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We have patterns in life. These patterns dictate our actions. By understanding ourselves, we give ourselves options to react or choose differently.

Learn more about yourself with these quizzes.



Maximum performance is gained when we don’t hold ourselves back. The start of that process is understanding yourself.

Am I Highly Sensitive?

25% of men and 25% of women are what’s known as “Highly Sensitive”. It doesn’t mean you take things personally, but relates to our central nervous systems. If you are Highly Sensitive, you’ll likely become frazzled, avoid loud noises and a bunch of other traits.

Are you a people pleaser?

It might seem like an amazing trait, but in business people pleasers nearly always put others’ needs ahead of their own, causing themselves frustration and often to be less financially successful than they could be.

Are you a perfectionist?

Trying really hard at work is amazing, right? Well, not always. While some roles require a greater level of accuracy, if you focus too much of your efforts on achieving total perfection – which is impossible – you can find your profits draining away pretty quickly.


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