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The mindset you need to sell

When you walk into a room, or pick up the phone, what's your expectation of the way that interaction will go? And how does that affect the sale?
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What does “mindset” mean?

The cognitive science of attitude and personality theory is important to understand the concept of the “mindset” and how it can determine the actions taken by individuals in different situations.

For example, if you walked into a room with a preconceived bias about what the outcome would be, you might act differently than if you had an expectation of success or collaboration.

In essence, your ‘mindset’ is nothing more than the way you approach something.
While it’s true that you can control your mindset, you have to understand how to change it before you can do so effectively.

The concepts of mindset and attitude are closely linked; having a positive attitude affects your mindset positively and vice versa. They are also very linked to expected outcome.

In fact, studies have shown that a person’s overall attitude on life is best predicted by their mindset. In other words, if you have a certain type of negative outlook on life in general, then whatever is affecting this outlook will also affect the way that you approach things in general.

Your expected outcome .. predicts the outcome

In short, your mindset can dictate the outcome of the situation.

From a sales perspective, this doesn’t necessarily mean whether you will make a sale to this person, or even whether you’ll make a sale today; the outcome should be that you have a great interaction, a positive engagement and you leave that person with a fantastic view of the company you work for.

You see, humans are very good at “smelling” desire; we can tell if a salesperson or a company owner really wants – or needs – that sale, and it does one of two things:

  1. Make the buyer push for a lower price
  2. Pushes the buyer away from any sale

You’ve no doubt had this experience with a sales person. It feels like you want to buy more than they want to sell. That’s purely mindset.

A number of years ago I was buying a sports car. I had two options; Porsche or Mercedes. I took them both out for a drive. The Porsche salesman was somewhat cocky; no reduction in price because everyone wants one. The feeling I got was “I don’t need this sale, but you need to buy”.

After driving them both I started to edge towards the Mercedes. The Porsche salesman could tell that the sale was starting to edge away, and he and I both felt the change in desire. My desire was elsewhere, and he started to desire the sale.

The cocky exterior was just an expression of his mindset; “I expect to make this sale”. And I’ll be honest – it was extremely aluring. I wanted that Porsche just because of his mindset.

Now in the end he lost the sale, but it was down to the car, not the sales process. He wasn’t used to competition. He was used to people walking in and he could “smell” their desire. His expectation – his mindset – was “I’m going to make this sale”.

Doubt; the sales killer

If you’re struggling with sales, think for a moment: what is my mindset? Am I:

  • Not certain of the details, and worried someone will ask?
  • Uncertain that the product is good?
  • Lacking in experience with the product in their market?

.. or are you confident, clear & knowledgeable?

When your mindset is in the latter place, your sales will become much more smooth. If you have doubts, they will be felt by the other person, and it can be extremely difficult to recover from it.

Much of sales is not about the product, but rather how you present it; your mindset. A positive mindset towards your product will radiate out to the buyer, and they will feel compelled to buy.

So how do you change your mindset?

The solution is to focus on your love for your product, your offer, what you do and how you do it. Be clear about your product. Believe in it. Believe it’s good for you. Believe it’s good for them.

That Porsche salesman knew that there was a better car out there – maybe a Ferrari – but he believed in his car. He believed it made him happy. He believed it would do the same for me. When I walked in, he thought “here’s someone whose life will be made better by my car”.

If instead he had approached me and thought “maybe this isn’t the right car for him, or maybe he would prefer to have a fantastic automatic”, I’d have felt that doubt. And I didn’t. I felt no doubt in him at all – right up until the point when I started to walk away. Before then, though, he was steadfast in his certainty.

Believe in your product

The key here then it to believe in your product, as you believe in yourself, and your business, and your employees. Tell yourself it’s the best. Challenge your negative thoughts. Love what you have to offer and accept that it will make peoples lives better.

Remember – you’re not selling your product, you’re selling yourself and your confidence. And confidence is nothing more than believing that you don’t need external approval. That you know that’s what your customers want and need. Spend time before you get on the call to change your mindset.

Your mindset is 80% of your sales process, so it will be vital that you’re clear on it.

Work with me?

If you’re struggling with your mindset, please do get in touch and we can work together to change how you feel towards your products or business.

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