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SAAS coaching; personal and professional coaching + SAAS business growth strategies.

I'm a 7-figure online business owner, online marketer, UX designer and ex-programmer.

For entrepreneurs, the SAAS market might seem extremely lucrative, but it comes with challenges.

How to grow your product? How to build and manage a successful team? How to handle customer service? How to cope with the stresses? Together, we can work through this.

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Done well, SAAS is an extremely profitable business.

Imagine your future. Are you on the beach somewhere replying to occasional emails? Or in the thick of it in a stunning office with your team? SAAS can provide both.

Your SAAS (Software As A Service) business can be run in a multitude of ways, and from any location you’d prefer.

On the other side of success, you will have the opportunity to decide how to live your life.

When you’ve grown the business and the team, your preferred option becomes a reality.

SAAS, as a model, turned up about 20 years ago, and fast internet has made it a reality.

I remember when SAAS began as a model. I remember thinking “this will never take off; it’s too insecure”. How wrong I was!

The sky really is the limit with this business model.

Finding the path forward that works for you will ensure you make the most of the opportunities you have in front of you.

Done poorly, SAAS will burn your investment, your time and your mind!

But it can also turn into your worst nightmare.

SAAS businesses fail at a higher rate than they succeed. I’ll lay out a few of the reasons later on this page.

Unhappy customers screaming at you asking for features and fixes!

It’s easy for customers to become the reason that a SAAS business fails. If your customer service and communication are poor, your failure is almost certain.

Locked into a business and financial model that doesn’t seem to allow you to scale and grow your team!

Many SAAS businesses don’t charge correctly and don’t find themselves able to grow.

And plenty of stress, unhappiness and hopelessness.

Whatever the challenges, it’s common for SAAS business owners to find themselves overwhelmed and stressed.

A little about my background and how it relates to SAAS.

I began my professional career as a programmer in the highly technical computer games field, before becoming a project manager for $5M+ projects with 40 staff.

I loved programming, and while I don’t do it today, I always enjoyed planning projects.

In my own 7-figure online business I successful ran the dev and marketing teams for 2 decades.

Successful businesses of this type require a continual improvement model, and this was how we grew our team to 20.

So, I’m experienced in building a successful project based on development and technology, and finding the marketing and customer service opportunities.

I’m an advocate of taking large chunks of a business out and replacing it, rather than putting stick-plaster on top of something that isn’t working.

As a SAAS coach I pull together these 3-decades of skills and experiences together with my business coach training. 

These are numerous SAAS business areas, such as as CRM, ERP, Accounting & finance, HR, E-commerce, Marketing, LMS, Project management and workflows, AI and more niche areas like coaching. Whatever you choose, I have a kind and thoughtful approach to coaching, which is focused on your needs, reducing overwhelm and maximising strengths. 

What will your SAAS business bring to your life?

How important is that to you?

Will you let challenges get in the way?

SAAS growth and scaling business model.

Technology and marketing are the key mechanisms for SAAS business growing and scaling.

The SAAS model is based on amazing UX, efficient programming, effective QA and scalable servers, combined with marketing on steroids.

So, how can you scale your SAAS business?

If you place yourself 2 years in the future and look back, what was pivotal in allowing you to achieve the scaling you needed to launch from small business to SAAS king? How did you change? What systems were key?

SAAS foundations: Marketing, Pricing, Customer service and Development?

All four of these are essential for a SAAS business to succeed.

Your product will be based on excellent development practices, new customers who arrive through effective marketing, believe the value level is amazing and who continue to be happy via customer service.

Some business owners have strengths in one, some toward a few, but all have to be exceptional – how?

You might have a leaning, and worry that the other areas are going to be a struggle for you. We can work through the options you have to leave you with an amazing SAAS business.

Remember: the role of a business owner isn’t to plug all gaps, but to ensure all gaps are plugged.

You have to make sure everything is excellent, not to be excellent in everything. This is where leadership, delegation and effective hiring are important.

5 challenges that many SAAS business owners face.

Building the right team.

SAAS businesses typically still require an amazing team in order to run and grow the business.

If you consider a business like Google Business Services, they will have thousands of employees. Hiring and onboarding these staff members effectively is essential.

Financial management.

Especially in the early days, outgoings can outstrip income, creating a chicken and egg situation for growth.

Once you have a successful marketing channel and ongoing signups, the SAAS businesses struggle less, but the time between starting the business and being successful can be difficult, financially. 


Since it’s highly lucrative, there are tens of thousands of SAAS businesses aiming for success.

How will you lift your business above this crowded space? Let’s differentiate you.

Leadership & decision making.

All of these together will require you to be an effective business and team leader.

As your business grows, your role will change and you’ll require new skills.

Stress & burnout.

With so much to handle, your business can cause significant emotional hurdles to handle.

These stresses can cause your business to take over your life, removing the work-life balance which paradoxically could be one of the solutions.

Your SAAS business will be successful if you make the most of the uniqueness of you.

Sure, you could try to follow someone else’s plan.

Why not exactly follow something that’s already proven to be effective?

But what happens when their plan involves something you detest?

You’re individual, so your success path may be different.

Instead, let’s build a bespoke plan that focuses on your unique strengths.

Let’s understand the most effective way for you to build a successful SAAS business.

Right now, what's really holding you back from success in your SAAS business?

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