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If you're an entrepreneur whose venture isn't reaching its potential, or a startup who doesn't know the right path yet, business coaching will bring you success more quickly and with greater certainty.

Together, we'll navigate the natural challenges of business growth and increase the speed and level of your entrepreneurial success.

Coaching designed to perfectly blend practical business skills with personal growth.

Hey, I'm Phil, a 7-figure online business owner turned business coach. I started my own business over 20 years ago, and I've seen it all.

Today, I support ambitious entrepreneurs and founders whose businesses have an online component. Together, we banish the loneliness and find success without the all-too-common overwhelm and burnout.

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Let's make starting and scaling your business easy for you as an entrepreneur!

Everyone can start and grow a business. Let me say that again .. EVERYONE can.

You may think there’s something about you which means it won’t work for you. Well, every business owner has qualities which could hold them back. 

The ones who are successful just decide to do it anyway.

It’s a well defined process, but behind some of the questions are decades of experience.

It’s easy to say “just get going”, but I understand there are genuine questions and thoughts which are flooding your mind. 

That’s where I can help you; together we’ll find the right path of success for you.

We can work on all of these together. I can ask questions, interpret your answers, and help you with options, ideas and solutions to challenges.

Let’s increase your level of confidence, make some clear decisions and get moving.

Many founders and entrepreneurs don’t feel they’re ready for this challenge. One of my recent customers felt exactly like this – full of fear. It’s perfectly normal, and we can work on this together.

What do the first few years in business look like?

Product or service development.

Your new business needs something to sell. Over time you’ll improve that product or service to make it more appealing. It might take 3, 6 or 12 months – or even longer – before you have an effective option for the market.

Just keep going.

Branding, marketing and networking.

Your brand is your promise to your customers, and your marketing or networking allows more of your potential customers to evaluate if that promise is what they need.

Sales and pricing strategy.

Your customers must have a mechanism to purchase your offering, and a way to take the mental leap from “I might buy” to “I will buy”. Pricing strategy starts with understanding the interplay between desirability and scarcity.

Initial team building and automation.

Once your business is more established, you can become more productive by employing others to work through the successful business processes you’ve discovered, or to automate them using IT systems. We can work on this together.

Operating the business.

Your entrepreneurial venture will eventually need processes that improve each time you solve a new customer issue. It takes time to become clear enough on these SOPs (Standard Operating Processes) to keep your business running smoothly.

Finances and legal requirements.

At some point it’s important to consider what most entrepreneurs consider to be the less interesting elements of running a business, such as profit levels and any legal hoops you must jump through. Some of these are required as soon as you start the company. They vary from country to country.

What does scaling and growth look like as an entrepreneur?

Removing you from your business operations.

Once you’re a few years into your business, and a fully fledged entrepreneur, your hat must change. Your role becomes more about leadership and working on the business, and less about working in the business. 

So, we’ll understand where you strengths lay and discover how you can take the next exciting step.

Scaling through processes

Now you have a business that functions, we can begin to understand which areas of your business are ready for growth. Together we can analyse and find the sections that would benefit most from increased productivity.

Hiring, growing and leading a team.

Defining your company culture, and transitioning into an effective team, are key at this stage of your entrepreneurship journey. Hiring, in particularly, is a key skill missing for many entrepreneurs who’ve not worked in larger organisations.

Continual improvement.

To grow your business, you’ll switch into a cycle of improvement, where we discover the areas of the company which are holding you back, and upgrade them.

Business planning made simple: what would be most impactful to work on next?

Businesses start and grow most effectively when there is a priority in place, where the most impactful tasks are worked on.

Let’s develop a list which is right for you, your circumstances, and your business.

This reduces stress, because most entrepreneurs build a huge list, and become overwhemed

Once we have a priority, you can let go of worrying about everything that’s not for now and next. Leave them to later.

We typically work in what’s called a Minimum Viable Product manner, which is the creating the least you can sell to the market, and improving it over time.

By using an MVP approach, we’ll keep you on track, with clear ideas of what to work on next. I’ll lead you though this and we’ll make it a key element of your entrepreneurial journey.

Most important, we delay everything that can wait.

In an MVP, you only work on what’s strictly necessary to launch your business. Everything else can be dealt with later.

Every entrepreneur starts this way, from Apple to Google to Tesla!

Focus on just one idea to achieve growth.

If you have too much on your plate, you’re likely to switch around from task to task and become confused.

Many entrepreneurs will have several ideas or projects on their plate, and it can become confusing what to work on.

Together, we’ll work on what’s really important right now, in order to build success.

We’ll work out what’s most useful for you to be working on in order to meet your needs and achieve your goal.

5 common internal battles entrepreneurs & startups face.

