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Find out how your ADHD executive function challenges impact you

Podcast guest speaker on ADHD, particularly in Entrepreneurship and Business

I’m an ADHD Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner. I’m also a Certified Business Coach.

As a coach I support and train other ADHD founders in business and the challenges ADHD individuals face within owning a company.

I welcome opportunities to talk on this topic in Podcasts around the world.

Why is there so much interest in ADHD within the Entrepreneur community?

In the last few years it seems like everyone is being diagnosed, right?

Well, possibly yes. 

There’s a huge amount more awareness about the traits of ADHD individuals, and I certainly discovered by neurodiversity very late on.

What do I talk about exactly within ADHD entrepreneurship?

I focus on the unique challenges that ADHD entrepreneurs face within business, given that over 40% (and up to 80%!) of entrepreneurs are ADHD.

We can talk through subjects like motivation, procrastination, impulsivity and many of the other challenges.


As an entrepreneur, I have successfully built an online company from scratch, generating £15 million in sales.

What sets my story apart is that I am also someone with ADHD. When I realized this, it sparked a transformative journey of self-discovery and equipping myself with effective strategies to manage ADHD.

Today, I proudly serve as one of the very few ADHD Business Coaches globally, leveraging my personal experience and expertise to guide entrepreneurs with ADHD towards their own success.

Neurodiverse individuals with ADHD possess immense potential and contribute greatly to society. However, we often face challenges when navigating a world designed for neurotypical individuals.

Even seemingly straightforward tasks like emptying the dishwasher can present significant difficulties for us (yes, it’s true!).

Now, consider the additional complexities of building a business.

My mission is to alleviate the burdens faced by neurodiverse entrepreneurs. I am dedicated to creating resources and support systems that make the journey of building a business more accessible and manageable for individuals with diverse neurological traits.


I’m very interested in the challenges that ADHD entrepreneurs and business owners face every day, such as impulsive spending and changing projects, difficulty getting started on projects, finding it difficult to be consistent.

It’s also important to realise that 90% of ADHD individuals have an insecure attachment style, which causes significant people pleasing and perfectionism to occur. 

Basically, anything that ADHD entrepreneurs uniquely struggle with!

Yes, I’m happy to talk about my background and the challenges that ADHD have brought to me.

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