productively for many years.

“I’m doing really well. Probably the best I’ve been. I have to thank you for the tools you’ve given me to deal with issues.”


Meet Phil Drinkwater

With an analytical mind from programming, training in psychology, business experience to owner level, marketing and creative roles and a keen eye for what people are truly experiencing, I use all of my skills to help you and your business grow.


With a decade working from junior staff to senior manager, I understand the challenges and pressures of working at all levels within an organisation.


After seeing an opportunity to use managerial, technical, graphical and marketing skills, in partnership I grew an online business to 20 staff.


My wealth of business experience, analytical mind, prior training in psychology and love of helping others to grow drew me to business coaching.

Typical business coaching topics

Your stress levels & wellbeing

Business owners, especially solopreneurs and small business owners, are often under a lot of stress. In fact, some even burn out, and it’s no surprise. The road to success is a tough one. But there are ways to reduce your stress and improve your wellbeing.

Your confidence & leadership

Confidence is an important character trait to have especially when you’re the owner or senior leader of a business. It helps you lead your business and team and reduce challenges of communication and increases trust. But how can you build your confidence? And how can you improve your leadership skills?

Your vision

Your vision will drive your business and shape your strategy and is the foundation of any successful business. If your vision is not clear, it will be difficult to achieve your goals and communicate these to your team, or to meet the needs of your clients. However, if your vision is too specific, it can reduce opportunity too. A coaching session can help to build a balanced approach.

Your plans

Business plans are a means of communicating your expectations and goals, but they are also a means of measuring and evaluating the progress of your business. Challenging and refining plans is a key element, and a growth mindset can help ensure that ego doesn’t drive these.

Your performance

It’s important to make every minute you have count, even if that minute is spent on necessary relaxation. Your performance will improve if you learn self-leadership, where you reflect on your own thoughts and feelings and evaluate how you might hold yourself back from success by remaining in your comfort zone. A business coaching program can help you to grow and stretch beyond your current capabilities.

Your personal development

Business coaching helps clients grow their businesses. Part of this is achieved by the client understanding themselves better, identifying weak spots and how to overcome them. By doing this, an individual feels in control of their business, which in turn leads to freedom, enhanced performance, increased productivity and improving the relationships between yourself, employees and customers.

Accountability is key in coaching, but not when used to make you feel like you've failed. Understanding why you've not achieved a task gives us valuable information for a powerful conversation.

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Find out if I can help you with your business or organisation. We can talk through where you are, where you want to get to and what’s challenging you about that journey.

“In just one session, Phil took me from a place of apprehension to one of clarity and confidence. We spent time working out what things I need in order to achieve job satisfaction”.


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