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UK wide small business coaching via online meetings

Zoom and Google Meet give me the ability to provide you with small business coaching sessions no matter where you – the small business owner –  are, whether that’s in the UK or abroad. Due to no need for a face to face meeting, it also takes less of your busy workday.

What's my background?

I’ve been a successful entrepreneur who has built a small business in online marketing that’s made over £15 million in sales and is still growing today. However, I didn’t have the opportunity to benefit from the business experience of a small business coach.

Today, with significant amounts of competition and saturated markets, it can sometimes be difficult for small businesses to get ahead – but coaching helps guide you through the rough patches and be clear about your vision and bring the motivation you’ll need.

Create a long-lasting small business

Gain a clearer vision  |  Build a plan  |  Receive support  |  Be confident

You had a great idea and turned it into your small business. Amazing! Are you still on your entrepreneurship journey, wanting to be able to grow, while still retaining the love and excitement from the start of your business? You can do this with professional small business coaching.

The goal of a coach is to take all the pressures off when it comes time for decision making so that they can help you figure out which one is best for your company’s goals. The coach listens to what is troubling you and helps you decide the wisest direction for your business to go in, one business goal at a time.

By helping business owners make better decisions about what direction to pursue, coaches are providing a valuable service by ensuring that the growth of the business is more efficient

A business coach will also help you with problem-solving and, together with you, they can work toward bringing growth either in products or diversification.

It’s also common to become disillusioned or to find yourself avoiding tasks that you don’t find enjoyable.

A small business coach will help you assess what is truly making you feel like that and they will work toward helping you to find a solution to those problems. You may be feeling unproductive, increasing pressure on your time and energy levels, or putting off decisions that need to be made.

Sometimes, problems seem too difficult to solve, which stunts growth and discourages you as a business owner, reducing business growth. Having a professional coach on hand to help you through these difficult times and guide you can be essential to the success of your business.

Strategic planning is a process that can be particularly difficult for many entrepreneurs. It can be confusing to identify what needs need to be met and how to meet them. There are also several considerations that must be taken into account such as local competition, the economy, customer trends and more

Having someone with knowledge behind you creates a safe environment where you can openly talk about any problems that are hindering your growth in the company – or more personal issues as a life coach – and work toward developing productive and practical solutions.

Eventually, when your business has grown sufficiently, you may need to switch to an executive coach, as your role changes to CEO or director. At that point … you’ve made it!

Popular coaching packages

4 weeks

Succeed with a goal that’s just ahead of you.

Online chat: 4 X WEEK
Online exercises: Yes

12 weeks

Work with more clarity toward your goals.

VIDEO CALL: weekly 
Online chat: 2 x week
Online exercises: Yes

26 weeks

Create meaningful change in your life and work.

VIDEO CALL: weekly 
Online chat: 2 x week
Online exercises: Yes

26 weeks

Skip the coaching sessions and just use the chat app.

Online chat: 4 X WEEK
Online exercises: Yes

Convenient online meetings

I work online with Zoom or Google Meet. This allows coaching to take the least time away from your busy day.

Succeed inbetween sessions

I set regular online coaching exercises to complete in order to ensure progress is steady and continuous. 

Regular check-in

All customers check in regularly using a private online chat app, so we can evaluate what’s happening.

Having a small business can be incredibly rewarding but also presents unique challenges for the business owner.

A fresh pair or experienced eyes can allow you to take a step back and look for new solutions.

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How we work together

I work closely with my fantastic clients to create belief and purpose, accountability and a business model which will create business success.

1. Where are you right now?

To start, I ask you to fill out a detailed onboarding form, so we both understand where you are right now. This will help us see where you are experiencing challenges and unhappiness.

2. What do you need?

The next question, then, is … how can I help to empower you to live the life, and have the business, that you want? We’ll look at what training and guidance will help you achieve your goals.

What will we work on?

My small business coaching approach is to look at the whole business and person . We’ll typically work on some of these:

Phil quickly honed in on the reasons that my online events business wasn’t achieving the success that I know it’s capable of. We worked together to clarify my vision and improve the areas which we discovered were causing difficulty.

I now have a clear path forwards and a sense of hope that was missing before.


Small business growth with coaching

If you’re starting to feel like your business has plateaued, or that maybe you’re not growing as fast as you’d like to be — it’s time to look for ways to support your business with coaching.

If you were to ask successful business owners “How can I grow my small business?,” many would say that it starts with a business mentor — in the form of a coach.

No matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey, whether you’re just starting out or looking to scale your company, there’s no better time than now to make the investment in hiring an expert small business coach. A unique business coaching program can aid you in reducing stress and increasing productivity.

Coaching has its roots in therapy, as an approach to help people work through issues and challenges. But in the business world, techniques like goal setting, team building and examining business problems create a system that is even more powerful.

Why? Because successful entrepreneurs are the best coaches. They know how to motivate themselves and their team to get the job done, even in difficult circumstances. And they’re a good voice of authority, providing advice and information to those around them.

Your coaching sessions will focus on planning and achieving goals, understanding your business’s strengths and weaknesses – so that you can set realistic goals and ensure you’re not wasting valuable resources and make better decisions when scaling your company. A good business coach will always consider these elements.

Managing people and keeping the team motivated will also be included by small business coaches and you will understand which elements of leadership you would benefit from some training within.

There will also be an element of life coaching and personal development, in order to build a more effective work-life balance – a serious problem for most small business owners.

A coach isn’t a business consultant though; while they might help you evaluate your marketing strategy, they won’t be deciding for you. It’s important to understand that you’re still in the driving seat.