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What is a transformation coach?

Transformation coaches help you change. They help you identify where you want to make changes and then they offer coaching support to take that first step.
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What is a transformation coach?

A transformation coach uses a coaching model that aims to help their clients break free from their old selves in order to allow them to explore more of their potential. It aims to create lasting change for the client, not just to paper over the cracks.

How do transformative coaches work?

They will usually work with people who are unhappy with the progress they have made in their lives, and often these coaches will work by helping their clients change the way they think about themselves. They may also provide additional expertise, though the emphasis of this type of coaching is on emotional transformation and personal transformation.

A transformation coach may also be known as a life coach, reality coach, or change coach. This type of coaching is not limited to those who are clearly unhappy. In fact, this type of coaching is often used by those who have already experienced an element of outward success in their lives and now want to work on other elements of their lives such as emotional issues and relationship problems.

Some transformation coaches will offer additional services such as personal development workshops that may include topics such as time management or positive thinking. These can be especially useful for helping clients apply the new principles they learn from the coaching process into real-world situations so they can get the most out of the program.

The life coaching process is not always a completely easy process and many people will find it challenging, but this type of individual coaching can be extremely beneficial if you are able to work through the process slowly, allowing yourself the time to adjust.

The coaching journey will always take months, but can also take years, since there may be quite significant issues to work through before confidence is reached to make a change.

Transformation coaching in business

In the realm of business coaching, transformation coaching usually consists of a person who is able to provide their clients with ways to reduce their limiting beliefs in order to help them transform how they think about themselves and gain insight in the direction they are taking in life and business.

Maybe a business owner or executive has found themselves on a journey that doesn’t suit their values and they don’t feel like they are meeting their life purpose. This can be a particularly strong driver for change.

They may have put up with it for a decade while their initial business grows, but they may feel something is wrong and feel they need to start looking for the exit door. If they don’t listen to themselves, they may become frustrated, anxious and even depressed.

Your business is more agile than you think

However, your business can be agile; what you started a decade ago doesn’t have to be your entire future. An effective coach will recognise that you can change direction, or even put a CEO in place for your old business and move towards a new venture which better suits your values.

A lack of belief in business agility can be one of the limiting beliefs that will prevent an executive from taking action that they desire. The changes can lead to a more fulfilling work environment for employees as their new leadership will be more engaged with the business.

In this, executive coaching works to help them with transformational change; to recognise their visions for themselves and their businesses.

This happens by helping them see the blocks they need to clear away in order to move forward; what’s holding them back from achieving greater results in life and business. Sometimes this is nothing more than permission. Sometimes it’s an element of hope that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

The coaching relationship is particularly important with transformation coaching because the transformation coach sits down with their clients in the coaching session and really listens to them, creating a safe space to share their thoughts on everything from how they feel when they face certain situations, all the way through what’s happening at work or at home.

What’s the benefit of a client working with a transformational coach?

The main aim of transformation coaching is to allow people to reach their true potential by helping them see the connections between different aspects of what’s going on in their lives and how they are contributing to problems or challenges in other areas.

For the client, then, it’s empowering. They will develop an entirely new mindset; from “I can’t” to “I can and I will”.

The transformative coach helps them find their own truth within the transformation process and create more of a life of integrity aligned with their goals, vision and values.

A transformation coach and their work is a worthwhile investment for anyone who wants to feel more clarity in their life. This type of coaching can be especially helpful when you are stuck in a rut, or when you want to take your life and career in a new direction.

It’s also important to invest the time into trying this type of coaching if you have been experiencing lower self-esteem, emotional baggage from the past, or other emotional issues which may be affecting your happiness today. Mindfulness can be a particularly effective tool to help with these kinds of personal issues, allowing the client to gain some space from their thoughts and feelings.

What results does a transformation coach bring about?

The transformative coach helps the client gain life transformation, and this can be an especially important step when the client feels they are so entangled in events that they don’t know where to start.

The coaching client may have an element of “what if?” In their mind, but this type of coaching helps them get clear on their next move so they can take action and achieve their true goals.

Can I help?

If you are struggling with motivation, or feeling stuck in life, and you have a mind open to change, get in touch and we can discuss how I might help.

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