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Spirituality in business coaching – a dirty word?

Spirituality in business coaching is often a dirty word among aspiring entrepreneurs. It is seen to go hand in hand with flaky new age thinking, but I believe a spiritual approach to business can help you succeed with your goals and projects.
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First off, we’re not talking about spirituality in a religious sense. Spirituality really means your connection to your purpose. You may have a religion or faith, but you can still be spiritual even if you don’t.

When the mind and spirit are aligned, it is much easier to grow your business because you’re doing what you love.

If it’s not what you love, then it will be difficult because there may still be doubt in the back of your mind about whether or not this is really what should be happening. We’ll just never fully get into our purpose if we don’t like the work itself. And that could result in burnout. This could also result in sluggish sales and funds being used up too quickly.

What does “your purpose” mean?

It’s what you find yourself doing naturally without a doubt in your mind. For example, let’s say we have a construction entrepreneur who loves to build things. We’ll call him John. When John is not selling houses, he’s building them, because that’s what he loves to do.

He could probably build houses on the side and make a nice profit without having to sell them too because it will be the work itself that will feed him. To be honest, he probably wouldn’t care about getting paid.

So, your purpose really is the work you’d choose to do, no matter if you were being paid. This is the holy grail (again, in a non-religious sense) of entrepreneurship. It is something that I’ve seen many people struggle with because they haven’t matured to this point yet.

Why do people find it hard to find their soul purpose?

It’s not easy going through the early stages of life and when you’re still learning, but your purpose will become clearer as you grow older and more experienced – this will become your spiritual journey through life. At that point, it isn’t about money. It’s being true to who you are.

Spiritual business coaching can also take on an element of life coaching because in life, it’s about getting to know yourself so you can be true to your purpose.

Life coaching is about finding your purpose. It’s not always about money, it’s about being true to what you love to do. When you’re clear about what you want out of life and business, your ability to make money increases.

Whether it’s more money, becoming happier or having more opportunities to fulfill your purpose, more is always better.

What’s the impact of not fulfilling your purpose?

You can always tell someone who is aligned to their purpose because they will be completely content. There is no struggle in their life. It’s all smooth sailing.

Without this, our wellness can suffer and our lives can become unfulfilled. And when your business can’t feed you, it will become difficult to keep going. With too much stress in your life, you won’t want to do anything, hence why people find themselves on the side of the road and unable to make money again.

As a business coach, I see many business owners go into panic mode when they realize that they may not be doing what they love to do. It doesn’t matter how much money you’ve made or how accomplished you might feel, it’s all worth nothing if you’re not happy and it’s time to change things up. I see this often when watching Secret Millionaire. Sometimes the journey is more about the Millionaire reaching their purpose.

Change is important

Of course, it might be difficult to make decisions about your own business – most of the time we don’t want to admit that something isn’t working properly because we’re too attached to our business and we’ve worked hard on getting it where it is today.

This is why people bury their purpose deep and stop listening to themselves. This could be because something has changed in your life or because your business isn’t evolving and changing fast enough, or you’re just unhappy. Sometimes it’s something as simple as finding their ideal client, but other times a more holistic approach – where you are finding and aligning with your deeper purpose – will be needed.

It’s all about creating change – it’s time to grow! Some people believe in manifestation, which is where your belief creates our lives through our thoughts and beliefs. This is likely to be true to some extent, due to the reticular activation system in our minds.

Some others might call it mindset, if they prefer, although that has a slightly different definition: A mindset an approach that one has to a specific issue or problem. For example, if someone is in a mindset of abundance, it means they understand that there will always be more. When someone has a mindset of scarcity, it means that they believe there will never be enough.

black and white wall mounted paper

In order for growth to occur, we need to take control of our lives and accept that what is in the past is always going to be in the past. However, we can still change the future and become the person we want to be.

It’s time to rise up and become who you were born to be. It’s time to rise up and figure out what your purpose is in life. If you’re unsure of what it is or how to go about doing that, simply contact a coach – like myself!

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