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Hey, I’m Phil Drinkwater

a business coach who helps small and micro businesses move past the challenges you face in keeping everything working while aiming to grow or change.

My own experience as a small business owner has shown me that iteration and growth are entirely possible with the right clarity, decisions and strategy.

On the side, I love to travel, cook and hike (although I’m a fair weather walker!)

Grow with confidence, and thrive in your industry

Business expansion and improvement

Moving to a larger business comfortably is a goal for many small business owners. 

But when they already feel burned out and are struggling with challenges, it can seem impossible.

How I can support you

There is a path forward though, and you’re currently not seeing it. That’s OK.

We can take advantage of my 30 years in business (and over 20 growing my own online company) to help with find new solutions to what you face.

You most definitely can do this

I’ll be your expert sounding board, challenging your belief that this is too hard.

Slowly but surely – you reach the next stage in business growth.

And all of this will happen while you’re growing in comfort and belief.


What’s your greatest challenge, right now?

Running a business can be equal parts pleasure and pain. Fortunately, much of the pain can be reduced.

Businesses create freedom .. sometimes

Businesses allow us to be free, but too often we don’t find ourselves there. 

We can become slaves to them.

Genuine difficulties that you face

Financial obligations, deadlines, suppliers, customer complaints, not enough employees to help, too many employees and not enough management, new competitors taking business, finding new customers in the ever changing world of marketing and sales … it never seems to end!

Fixing it, one step at a time

So, let’s take your challenges one at a time. Let’s prioritise.

Let’s work on what will be most impactful, and allow you to regain your clear, calm and peaceful mind.

Let’s find the pleasure again.

5 ways I can support you on your business journey

I have much to offer, but here are a few ways I regularly help businesses at your stage of growth.


This isn’t what you think! I’m not going to shout at you. Instead, we’ll look at what you do and don’t achieve, and find new ways to move forward without the resistance that you feel to some tasks. Let’s get work done!


Key roles for a coach are as a sounding board and reflective partner. It’s very hard to see yourself and what’s happening when you’re deep in it. I’ll bring situations to your awareness so we can plan more effectively next time.


We have successful and unsuccessful strategies. A simple example of a quickly unsuccessful one is crossing a road without looking both ways. In business, we’ll find you using strategies that often lead to failure. Let’s upgrade these and win more often!


When we feel success (whatever that is for you) is inevitable, we feel confident. But today you may not even be hopeful. Let’s make some amazing decisions and take action, which will improve your self-belief.


In our dark days we learn the most about ourselves and there’ll be days you don’t want to get up and face the business-world you’ve created. I get it. Let’s find out what you really want to be doing, and redirect your energy. 

What's holding back your business growth?

What do you truly want?

Some people start a business with the aim of growing and growing. 

Some people just want a micro or small business that feels comfortable and manageable.

If you’re in the latter camp, do you know why?

Is it ambition, desire or belief that’s limiting your continued growth?

I regularly speak to owners who believe they couldn’t handle a business with more than a few employees, or that they wouldn’t be able to achieve this level of growth.

Well, that’s not what you want; that’s what you believe you can have.

Truly, are you limiting yourself?

With complete honesty, if don’t want your business to grow, there’s nothing wrong with that.

You might want a simpler life.

But if you don’t think you can, let’s challenge that assumption together.

You're probably pulled all over the place during your work days, right? Let's change this.

Overly busy and confused

That’s how many describe themselves in our first session.

Any conversation about working on the business is met with a blank stare of “when do I have time to do that?”.

What if I gave you the solution?

The reality is that picking up and putting tasks down all day long is causing low productivity, and that’s why you really have no time. 

Don’t get me wrong, I know you do have a lot to do, but you can handle that task list more effectively than you are today.

Let’s change how you work.

Batching tasks together, and focusing on sprints of improvement over longer periods will succeed.

Until we speak I won’t be able to understand your business in enough detail, so let’s talk, and fix all of this for you.

Today, what could you put off that’s not really high priority?

A very brief history of me

I’ll keep this brief because you can learn more about me here, if you wish. 

Working for myself is right for me

My journey in business started when I realised that working for someone else was never going to make me truly happy. 

An extensive and diverse set of roles

Throughout my years, I’ve worked in programming, project management, online marketing, web design and photography

Finding joy and fulfilment was key

My work doesn’t define me, but it does bring me a huge amount of happiness and a sense of fulfilment and accomplishment. 

I have to work on what truly brings me joy.

Maybe you’re the same?

Let's make it easy to create strategies, make decisions and plan the next phase of business improvement

Mention “business plans” and many owners switch off, recalling a confusing and irrelevant template they downloaded off the internet when they first started.

But I’ve made planning and strategy easy for you, using MindMaps.

I can’t wait to share this with you!

Upgrade your business skills and knowledge, by discovering new solutions that create a huge impact

No matter if you’re here to get your peaceful mind back, or to double your profits, much of the answer lies within a core set of business skills.


You likely have a route to market already, but what are you missing? Let’s audit these and understand where improvements could be made.


Cash is precious and it’s very easy to spend more than is necessary by avoiding tech and automation. Let’s discover how to leverage it without breaking the bank.


Your growing team need motivation, direction, task management and encouragement. Let’s ensure they’re working effectively for you!


As you moved out of the startup phase, you found there was a process that generated revenue. Is it as effective as it could be though?


Many leaders don’t the experience to create an effective team, and find themselves spending unnecessary time on HR. Let’s fix this!


Working on your business is key, but finding time can a struggle. Let’s use our sessions to ensure this essential element delivers huge success to you.

The very real hurdle of scaling while maintaining control, quality and sanity

The balance is hard to find

I’ve been there. 

The balance between growing your business and maintaining control on what’s happening now can be a struggle.

Move too fast and your business can explode. Move too slowly and your competitors move past you.

Choosing where to put your energy

What’s the solution?

Firstly, it’s always good to pop your head over and look at your competition occasionally, but focusing your attention on them can lead to anxiety and distress. 

So let’s put them out of mind.

What’s the right question to ask?

The question really is this:

What do my customers need that I’m not able to offer right now? Which of those would be most impactful? And how can I deliver?

In our sessions we’ll discover this in new ways, and unlock the progression you’ve been lacking.

In our coaching sessions we'll uncover what's really holding you back, work on confidence, make decisions and plans.

The unique small business challenges you’re facing are very real, and we’ll tackle these together, one at a time. Let’s tick stuff off, because it feels great!

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Book your free 1-2-1 Success Strategy call
and uncover how to achieve amazing results for yourself.

Available online throughout the UK and internationally

What date & time suit you?