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Snooze Email: One of the Most Useful Productivity Hacks

One of the least used but most useful productivity hacks I've ever used us the ability to snooze emails. Find out how, and you'll never return to unread emails!
What we'll cover
I know you have a lot going on, causing you to forget things. I know all of this because it’s true for me too, so what can we do about it? What if you could snooze emails from clients and pick them up later, instead of being bothered by huge amounts of unread emails?

Well you can!

And I’m going to show you how and why!

Why Snooze Emails?

Email was never really designed to be a todo list, but email clients have done their best over the years to turn them into one.

Sadly, we can become busy fools with thousands of unread emails that are never going to be actioned. This creates stress, as we believe we’re not coping properly. Our minds can easily make us feel that way.

The start of improving this situation is to decide whether that email really deserves to be actioned. If it does, the second step is to either action it now or snooze it for another day. At that point, your mind will realise that the email has been addressed, losing any fears that you’ll never deal with it.

Gmail / Google Business Mail

If you use Google, here are the steps you need to take. It’s really simple, I promise!

On Desktop

When you open an email, you’ll see a little timer icon at the top. Click that. It will open up a new option to allow you choose until when to snooze the email.

At that date and time, the email will appear back at the top of the your emails. So simple!

On Mobile

On mobile, it’s just as simple.

With an email open, click the “three dots” at the top right, and choose “snooze.” Follow the same process and choose the time when you’d like to deal with it.

Other email clients

If you don’t use Google mail, this may also be possible for your email client. Just search for “How to snooze mail in <name of email client>.”

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