Transformation Coach in Business & Life

Coaching business owners and executives to develop into the people they need to be to accomplish their objectives.

If you notice that your current patterns of behaviour are no longer benefitting you, it may be time to make a change.

Developing new successful patterns and techniques begins with gaining a better understanding of your own values, feelings, self-talk, and subconscious needs. Using transformational coaching, you can become the person you want to be.

Define your goals & reach them quicker

Ways I can support your transformation

Deep introspection
Understanding your behaviours
Clarity of your commuication
Subconscious patterns
Personal development & growth
Improved strategies & techniques
Practical thoughts & feedback
Non-judgemental approach
Life & work alignment
Lasting change
Behaviour analysis
Increased emotional intelligence

Develop inner peace, satisfaction and business growth

We all have the ability to enhance our level of calm and contentment in our lives, but we divert our attention with over-work, phones, and avoidance behaviours because we lack the tools and strategies for success in all areas. A coach can help.

“The difference from my first session to now is life changing for me. The growth is so wonderful”.


Positive psychology creates learning and growth

The power of introspection and a growth mindset – where change is welcomed – from a coach allows us to truly become the person who can achieve the goals we have in work and life.

Increasing emotional intelligence

Without an understanding of how emotions work and how they control our lives, it might be impossible to comprehend how we can transform further into who we want to become. We will respond immediately rather than calmly evaluating options and subsequently choosing.

Refining habits & behaviours

Evaluating our present habits and behaviours in a non-judgmental and calm atmosphere is the first step toward reevaluating our options in every given situation. While in a session, a coach will facilitate and feed back.

Improving self-confidence

Numerous troubles stem from the assumption that we are incapable of coping with certain events. Increased self-confidence enables us to navigate paths we previously avoided.

New choices and strategies

Once we believe we can, the number of possible solutions to every scenario dramatically rises, allowing us to calmly choose the one that best suits our needs in any given situation.

Our subconscious needs & values

Throughout the process, discovering what is truly essential to us will assist us in designing outcomes that meet our needs, rather than experiencing the uncomfortable feelings that occur from ignoring oneself.

Understanding yourself enables you to develop strategies that prioritise meeting your needs while minimising the unpleasant emotions that cause you to react.

Common goals that transformation coaching supports

Reduced workplace friction

We have no power to change others, but we do have control over ourselves. Workplace interactions will be calmed as we respond differently, and we will be more productive. As a client, we can examine your interactions.

Increased happiness in work and life

We may desire to be more content in our job and personal lives. Transformation coaching will assist you in determining your motivations, what you genuinely like, and what matters most in your life. Each time we meet, time will be focused on me as a life coach.

Reduced avoidance to uncomfortable tasks

Work that doesn’t excite us is distinct from work that intimidates us and a lack of confidence or trust can prevent people from speaking publicly or delegating, to use two examples. Transformational coaches help you overcome these limitations through personal development.

Happier customers

In certain instances, it’s tempting to consider customers as enemies, but this is seldom a good strategy. We can make dealing with difficulties simpler via transformation and change via a coaching journey.

Increased creativity

When we are unconstrained, our creativity is at its peak. We reduce creativity when we impose too many constraints on ourselves as a result of subconscious tactics to avoid discomfort. A new growth mindset from a transformational coach can allow us to accept learning is a key element of a successful life.

Improved employee satisfaction & retention

Employees, like you, have needs. Finding ways to meet both their and your requirements can boost employee enthusiasm and loyalty leading to greater productivity throughout the business. Lasting change comes from this understanding.

Achieve your full potential

Your brain ability is immense, and your mind is an astonishing piece of machinery. Transformation coaching recognises this and assists you in realising your full potential and achieving goals you previously believed were unattainable. Life coaching, business coaching and executive coaching can happen simultaneously.

“I’m doing really well. Probably the best I’ve been. I have to thank you for the tools you’ve given me to deal with issues.”


Take a quiz to see if I could help you

When asked, most people won’t know if they would benefit from coaching.
I’ve simplified this process with a quick quiz.

Meet Phil Drinkwater

With an analytical mind from programming, training in psychology, business experience to owner level, marketing and creative roles and a keen eye for what people are truly experiencing, I use all of my skills to help you and your business grow.


With a decade working from junior staff to senior manager, I understand the challenges and pressures of working at all levels within an organisation.


After seeing an opportunity to use managerial, technical, graphical and marketing skills, in partnership I grew an online business to 20 staff.


My wealth of business experience, analytical mind, prior training in psychology and love of helping others to grow drew me to business coaching.

Our transformational coaching sessions will be friendly, filled with humour, and accepting of you while you embark on your growth journey.

Improved leadership through changes in behaviour

Leaders may find themselves impeding the growth and success of the teams with which they work. A transformation coach can assist in clearing the way.

Through design, life transformation can happen

Business owners and executives might become trapped in repeating cycles and lose track of their life. Reclaiming our power can help us design the life we truly desire, whatever that is.

Frequently Asked Questions

The process isn’t the same for everyone, but we would definitely look to understand your behaviour and how it’s affected by your beliefs, values, thoughts and subconscious needs. We’d then look to understand which ones you’d like to leave behind and develop new strategies to build into new patterns
You will experience a life closer to the one you imagined yourself having, with fewer restrictions and limitations on what you can and will do. You’ll also find relationships easier and more comfortable.
As you talk, I’ll reflect and feed back how the world might experience you. We’ll then examine how you’ve arrived at this point, and instead how you want to be seen. Finally, we’ll look at tools and strategies to help you grow. We’ll sometimes laugh and cry too.
That depends on you and how much you want to change. Typically transformation coaching lasts for a significant period, with 6 to 12 sessions every few weeks being common.
No! This isn’t a therapy session. While we’ll certainly talk about your past, we’re not looking backwards but instead seeing how you can move forwards to become who you want to be in order to achieve your goals in life.

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Find out if I can help you with your business or organisation. We can talk through where you are, where you want to get to and what’s challenging you about that journey.

“In just one session, Phil took me from a place of apprehension to one of clarity and confidence. We spent time working out what things I need in order to achieve job satisfaction”.


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