How I can help you as a business coach | Phil Drinkwater

What to hire me for and when to choose someone else

I prefer to be honest and clear. It suits coaching and respects your time by ensuring that you find the right path for you, regardless of whether I’m part of that journey.

So here’s 32 tasks you should consider me for, and 9 which you should accept I’m not well suited for.

Hire me for these 33 things

  1. Procrastination such as putting work off or being last minute
  2. People pleasing such as offering more than is required or efficient
  3. Overwhelm & stress such as struggling to cope with your work, other people or your emotions
  4. Indecision or doubt about paths forward
  5. Imposter syndrome and believing you’ll be found out as unworthy
  6. Anger & aggression such as outbursts and hostility towards others
  7. Anxiety or worry around fear of a future that may not happen
  8. Lack of plans causing your business to wander
  9. Career path and fitting in with your life.
  10. Improvements in leadership skills for improved team performance
  11. Moving past a plateau in your business growth
  12. Uncertainty about the results of your plans or strategies 
  13. Unclear in how to achieve the life you want outside your business
  14. Lack of a clear vision and understanding of your business and where it’s headed
  15. Online marketing mentoring (SEO, Google Ads, Conversion Rates, Marketing funnels, Social Media)
  16. A second set of eyes to help you manage your business processes to improve efficiency
  17. Small or medium sized business growth through marketing, sales and processes
  18. Recruitment and selection difficulties in a high staff turnover enviroment
  19. Technical development & programming challenges and working with technical staff
  20. The challenges around working remotely.
  21. Improving communication within teams and organisations
  22. Navigating change while remaining calm, relaxed and in control
  23. Repeated employee difficulties and confrontation
  24. Pushing yourself without burning out
  25. Feelings of guilt around work or employees
  26. Difficulties within teams, such as communication or lack of structure
  27. Any kind of personal development that leads you towards increased emotional intelligence.
  28. Improved decision making, especially complex multi-faceted decisions
  29. Increased confidence in yourself
  30. An optimistic friend who can help you better celebrate your successes
  31. Someone to travel alongside you on your journey while listening and providing support   
  32. A change of mindset from seeing threats to opportunities
  33. A space where you can be yourself to express your challenges and find the right path

When to choose someone else

  1. Logistics, engineering and manufacturing industry processes or challenges
  2. Specifics around corporate finance & accounting and the processes
  3. Making your decisions for you (I’m here to help you make them, not make them for you)
  4. Expert sales training or mentoring
  5. Structuring a business beyond a few hundred employees
  6. Specifics around regulations or legals around working globally
  7. Any kind of legal or regulatory questions; I’m totally unqualified
  8. In-person coaching; I prefer to work remotely in almost all cases.
  9. If you’re not willing to be honest with yourself.

I have time for you

I’d love to listen to your journey and where you are today. I’d love to hear what’s going well, and what you’ve yet to achieve. I’d love to just have a chat today, if that’s what you need.

This doesn’t need to end in a sale. I really do have time for you.

“In just one session, Phil took me from a place of apprehension to one of clarity and confidence. We spent time working out what things I need in order to achieve job satisfaction”.


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