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So you have a tendency to second guess what you could have done or said, look back on moments and wish you’d acted differently or constantly imagine worst case scenarios? 

Let’s start to fix this for you!


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Hi! I’m Phil. I’ve been an overthinker my whole life. For a long time I didn’t realise, but once I did, I developed tools that help me to focus my thoughts more productively. 

I’m now a coach who focuses on helping people to achieve their dreams.

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What your results mean


We all have elements of overthinking, but it doesn’t seem like it will be affect you significantly in your life.


You’re finding some elements of life difficult and won’t have the level of calm that you’d like to have, causing stress.


You overthink significantly and it is likely affecting your life very negatively, generating a feeling of overwhelm and regular negative emotions.

About overthinking



Overthinking is protective

Your over thinking is likely keeping you from events in the future that would be uncomfortable for you – possible emotions like embarrassment or shame.


Your mind is on the future or past

Instead of focussing on the current moment and how you can make the most of that, you’re re-experiencing emotions from the past or anxiety about the future.




It likely affects your sleep

Most overthinkers will find they go through periods of difficulty with sleep, which exacerbates the problem through tiredness, as well as affecting their health.

A few words from a recent client

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Discover what overthinking protects you from, what it holds you back from, and how your life would look without it. Then, learn how to use new tools that will allow you to successfully challenge your patterns and take the actions your mind really wants you to.

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