Self-doubt & imposter syndrome

It’s very human to worry about whether you can do this, and if you’re the right person.

My own business launch was into a market I knew nothing about (recruitment), using a technology I was unfamiliar with at the time (the internet). It took time, but I got there. We can look at your mindset and change what’s necessary to become a confident entrepreneur.

Decision fatigue

You might have so many choices to make, that you become exhausted with it.

I know growing a business seems to be full of selections, and gathering evidence to support your decisions, but we will make this much easier together as we focus on one at a time. 

Fear of failure

You likely have a lot riding on success with your business, so it stands to reason you’re worried about it.

If you focus on the basics of business, and move forward slowly and clearly, growing a business successfully is simpler than it seems.

Overwhelm & burnout

There may be times on your entrepreneurial journey where you’re exhausted.

Many entrepeneurs struggle with overwhelm, which eventually leads to burnout. Focus your efforts on just a few tasks, take a break and delay some work and decisions! You’re human.

Resilience, handling failures & uncertainty

Throughout your business life, not everything will happen as you want it to.

However, as time goes on and you settle into the business, you’ll find your feet and create consistency of income and growth. Give it time!

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Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey … instead, together we’ll uncover how you work best and put you on the right path to business success.

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What business should I choose?

A common question entrepreneurs have in their minds is .. is <this> the right business to create?

It’s a surprisingly important question. I made a mistake starting a marketing agency at one point. I look back now with my business coaching eyes and I understand why that went wrong, but back them I didn’t know. I “wasted” a year.

It’s always useful to understand how feasible and desirable this is for you.

Is this the business you want to run is a useful question to ask? What are you passionate about? What do you love? How do you love to work? Will you stick with it? Can you fund it? These questions can help you determine if it’s a useful idea for you.

You can do some market research.

This might include setting up some “fake” social media ads to judge interest, or getting on the street and asking people. It might also include competitor analysis, networking in groups to ask for people to fill in surveys, or seeking an industry expert.

Or you can just try it out.

Sometimes, it’s easier and quicker to create a prototype or MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and see whether the market likes it. This might include trying it out on sites like AppSumo (if it’s software) or Kickstarter (if it’s a product), or creating ads to see how many sales you receive.

Most businesses struggle with either sales or marketing; how to get enough traffic, or how to convert it to cash.

How will I fund this?

Top of the list of questions entrepreneurs have when with their new business is how to make it work financially.

Starting a business rarely costs literally zero, so there has to be some investment that comes from somewhere.

This is wholly dependent on the product or service, your circumstances, and your approach to risk.

The options available for different types of business startups vary, and some entrepreneurs will find them unpalatable, depending on your level of anxiousness toward the future, and your personal circumstances.

Options include developing your business on the side, external investment, saving, loans, taking on a wealthy business partner, startup sites like AppSumo, and sometimes finding a stepping stone.

It’s impossible to say which is the right approach for you, but there will be one which will work for you and allow you to embark on your enterprise.

The right path to success for you is unique.

Entrepreneurs all face multiple questions and decisions.

When you’re growing a business, you’ll have dozens of options ahead of you. Which of them to choose is commonly a question that keeps entrepreneurs up at night.

The awareness that business coaching brings leads to the right path for you.

Our time together will allow you to build clarity around what’s important for you.

Take a break and find answers to these common questions about starting a business

What kind of business should I start?

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The answer usually lies in what you love, and what you have experience of, although some entrepreneurs prefer a complete change.

Why do so many entrepreneurs fail?

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Typically, a lack of knowledge of business basics, such as building effective marketing, branding and sales.

Do I need a business plan?

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You do need some kind of plan, but the business plan templates you see are really for getting funding. They aren't very helpful for actually starting a business.

You can master business

It may seem like there’s a significant amount to learn, but with patience you can master it.

We can work together on the key elements which will be important for you at easy stage of your entrepreneurial journey.

The fear people often have is that they’re not progressing fast enough; let that go.

The speed your business progresses will be unique to you. Allow yourself to go at the speed you’re able to.

My business made over £15million

A few decades ago I decided to start a business in the online recruitment sector. 

It was a huge leap of faith, but I welcomed the opportunity that the internet offered.

Over time, it grew to over 20 dedicated employees, and it’s still running extremely profitably today.

The first 18 months were tough, I won’t lie. But we found what the market really wanted and eventually sold the offering effectively enough to build a successful business. 

It’s the greatest achievement of my life, but also came with some of the biggest challenges.

There were days I wanted to give up, for sure. But that’s common with entrepreneurship. Like everything worth doing, it’s not easy, but it is possible.

I’m here to help you do the same. I’m kind and thoughtful, packed full of knowledge and experience, and I really understand people.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, I’ll be able to help you take the first steps in launching your business.

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